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  1. 'The Whole Chicken Kaboodle' near Cumbernauld have a good selection of hybrids and some pure breeds. They advertise as having marans but they didn't when I visited so you would be best to phone first to see what they have. Nice clean set up.
  2. Just a quick update for anyone who comes across something similar. The lovely vet I have carefully disected it and it was layer after layer of egg membrane tightly compacted. It stretched out quite a way. Really interesting to see (but I didn't have the stomach to do it myself)! Gill
  3. Thanks for your replies (and for making the photos work!). I would have thought a chicken who passed a fairly large part of 'inners' like that that would be fairly ill but from what I read is that not necessarily the case? They all seem well this morning. Gill
  4. Thank you for the link. That does look like the same kind of thing. I will try the photo thing again but really not my strong point! http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w344/dylansnowy/IMG_5075-1.jpg http://i522.photobucket.com/albums/w344/dylansnowy/IMG_5074.jpg
  5. Does anyone have any ideas what this could be? I found it in one of the cube trays this afternoon. It feels like chicken skin and grizzle (though I haven't explored too much as it is gross!). The inside looks egg shaped and it had what looked like egg white on the inside. None of my chickens seem under the weather at the moment and all vents are clean. My vet is closed but I will take it in to him on Monday to see if he can shed any light. He is the kind of vet who will probably want to disect it too. Yuck! IMG_5074 IMG_5075
  6. My hubby made a divider for our cube nest box as there were a lot of arguements (even with only 3 hens) which always seemed to happen on weekend mornings. It works fairly well in that they will lay in both compartments - though the back one is the favoured space. Sometimes two of them will squash into it while the other compartment is empty! Typical hens! He made it in thick ply by tracing the shape, cut two circles into it and then attached a divider at right angles. Gill
  7. Lost one chicken. During the day (towards dusk) Unsupervised free ranging outside WIR. Foxes are in our garden daily but I've never seen one so early. I saw in a book recently what I thought was a good idea for a run which isn't roofed - you have an 3' 'overhang' at the top of your fence (so 18" each side) so your fence is T shaped. Not pretty but I can see that it would probably work in that the fox would scale the fence but then be faced with another obstacle with the overhanging part. Nothing is foolproof but it may help. Gill
  8. Thank you all for the recommendations. Have had a look at Hills and looks great. And free delivery too, excellent! Gill
  9. I am having a fox coming in to the garden every night, he has bitten several holes in the chicken wire which runs along the garden hedge. To give a bit of added security I am thinking of replacing it with weld mesh. Anyone know of a good site to buy it on? Thanks Gill
  10. Just found a lovely little chicken book. It's called 'Don't Count Your Chickens' by Simon Puttock and Ross Collins. It's about a little girl who gets 2 chickens and then wants 4 and then 8 and then 16..... sounds a bit familiar! Illustrations are great. Gill
  11. I lost one of my rabbits to a fox at the weekend and Mr Fox will no doubt be back to visit. A collegue has a pet ferret which she says keeps foxes away and has kindly offered me wet bedding to scent the garden (she says it really stinks!). Does anyone know if this will help? I want to do all I can to keep the other bunny and hens safe. Thanks Gill
  12. Just to let you know that Gemma is a little better this evening, though still acting oddly. I'm still not sure what is wrong with her to be honest - she went into the nesting box this aftenoon but I'm not sure if either of the eggs in the box were hers. Her comb is still pale pink but she is moving around a bit better and eating and drinking a little. May take her to vet tomorrow - will she how she is in the morning. Gill
  13. Thanks for your replies, I hadn't considered a soft egg so fingers crossed that's the problem. She got into the cube herself which surprised me as she seems to have no energy. I thought about bringing her inside but decided that may be more stessful for her so I put a towel and straw in one corner of the cube - much to the disgust of the other two! If I convince myself it's a soft egg problem then I may get some sleep tonight - always seem to think the worst! Thanks again Gill
  14. One of my chooks has gone downhill quickly today. She seemed fine this morning and laid an egg. This evening she is hunched up/ depressed looking with her eyes closed and is struggling to walk -she stumbles and puts her wing out. She is not feeding. She has had one squirty white poo that I have seen but I haven't seen any blood. They have been wormed recently with flubenvet. Any help would be great as I am a nervous wreck! Thanks Gill
  15. We go away for a night or two and leave our 3 hens in a secure run but I always put out extra food and water containers to give me peace of mind. Also useful are these battery operated pet feeders with 4 compartments. I set mine for the evening to give the chooks their usual grain. Gill

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