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  1. I keep runner ducks in an eglu classic with run and they are just fine, but they have a large free range area, so it's only really for sleeping at night. If you go to chicken breeds you can see chickens for sale: https://www.omlet.co.uk/breeds/map/chickens My runner ducks have hatched some ducklings hence looking to sell and we are trying to reduce our flock.
  2. Just wondered why ducks aren't listed for being able to sell on the omlet marketplace? bees, chickens, geese.... but no ducks?
  3. Hello, I am puffin... or Briony if you prefer! I get very cross if I miss a day of the quiz! We have six chickens, four cats and a giant french lop rabbit.... plus three children and a husband! We all live in Lincolnshire! B
  4. Well they all seem quite chirpy this morning - although Lola seems a bit lost without her friends and follows me around... have just spent ten minutes sitting watching them trying to spot any signs of illness but they all seem ok...
  5. I wondered if anyone else has suffered like this - I have lost four "chicks" - although all POL now - three cream legbars and a marans in just over a week. The marans died today and on advice from a friend (who is a vet) took it for a post mortem. Acute pneumonia was the verdict. I have one lone cream legbar (lola) left who I am really concerned about -she seems perky enough but is all on her own. The big girls seem fine - but I really can't face any more deaths. I am treating Lola with Baytril as a precaution. My five year old son was devastated tonight when he heard his last chick had died. (Lola is my 4yr old daughters). I dread going out to the chickens at the moment... not sure what I will do if anymore die... Sorry not very cheerful, but its been a bit traumatic.
  6. Hello, We currently have chickens in a cube in a WIR and they are let out all day to our fenced off (bar fencing and welded mesh) orchard (which isn't as grand as it sounds) I have recently acquired a Rablu (courtesy of Egluntyne) and am going to convert our eglu which will be in the orchard. So we are hoping to get a rabbit at some point probably one of the larger breeds, my question is will we be able to let the rabbit and the chicken both out in the orchard to free range together - obviously the first time I will be there armed with water pistol... Any advice on breeds would be good too. Thanks
  7. So cleaned the cube out today and pulled one of the trays out to empty and out came a dead sparrow! Wondered if anyone else had ever found anything odd when cleaning out their chickens!
  8. or you can use mustard in an egg as well - I guess the yellow colour might help?
  9. Right we are back from holiday and the kids are demanding to know when we can get the chicks!. I use the work "chicks" lightly as I want them to be big enough to go outside in the eglu. I am hoping to get some cream legbars. So some questions before I go searching. Any ideas how old they need to be to go outside at this time of year? I also assume you need to remove the roosting bars? At this age will they still need chick crumb or something different? Thanks
  10. We (or should it be I?) have: 4 cats - 3 moggies, 1 Bengal 4 chickens - are hoping to get some more later this month 4 fish 3 adult hissing cockroaches 10ish baby hissing cockroaches! My daughter is very keen for us to get a puppy but I have told her not yet!
  11. We have just got back from holiday to discover that one of my daughters three hissing cockroaches has had babies We think there are about ten - quite hard to tell as they are very quick and hide all the time - and I am not keen on getting them all out to check! They look a bit like woodlice! Anyway the kids are delighted - I am not quite so enthusiastic as we need to work out what to do with them all!
  12. Some friends of mine went and picked up a couple of chickens over Easter and all was well then - maybe worth phoning them rather than email?
  13. Right so probably avoid a mark 1 then as sooner or later it's not going to be maintainable. But a rabbit one would be ok for intros - then my son could eventually have the rabbit he has longed for! Although better not mention that to my OH! I had looked at a traditional Ark as an option as it is only for the introductions... but the eglu is so easy to look after and I have witnessed a red mite infestation in a friend's wooden coop and it was horrific! Thanks for the help.
  14. Ah - I was looking under chickens for the conversion kits! Thank you!
  15. There is a mark 1 Eglu for sale on ebay quite near me and I am going to need a second coop for my new chickens while they are introduced to my existing flock. However the one on ebay has wooden roosting bars and I can't find plastic roosting bars for a mark 1 on the Omlet site anywhere. Does anyone know what is the size difference between a mark 1 and mark 2 eglu. Should I steer clear? I can't find a rabbit to chicken conversion kit on the website either and I thought you used to be able to get those? Thanks

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