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  1. Minnie&Moose

    Updates from Devon

    Thanks for the tip Valkyrie - am off to tickle the tomatoes! Will let you know what happens!
  2. Minnie&Moose

    Updates from Devon

    Lovely pictures! I have tomato envy! I've got lots of flowers on my plants but none of them are setting - grrr! Any ideas what I'm doing wrong? They're in a greenhouse and I've been tending them lovingly.
  3. Minnie&Moose

    Dress code

    Smart casual I think - that's what mine did in a similar situation last year - and they gave him the job! Basically, as long as they're cleanish and reasonably presentable I don't think it matters. Good luck to YS - in my limited experience as the mother of a teenage son, but also as a lecturer dealing with other people's young adult offspring, a gap year is a truly wonderful thing re social and emotional development and capacity to cope with the challenges of living and studying independently!
  4. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Sounds familiar Valkyrie - our dandelions were also very abundant this year. We now have yellow and orange/brown hawkbits flowering, and a scattering of bee orchids. I feel your pain re the thistles - I've been waging war on them and the ragwort!
  5. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Yes, windows are fixable - just annoying because we had them done last summer and this particular one wasn't identified as a problem at the time! Chickies are doing well - the maran chicks are now motherless - Midge decided she'd had enough at the weekend and marched back to life with Marvin (who is very very happy to see her!); the cochin chicks are growing fast but still fluffy and cute - unfortunately their mother doesn't like being handled and hustles them away at the first sight of anything.
  6. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Very dramatic skies Valkyrie. I love your buttercup crop - we've got a similar one here!
  7. Minnie&Moose

    The Weather Thread #9

    Same over this way. The chick runs are all now wearing extra tarps to try and give the some dry, draft-free space. Wish I could say the same for the house - we've discovered some leaks in the window seals - oh joy!
  8. Minnie&Moose

    Chicken Memorials

    Thanks Valkyrie. Marvin seems to be on his best behaviour at the moment - one of his broody hens has just left her chicks and returned to his gang - he's ever so happy to see Midge again!
  9. Minnie&Moose

    Chicken Memorials

    Sorry to hear that Trigger turned mean Valkyrie - you definitely did the right thing dispatching him. I've only had to do spare lads that we've hatched so far but Marvin, our bantam, is on his final warning now!
  10. Minnie&Moose

    Updates from Devon

    Valkyrie - it's all sounding wonderful. Sounds like you've got a monster veg garden! Had a lovely walk with Clare today and then got the last of our fruit trees (for this year) in - they've been heeled in what will be the new strawberry patch for too long because I was waiting for the man with the pick axe to dig some holes! Chickies were scooting up and down the full length of their 3m run this afternoon - 4 little bumblebees going full tilt while their mother stood guard. At this rate they're going to be sturdy little birds!
  11. Minnie&Moose

    Updates from Devon

    Great update Valkyrie - I'm impressed at how far on your veg are. Our swallows arrived yesterday, as did the first of our home-bred chicks - and the remaining 3 (2 eggs failed to hatch) arrived through the day - so 4 little cheepy bumblebees. Weather's great so I may open the eglu door for them tomorrow and see whether Midge will take her babies on their first outing.
  12. Minnie&Moose

    Hello Devon - We're Home!

    Lovely lamby Valkyri! Are you planning to have some 🐑🐑🐑 for your field? We've just finished having our field sheep-proofed in readiness for a few wooly residents in the summer Great news re your wild garlic. If you like garlic and pesto then I can recommend pesto made with wild garlic (instead of basil) and walnuts (or pine nuts if you prefer). I made lots last year and froze it, and am now about to start the process all over again
  13. Minnie&Moose

    Incy is on and first broody of the year!

    Good if you don't want chicks; not so good if you do want to hatch out chicks!
  14. Minnie&Moose

    Hello Devon - We're Home!

    A trip to Devon in search of edible hedgehogs that grow on trees - could be a trip of a lifetime