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  1. hi i have recently got two beautiful horsefield torts and they are 1 and half years old and i am wondering how often should i bath them in warm water thanks
  2. hio you have probaly seen my posts about my duck who has laid eggs after mating we i have candeled them this morning and only number two and three have definate embroyos growing inside but they were all laaid on diffrent days so i wil do nmber 4 tommorow julie
  3. hi does anyone have any info on horsefield tortoises thanks
  4. hi you might of seen my recent post about my aylesburys and appleyards mating well yesterday my son friend came round who loves the ducks and they were catching the female and as she was waddaling along a little egg poped out so we watched her for a while and did'nt seem intrested with it so we quickly took it out and it is now incubating in my r-com and when i did the duties this morning i have found another egg in the house i am so excited and i cant wait
  5. i have just gone down the garden to see that my male aylebury is mating my female appleyard but then as i tried to brake them up but then as i was walking out he did again does any have any advice please help thanks
  6. hi i have recently got two giant african land snails and i wondered if anyone here has kept any has has any tips on keeping them thanks
  7. hi ihave already got 5 ducks but i am thinking about getting two male call ducks in a seperate would it be okay to keep them in a normal elglu with a normal run and then just letting them out everyday.would it be okay to keep two males in the same place thanks
  8. hi everybody i have just brought my son three aylesbury ducks and we cannot find any info on them. does anyone know what they are like and how long they should live thanks

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