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  1. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Valkyrie - if you think those paws are floofy - you should see our other cat's feet - I'll try and get a picture for you!
  2. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    Hi Sarkymite - you're welcome to come and have a look at ours and listen to how loud they are if you'd like. Ours are definitely not quiet though - I've had a pekin cockerel before and several young full sized marans, and I would say ours are as loud as the full size boys we had briefly. pm me if you'd like to come and check them out.
  3. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    So sorry Sarkymite. If you're anywhere near north Oxfordshire and would like a bantam cuckoo maran boy replacement - I have some lovely spare lads at the moment.
  4. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    No hat trick today for Molly (aka Squirrel Nemesis) but she's looking pretty happy with herself nevertheless!
  5. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    One of my neighbours is way too squeamish for me to be able to do that. They're regularly spotted carrying in the cheapest of cheap meats but are horrified that we plan to eat our sheep - and I haven't dared tell them where the missing cockerels are
  6. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Thanks for the offer of the help of the lurcher patrol - but I think Molly might take umbrage - she's had 2 of them this morning and was last seen lurking under a miniature maple tree obviously hoping for a hat trick🙄. We're also very soggy (for us) - and the goldfish pond has never been so full! Living at the top of the hill does have its advantages though - the dip going down into Chippy from us was impressive this morning!
  7. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Lovely day - managed to clean all chicken houses and start my bulb planting - miniature irises and wood anemones all now in - no doubt the squirrels will be busy digging them up tomorrow just to annoy me!
  8. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    Yep - can't resist a cuckoo maran - big or little😉
  9. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    Funnily enough I've just acquired some araucana 'wives' for Dave, one of this year's cockerels - with exactly the same hope/plan! Good luck.
  10. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Started lovely and sunny and frosty - sheep and chicken water containers were all covered in ice! By 11am I could see the rain approaching across the field and it's been bucketing down ever since ☹️
  11. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    Definitely a boy. My youngest batch of this year's birds is the same age and the difference between the males and females is very striking - my boys all look like yours; the girls have hardly any comb development yet and no wattles, and their combs are only slightly pink.
  12. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Yes DM - poor sheep have spent the day nipping in and out of the stable trying to avoid the worst of the rain. Whatever the books say, these 3 do not think they're waterproof! Out stocking up on grass right now with lots of skipping and happy tail wagging!
  13. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Another one who's very fed up with the rain. Had to squelch my way out to do the chickens and the sheep this morning.
  14. Minnie&Moose

    Cuckoo Marans - opinion poll

    I'd say boy. The comb, feathers (barring) and legs look male to me - I've hatched several batches of the bantam version of the breed this year and this one looks very like our males at a similar age.
  15. Minnie&Moose

    While the cat's away . . .

    Hi Valkyrie - definitely go for sheeps - they're brilliant! Our 3 not so little thugs are lovely (I will be sad to part with them but a parting we will be once they're big enough - particularly the lad with horns!). DM will be inspecting ours again this weekend - I'm sure she'll confirm how lovely they are. They're pretty to look at and they mow the grass (and they taste good as well ).