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  1. I'm after some omleteers advice! I'm on holiday at the moment and its super hot, which is great. However, when I sat on the pavement yesterday I didn't realise that the tarmac had gone all bubbly and so my shorts stuck to it I've now got black asphalt/tar stains all over them, and they were my best walking shorts! I've read various methods for removing it online, such as vegetable oil or bio washing powder, but wondered if anyone had tried any methods before, and how successful were they? I worry that if I use loads of veg oil on the bum of my shorts they're going to stain from the oil and look equally as bad!
  2. When picking the contraception, please keep in mind how some types may affect people in different ways. Without going in to too much detail (and I'm certainly not trying to scare anyone off of it!!), I could only have the implant for 9 months because of the side affects and altering my mood. However, I know other people have used it and swear by it! Just worth keeping an eye on her if she does have it, and look out for any mood changes. I think she is lucky to have you, pre-thinking about these things and the best way to handle them
  3. In terms of space, you will probably have more room in a motorhome (we had a 6 berth one for three of us when I was younger) than in most converted vans. Our first converted van was a Fiat Scudo which we managed to take away to Europe for 6 weeks with the two of us and our puppy, but we did have a tent to 'dump' all the excess stuff at the campsite! We now have bought a VW T4 which we are in the process of converting, as our puppy is now a full grown springer and is too big to comfortably fit in the Scudo at night in his cage. This van should do us nicely with a roof box for a 9 week trip around Europe this summer. We did the conversions ourself on both vans, and am more than happy to share information with you on how we did it/what we wouldn't do again if you decide to convert a van!
  4. I spoke at a funeral for the first time this spring, at my Grans I would suggest that you write down your speech. You don't have to use it, but I found it immensely helpful, both to make sure I remembered to say everything that I wanted to, and to read it as a pause from speaking (so that I could compose myself more than anything). I also gave a copy to the person who was conducting the service in case I couldn't get through it all - perhaps you could give a copy to someone who could take over if the need arises? I also asked my boyfriend to stand up with me when I spoke, just so that I had a support pillar next to me. Take a tissue up with you, in case emotions take over. I forgot, so I used my sleeve to wipe my eyes I don't know if it will be useful for you, but I found that when writing my speech I started with lots of bullet points of the stories/areas I wanted to cover, then I made these into sentences/paragraphs to say. I found this easier to do, and less daunting, than trying to write in one big go. Ignoring everything else, just know that there is nothing that you can or can't say which will be wrong. If you slip up with a name or jumble your words, no one will hold that against you. Just smile and chuckle to yourself and carry on as normal. Sorry, I seem to have waffled on...as usual!
  5. Hello I've already started a thread asking about puppy insurance and advice, but thought I'd share his pictures in a different thread. Hopefully the link works, I've not uploaded photos to here before! http://s280.photobucket.com/user/ChristineFP/library/?view=recent He's called Oscar We got him at 8 weeks old, he's now 18; it's been a very busy 10 weeks! He's a springer spaniel, picks up commands ridiculously quickly, and has bundles of energy! I'm a very proud puppy owner! Now for the joys of preparing to take him on his first holiday abroad...let the nerves commence!
  6. Bramble - I'll post a picture as soon as I work out how to! Thanks all for the advice, think we are going to go with Pet Plan as that seems to be a popular choice. They also cover little Oscar when we take him abroad in a couple of weeks...though hopefully he won't need it!
  7. We're recently bought a puppy, and I had a couple of questions about insurance for him... Am I right in assuming the majority of people insure their dogs? Which insurance company would you recommend as normal insurance for him? Also, we're going to be taking him abroad this summer so I'm after insurance that will cover him for Europe. Does anyone here have any experiences, positive or negative, with any of the insurance companies out there for when they've taken their dog abroad? There's so much information out there, it's a mind field! Good job he's a little cutie
  8. Hoping someone can help me here... Trying to run a program on my laptop, and when starting it I receive this message java.lang.noclassdeffounderror: jama/matrix Does anyone know what this means/how to fix it?!
  9. From the end of November I'll have a couple of weeks where I'll have some time to go travelling/holiday somewhere. I'd prefer to go somewhere warm, not too pricey, with some amazing scenery, and be back in time for Christmas. There'd only be two of us, with relatively limited 'on-your-own' travelling experience. Does anyone have any ideas/recommendations/price ideas? Places I've been looking at include Cape Town, Chile, Peru. Thanks in advance!
  10. I'm not sure how he managed it, I don't think he is either! It might be in settings in the text messages section? Or just the general settings section?
  11. I know this sounds crazy, but has he accidentally blocked your number? My BF managed to do this a few months ago by playing around on his phone, so he got my phone calls, I could get phone calls off him, but he couldn't receive any texts I sent him
  12. So sorry to hear your news Don't worry about anything to do with uni; they are very good at helping you deal with work/deadlines/exams when this type of circumstance happens. 1st year (are you in 1st year?) just has to be passed with most courses, as Lewis said. Don't have any other helpful information to add, just that it'll be important for you to take care of yourself at this time, not just those around you. I hope you find things easier soon x
  13. This may be a stupid question, but I thought I'd ask it anyway! BF has a very nice (and expensive) non stick casserole-type pot, but the base of it has had some scratching happen to it...the joys of student houses! My question is; it is possible to re-cover the non stick part with something, or should it just be replaced? (I guess it's probably a no, but thought it'd be worth asking!)
  14. I have had similar issues to this with this company; resulting in a court date being set because they believed we had not, and would not, pay our bills (when in fact it was a mixture of them not sending us bills for 18 months (on paper billing), and then a member of a shared house not paying). When they finally looked at our bill and resent it to us they'd overcharged us by about £250, which they then had to take off! I can PM you with info if you want, but I would definitely say to you now that whenever you ring up, ask to speak directly with a manager, not just the person who answers the phone call, and make a point of asking him/her for their full name/details so that if you are forced to take further action on this that you can specifically say who you have been speaking to.
  15. I have this regularly, almost hospitalized with it the last 3 times I've had it! I'd recommend plenty of squash, antibiotics, ibuprofen and paracetamol to keep fever down, and plenty of small meals. I never manage to eat enough and get even iller! Soups and pastas are good I've found. With antibiotics I usually improve within 3-4 days, and by the end of the course I'm back to normal! Also, I often get a very high temperature, which will get worse until it peaks (usually the third day of being really ill for me), and then it's almost as if I recover over night!
  16. Thank you for all the sound advice I've hung it out of the window to dry it and will attack it with a stick later on (it'll double up as a stress buster for work!). It's nearly dry now, good thing it's a sunny day again and not cloudy or rainy!
  17. So sorry to hear about this, how awful! Rosie seems to be making good progress though Hope the ear op is sorted soon, and that you get to take her and her friends to the cafe
  18. Ok, so in a rush I piled up the washing machine, including a down gillet. It's come out of the machine now fairly 'flat' and not all puffy as it used to be I know you can put down items in a tumble drier with tennis balls, but I don't have a tumble drier here, so I was wondering if any of you knew how I can make the feathers have more life in them again?
  19. I've just started the 5 day free trial of this now, thanks! After finding out my dad's wedding is potentially in January I've decided it's definitely time to kick start my healthy eating and get to my goal weight in time for it! It already looks promising, I'll let you know if I decide to pay for the membership after the 5 days!
  20. My housemate at uni did English Lit + Creative Writing as an undergrad degree and something similar as a Masters course and really enjoyed both. He was at Aberystwyth Uni, the department was apparently very helpful/accommodating and he did okay in both courses. The campus and town is lovely too, although I am biased seeing as I'll be doing my MSc course there this September as well as my BSc course which I've just finished!
  21. My Dad uses GiffGaff and only has good things to say about them. I, too, have looked into their monthly contracts and am very likely to be using them when my current contract runs out.
  22. I had a Nissan Micra when I was a learner and have had for a few years now. It's pretty safe in the safety testing, not too bad to insure (it was £900 for the first year I insured it as myself as the main driver), can get about 50mpg with a kayak strapped onto the roof (so more without), and has never broken down yet (touch wood!) and is from 1997! It's not necessarily the coolest car out there, but it was exactly what I needed when learning to drive on the roads, easy to drive, hard to stall, not too big but you could pack a lot in it so it didn't feel like a small car as such.
  23. I turned 21 at the start of August and have been asked by my Gran what I would like as a present for it. I have been lucky, I've had a gorgeous mirror, hanging photo frames and a set of earrings thanks to my boyfriend And part of a trip to New York/Washington DC/Virginia paid for by my mum. My Gran has said she won't give me the money because I'll spend it on rent, clothes or alcohol (she knows me and my Student ways too well!) and would like the money to be spent on something that I can keep forever so it's with my Dad until I wish to spend it, but she would like to see it spent soon. So, what sort of gift would you class as sentimental, or what presents have you been given (or chosen!) which have a strong sentimental value? I really want to make sure she knows her money is going to be spent on something worth while, if that makes sense! Thanks!
  24. Hello, I was wondering if any of you out there have had any experience with compression fractures in the spine. I managed to give myself one a week and a half ago. I wasn't given much information initially about recovery while I was at the hospital (or maybe I was but I didn't listen!!) and so have a few questions. I'm booked to see my doctor early next week but figured I'd ask here too! How long will it hurt for? The pain's a lot less than it was, but it's still there. I'm fed up of walking like an 80 year old already! How long before I'll be able to lift things again without causing further damage? How long should I expect it to take before it's healed and I can return to normal exercise routines again? It's been a bad time to suddenly not be able to exercise or move around a lot, just after eating all the easter eggs!
  25. Physical geography at Aberystwyth. Not for much longer!

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