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  1. Oh meant to add.. I lost Oscar about 2.5 years ago now.. was a very hard time another reason for not being around much, in fact lost the little one Bailey too. Have 4 at the moment though lol
  2. Heyyy nice to see you are still on here and some of my old pekins are still about, I still have my Brahma and a sussex but the rest are all ex batts now, in fact picked up another 8 baldies yesterday including a wobbly one! I went a bit mad on the hatching last year and had some lovely lines of Brahma, saxony ducks and quail was up to about 70+ at one point as selling the purebreeds and ducks.. but trimmed right down now so only 14 birds in total and no more hatching for me. .. that said I may have to increase my Brahmas again as still got Boots but they are my favorite.. nothing like taking ex batts on though, that's the best feeling ever, the new girls are discovering sun and dust bathing today.. its lovely to see Good old cube is going strong although getting rid of all the runs and grubs/glugs etc as I have the new one built now. Hope the family is really well too!
  3. Honestly its not complicated .. I promise .. all you need is guttering set up on your run with a cover and filter ( fine mesh, then even finer netting ) wedged into the end before it runs down the down pipe.. downpipe has lots of bends and curves so it then reaches water butt positioned behind my cube.. more mesh and netting in bottom of water butt and a fish tank style filter by tap hole... simples honest! If I could remember how to add a photo I would lol
  4. Thanks all.. yes very bad case of 'moreheninfactmorepoultry' disease! although following a the very long and wet winter I have had to cut down dramatically! The rather posh sounding automated watering system is in fact not that exciting I just made it sound posh but does a fantastic job..sealed guttering from the new run roof falling through a filter then into covered water butt via adjusted downpipes, with another filter at base of butt, then hosing to a water container with a mini stop cock installed inside the run.. currently running on one but adding a second in this week. works brilliantly and all I do is empty out the water bowl every few days where the girls kick bedding in... all self filling and water saving too.. The run has a double level so adding a second one higher up to avoid the bedding issue but i just need to get the gravity and pressure right first! Think that explains it all
  5. Hi All Not been on the site for about 4/5 years and just popped on to stick some stuff up for sale so thought I better come and say hi again too!.. Hope everyone is well and all our feathered friends are enjoying the sunshine.. my lot certainly are! My signature is way out of date now as last few years been up to silly numbers of hens, quail and ducks but mainly sticking to ex batts now and have had a purpose built all weather run recently made, complete with an eco automated watering system as this heat has left me worried at times. I'm sure some of the old crowd must still be about so howdee
  6. Just been going through this pain for last couple of weeks too... I work in motortrade but still found finding a good cheap 1st car impossible .. i suspect due to s"Ooops, word censored!"page scheme hiking up the prices of the cheap cars left available! So DD ended up with Fiesta Zete I rang a lot of insurers but finally settled on below Insured with Admiral for under £700 for 10 months or £800 for 12. we went for the 10 months as it means she gains (hopefully!) her no claims much quicker.. I also looked at Quinn but the cost rose by £1000 when she passes test! Admiral still rises but by under £400 which is much better. Used Tesco clubcard vouchers to buy RAC cover so saved a few pounds there.. just as well as car cost too much! All in all its cost over £2500 to get an old car on the road for her
  7. Daisy - Skewbald.. Strop - Chestnut I think?.. Sparky - Grey (white) and Trigger Bay!
  8. I sent my DD off with a small discrete bag with a slim pads, a couple of individually wrapped wipes ( you get these with some pads packs now), couple of disposal bags and a spare pair of knickers.. she coped fine dispite some earlier worries
  9. Oh don't get me wrong.. you are absolutely right! There is no way a well maintained engine should get such a major fault at this mileage! Our warranties will go for 100k miles and other brands even higher. I just know the 'legal' obligations re warranty/servicing else where so thought it would be a good idea to give a tip on a posible way around via a goodwill etc.. If you get a no don't give up... just take it higher... quite often a no at first level support will usually result in help further up the line in a case like this... even if there is no legal obligation as not good PR! Customer Service - Customer Service Manager - AFtersales Manager - Aftersales Director - CEO.. this is how it would work in our case anyway
  10. Yes even I remember... Daisy was our favourite!
  11. I would like to offer some experience if I may?? I work in the motor trade for a different manufacturer and we take customer service very seriously although the press may think differently!.... Your vehicle will be out of warranty unless you extended it, which is why they may be stalling. If they are anything like my company, The manufacturers own technical representative will need to see the car in order to access whether caused by technical failure or driver/owner error ( don't shoot me on this you'd be amazed how many people run engines without oil or water or drive through very deep puddles which can draw water into the engine through the air intake into all the wrong places!) In our case once its been checked over, if found to be a failure it may be that they agree to cover the cost or part of cost of repair under a 'goodwill' scheme. I know it seems a slap when we say goodwill but outside of warranty they are not legally obligated to cover it. (with exception of court cases etc) Although you can get it repaired elsewhere cheaper, keep it in mind but do give Renault the chance to do the above first. If they make an offer of repair you then have the chioce. If Renault make the repairs the part should then be gauranteed again for a preriod of time which is not alwawy the case in a non approved garage. If you have extended the warranty then unless there is a problem with the engine care then you should get a full repair as it sounds like a piston has blown? ALso ask for a courtesy car if needed/available. Personally I woul strongly push for the above and not just with the actual garage.. get the manufacturers contact details ( web?) and call or write to them strongly but remain polite of course, if you call customer service allow the first person to listen but if you do not get anywhere then insist on speaking to eitrher the customer service manage or the aftersales manager.. for Renault and not the Dealership. Best of luck!
  12. Here's one to make you go ahhh without the sneezes!
  13. Me too only somehow I never got over it and have had horses ever since.. and still have four now.. well 3 and a bit as ones a tiny mini falabella x shetland
  14. She wasn't pleased as had to pull them all apart to get every single bar code... understand the different colours but no idea why all 12 had to be scanned individually, as only bought four colours.. may go a stock up again anyway as use loads and so cheap!
  15. Sorry but there are loads in the Basingstoke store still! I can always grab some more if anyone needs them

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