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  1. This is reassuring DD has her heart set on a gloss white IKEA kitchen
  2. Sorry only just seen this I have had both hens and cocks with no problem
  3. I have at least one broody regardless of the time of year currently bobbity the silkie x is in a foul broody mood
  4. I had brahmas in my cube I currently have a whopping buff Orp who fits In there no problem
  5. Cremation at the vets here too it was about £8 last time I lost one
  6. A friend and a hairdresser told me a couple of drops of tea tree oil in both shampoo and conditioner kept them at bay worked for me when the girls were at school
  7. That's what I love about keeping chickens they never cease to make me laugh
  8. Yes we will although on holiday we will take part no special candles though
  9. How did it go today ? I'm gutted I wasn't able to get back in time to collect a few were there any poorlies that were held back I could home when well enough? Definitely up for the next re homing x
  10. Well done Oddly my mums loft was virtually empty when we had to clear her place after when she passed away but her collection of dust collectors and nick knacks in every room were a whole other matter It's a wonder our house hasn't dropped through the foundations with amount of rubbish that's gone into our loft especially with four children And DH the hoarder Not to mention DS has two homes and has still managed to leave stuff in our loft and spare room I'm sure it's hereditary I shudder to think what's been stuck up there since moving in here in 1990 I'm pretty sure some came with us from the previous house of 11 years too but I can hold my head up and say very little up there's mine only because I am terrified of lofts and ladders I have made the odd mention about skips on the drive which have fallen on deaf ears I guess when we eventually move again he and children will have to de clutter there hoards
  11. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken the time to comment I would like to think the majority of holiday renters are like us I left our caravan today immaculate I'm talking old toothbrush and vinegar round the shower cabinet cracks and crevices and the next person there is me My old next door neighbour used to say its easy to be dirty but you have to work hard to be clean There is nothing currently in the price range we want to invest in and summer and is not the time to buy we will continue to watch the market there whilst carrying on saving and renting out here until the right investment property comes along. We do think there are more positives than negatives and it is an exceptional investment area so Watch this space
  12. Honestly soapdragon there's nothing posh about them at all there simply a shed on stilts you can't stay in them overnight they don't have running water I think its more of a status thing. I guess to some folk £60k is a drop in the ocean there's not as queer as folk my mum used to say
  13. soapdragon Its Wells-next-the-sea North Norfolk where currently beach huts sell for £60K
  14. Me either however nothing surprises me anymore We don't rent out our static caravan as a business even though in peak season we could get £750 a week and £400 off peak and there are a lot of weeks it goes unused as we like it to be available for us and family at the drop of a hat. We do allow our children now adults take there friends and from that some of them have asked to rent it for weekends and such like but we have never found it less than immaculate thankfully, but I guess it makes a difference as others have said when you know its like someone's second home as opposed to a business.

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