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  1. Sheila, I am really really sorry to hear this news - my thoughts are with you and your family at the moment. Terrible news. Dan
  2. http://www.facebook.com/#!/photo.php?pid=30856287&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=107560125952054&aid=-1&id=1254645499 Not sure if that link will work but it is the pic of Harry and me with Robert Plant CBE, Led Zeppelin rock star and Vice President of Wolves FC!
  3. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/group.php?gid=107560125952054
  4. Thank you guys! Please spread the word and tell your friends - Harry is determined to get the team recognised in this way! THANK YOU! PS Sorry for not being on the Omlet forum for a gazillion years until I wanted something..!
  5. Thanks Emma. (Hope you guys are well)? I have to say that you read about these campaigns and imagine that they get massive very quickly and very easily - I have watched Harry work like mad and publicise as many avenues as he can but it is very slow - like pulling teeth. Hence Debs's post on here... If all of our fellow Omleteers would support Harry it would be great. Thank you. Dan (Harry's dad).
  6. Very sorry to hear about this bronze. I will be looking at my Cube and eglus tomorrow (fingers crossed for me and I hope you get yours clean). Disagree strongly. Any trawl of this forum would reveal many, many dissatisfied customers including myself (and I spent many hours of my free time moderating this forum in the early days). Poor customer service on the phone lines, poor customer service in terms of their sub-contracted courier, poor build quality and now red mites in the plastic! I still have a leaking cube and I have spent well over a grand with Omlet. Overall, I have been more dissatisfied than satisfied with the service I have received (and my personal experience is that this has not been a priority for the company)... When the leaking cubes first came about, there were always lots of "helpful" owners keen to point out that their cube was dead ace and didn't leak at all - a lot of comfort that was for me and my girls! I'm surprised that somebody hasn't suggested that red mites in the cube must be the result of you building the cube yourself; rather than getting Omlet to build it for you (by the way, Omlet did build my cube and it still leaked)... Here is a video showing my amazing Cube water feature (still not resolved): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_HaEUVP-fY [Google search "You Tube Omlet Leaking Cube"] Since I posted this video earlier this year the gaps in the structure have got larger and larger - I get the feeling that I am more than halfway through the life cycle of this product. Expensive to replace after a relatively short time... HOPEFULLY THE FLOODED NEST BOX IN MY CUBE WILL HAVE DROWNED ANY NAUGHTY RED MITES, EH?
  7. They certainly didn't advertise the added water feature! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_HaEUVP-fY
  8. Sorry it's taken about a month to get around to doing this, but here is the video. Enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_HaEUVP-fY The Cube is two years old and fills with water unless I seal up the (ever increasing) roof slots with brown parcel tape. I have given up on any kind of support or customer service for this problem; even as a loyal customer who has spent their hard-earned on 2 x eglus, a cube, cube extensions, feeders, food and multiple rain covers (which seem to require renewal every 6-9 months)...
  9. Ours was dry for about 4 months. They do change shape (and colour) with age. I notice with interest that one member of the forum who used to post regularly on here about their dry cube whenever I bemoaned my wet nesting box is now also suffering with leaks.
  10. Yes, although not in the last 12 months. I don't see the point of chasing them up again (in my experience, good communication and customer support / service is limited when dealing with Omlet). Someone was meant to come and look at my Cube 18 months ago, but in the end they just sent me a new back panel which was pointless and made no difference. I have also had some little sticky pads which (rather unsurprisingly) peeled off in the damp conditions. I suggested to Omlet that they create a Winter shade type cover which could fasten across the top of the Cube with bungees attached to the lower panels; this would cover up the two grooves on the roof which are the cause of the problem. This solution was dismissed by the lady on the phone at Omlet because it wouldn't look very nice (although it would have proved more effective than the sticky pads)! Parcel tape works although I now need two runs of tape to cover the roof grooves which are considerably wider than when the Cube was first constructed. I dread to think what condition the Cube will be in in another 21 months...
  11. Our cube doesn't leak at the moment... Because I have reverted to sealing all gaps with brown parcel tape! Parcel tape is the only solution. (Rip it off and replace it after each clean). Our cube was delivered (eventually) in May-07. It is 21 months old and a totally different shape to when it was built (by Omlet). During the Christmas period the side panel (opposite the nesting box) distorted so badly that you couldn't fit the roosting bars into place. I tried to push the panel out and felt resistance and realised that somehow the leaks which would have normally found their way into the dropping tray on that side of the cube had actually gone inside the panel and it was full of water (which was causing the distortion). I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the panel and it sprayed water for about 15 minutes. I took a video and will have to put it on YouTube! "Omlet Cube with built in water feature". We have a cube and two eglus - all panels are now slopping with water on the inside.
  12. Can anyone recommend a good butcher that can provide a really great free range goose for Christmas dinner? (A chap at work has just asked me and I am hopeful that someone here may be able to help). Thanks Dan

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