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  1. Hope it all went well and you're not too uncomfortable.
  2. Looks like we've picked the perfect weekend for a walking mini-break - not! Grrr!
  3. 😁 It was perfect! Working while spying on the sheep and chickens from a top floor window - beats the view from my office at work! It's now trying to sleet and the wind's come up again.
  4. You've managed lots of stuff in a short time Valkyrie - I'm impressed - it's taken us longer to do much less. I love the sound of a road trip - and pub carpets are my favourite!
  5. Breezy and bright this morning. Perfect day to be working at home.
  6. Very windy here. Fortunately no real damage yet at least - some small branches down off the neighbour's trees and all the local wheelie bins are scattered across the lane.
  7. Easter Monday works for me - and 🐑 🐑 and 🍰 - my ideal kind of event!
  8. I'd be up for it if I'm around - Easter weekend is looking good at the moment.
  9. Sunny but very windy here today - but lovely, and nice to see the sheep and the chickens enjoying the sun.
  10. First day of real garden activity this year - got 2 of our new fruit trees planted - hurray! I was beginning to think I'd never get them out of the veg beds where they've been heeled in since November.
  11. His missing horn is already growing back - amazing how fast it happens! Fortunately no snow with us this morning - but the car doors were frozen shut when I tried to leave at 6.30 this morning - took a while to break in and de-ice the windows!
  12. We had one who laid slightly lighter coloured eggs - but I've only hatched from the darkest of our eggs. The home need pullets are starting to lay and so far are looking good 're colour. I've read that the bantam eggs aren't as dark as the very dark ones some large fowl lay but I've also read that the bantams are often more prolific layers than their large fowl counterparts.
  13. She's a Cotswold x Dorset Horn. So the long wool comes from the Cotswold bit - fortunately she doesn't have horns!
  14. Specially for you Valkyrie - one of the galumphers, though she's not galumphing here - and she's no longer this clean and sparkly - she now looks more like a rug that's been bog snorkeling

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