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  1. Interest rates have just been reduced by 1%, would this help? Our mortgage has halved in recent months.
  2. Interest Rates have just been cut by 1% Now that's got to be the best news of the day!!!
  3. Some banks allow you to take a payment holiday, would they allow you to do this? Then you could use the money you've saved to top up the payments for the year until you don't have to pay for child care? Good luck, I think a lot of us know exactly how you feel.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I am so suprised they are doing this as soon as it gets cold! I'll make up some porridge in the morning and give them some cat food. Thanks again.
  5. I have suspected something was going on with my chooks as egg production has seriously slowed. I have just been out to my girls (first time in daylight for 2 days) and there are black feathers everywhere, I presume she is moulting but what a stupid time of year to lose all your feathers ?! Can someone explain, will she look like an oven ready chook or will they fall out in bits (like you hair)? Also should I be giving her/them anything extra. Thank you in advance .
  6. I did!! I watched those programmes and although I disagree with the factory farming for meat, they only live like that for 39 days. My biggest problem was battery hens living in cages for over a year. After the HFW programme with Jamie Oliver on battery hens I decided to get my own and never buy non free range again. I managed to get my girls in June and love them to bits even with their bald bottoms!! I have to admit, even though I try to buy free range chicken, budget forces me to eat cheap chicken
  7. Hi Griffin I can't help with your question, but I would love to know where you are getting your Columbines? I'm in Witney and have been searching for some locally with no joy. Suzi
  8. Clare, I can't imagine anyone wanting mine, they are rather poo stained!! Did you put them on the for sale forum? No, I think I'll keep them and keep my chooks happy using them as perches.
  9. Thank you both for your replies. I think I will use both (EXCELLENT) ideas as I have about 6 spare bricks and some garden canes. I've just bid on some roosting bars on eBay, I'm too impatient to wait until Christmas!!! Just need to get Hubby to make me the walk in run next LOL!
  10. I am hoping Father Christmas is going to bring me some plastic roosting bars and in anticipation I have been thinking of what to do with the old ones (2 sets MKII). Has anyone done anything ingenious with them?!
  11. I think I'll keep them in for a couple of days then let them play out! I can't wait to move so that they will have their own area of garden and a covered run is planned for the future. They have been couped up in the Omlet run for 6 weeks since I got them so can't wait for them to stretch their wings.
  12. We are moving house on Monday and I wondered if I will have to keep the chooks in their run for a week like I did when they first arrived or can i let them out sooner as they know us?
  13. I have a chook with a bald patch that never regrows, I mentioned it to Jude at Cotswold Chickens and she said chickens can get addicted to the keratin in the feather and that it wasn't a good sign for the feather regrowing ! Thankfully my chooks bald patch is only small.
  14. Cinnamon Where did you buy them? I'm soon to be in the market for another 2 girls and wanted something a little unusual and love your golden columbine. I'm in West Oxfordshire. Thanks Suzi

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