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  1. My Mrs Pepperpot who is now 7 years old has started laying eggs again after her most recent moult.3 eggs in the ladt week. I don't know how old hens should be when they stop laying but I think 7 is pretty good.She is spoilt though Arent they all
  2. what a silly chump, I saw this post and read it very briefly thinking this is what happened to my Pepperpot so I posted the above message only to realise it was me who posted the original message.Oh well,at least i have answered my own original question
  3. My Mrs Pepperpot who is now 7 and still laying eggs ( ) had exactly this problem last year when she didn't grow all of her neck feathers back after her annual moult.All the others, as you say were fine. She didn't look her best and I initially thought it was down to her age. However after her recent moult they have all grown back to their former glory and she is strutting around feeling very pleased with herself So, based on my experience you may have to wait until she moults again.
  4. You have done the right thing by calling in a specialist as Rats are notoriously difficult to trap.They are very intelligent creatures and will smell a trap a mile off. When I saw a rat in my Eglu run one day I purchased a steel trap and placed some treats inside.I was amazed to watch the rat look around the trap before digging underneath it and making the food fall through the cage.!! He would not enter the trap at all. In a way Im glad he didn't because how then do you kill it? It is illegal to catch a rat and set it free some where else so you would have to kill it. Poison seems to be the only way.The rat catcher will place poison down and come back over a period of weeks to check the bait id being taken. When it is no longer being taken then it is safe to say that the rat is dead. The answer has to lie in prevention.It is not the chickens that attract rats but the food that is often left lying around and the environment. Three things that will give you a problem with rats are a food source, a water source such as a garden pond or drinker left on the ground, and somewhere to shelter,such as a nice compost or pile of logs etc. (dont put waste food ina compost)Sounds like that could be any one of your neighbours! The only thing that surprised me with your issue was being advised to buy a trap. Others may have different experiences but I would advize that you save your money and let the bait do its job. Anyway, good luck.
  5. Please could someone offer some advice regarding feather loss on the neck area. For the last tweleve momnths my Pepperpot has been missing feathers on a good part of her neck, at the front.Everywhere else is normal and she is not in moult. Due to the length of time she has had no feathers on the front of her neck I would think that this is permanent loss. I cannot see any sign of mites or lice so was waondering what this might be and how I might prevent this happening again. I9 thought it might be due to her old age but I might be wrong. thanks
  6. I noticed my Bluebelle limping a few weeks ago,quite badly.like you I had a good look and found no obvious signs of injury.It gradually got better and eventually returned to normal after a week or so. That was a few weeks ago.Last week same again and I think I have the answer I think she is getting her foot between the bars inside the eglu and just twisting "her ankle" or something like that.I noticed she was fine when they went to bed and limping when she came out so I can't think it can be anything else. Hope this helps
  7. No more mites.eradicated at first attempt Death by Poison fire and water
  8. This morning when I checked inside the Eglu house I discovered hundreds of red mites hiding at the ends of each rooster bar. This is the first time in 6 years I have ever been visited. First, I sprayed everything with Poultry shield and completely striiped the eglu down. Second, I got my blow torch and burnt the ends of the bars. ( I have Mk 2 wooden bars) And finally, just for good measure gave the whole thing a blast with my pressure hose and let everything dry out in the sunshine. Hopefull that will do the trick. if anything survived that lot then they deserve to live The only problem I think is if the mites stay on the chickens during the day.I'm not sure but I think they hide away during the day and come out at night. Its all happened this week because at 6.45 the other morning the girls were making a right racket...at a fox who was staring in at them in their run.Luckily I hadn't let them out
  9. That's it then.No confirmed break ins Correctly sited the "Eglu does exactly as it says on the box"
  10. try this link.See if it helps answer your question. http://www.poultryyouth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=11721
  11. Goodness,its all happening at Oak tree Hotel

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