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  1. thanks, i'll do that and check her for lice then. the other girls have been 'helping' her pluck the feathers on her wing base and chest, but she has had this red bottom since last autumn. Just dosn't seem to be any signs of regrowth there at all?
  2. they just dont seem to want to grow back maybe she prefers being bald!
  3. She dosn't seem bothered about it but i dont like it! bless her, she looks ridiculous!
  4. Hi all, my lovely little Warren has still got a very red bottom area. It's not actually the 'bottom' it is the area lower. It was red and featherless at the end of last year, she had some antibiotics (given to all the girls) when one of my other girls got the snuffles and we thought if it was infected or anything this would help. But now the warm weather is here she still isn't geting any feathers back in that area and it is still very red. She seems well in herself, eating and drinking fine, not lethargic or grumpy, although she has only laid 1 egg this season. my vet isn't really 'birdie' and the nearest one that is, is some miles away. Will try and upload a picture if needed. Any ideas anyone please? thanks.
  5. Sorry if this has been covered, but what would be the life expectancy of a runner? My two are starting to look a bit raggy and have actually changed colour and neither of them has laid for at least a couple of years or more. they will be 8 years old at Easter.
  6. We have been trying to be extra vigilant at collecting the egg as soon as it's laid. Luckily my girls tend to 'announce' that they have laid, but sometimes she's already whizzed in and had a go! the little devil We have also covered the window in the coop to make it totally dark until we let them out. There were two eggs this morning one was her's and neither were damaged. that was her first egg of this season. Hopefully now she's laying she may leave them alone. (fingers crossed) I hate buying eggs when i have 3 hens!!
  7. she is a bit of a grumpy lass sometimes. In fact we nearly had to bumper her 'cos she attacked one of my girls so badly last year. We are going to try leaving the hen house open into the secure run over night and see if it's because she feels penned in, in the morning before we let them out. Was looking at an automatic door system, but the budget wont allow just yet maybe she'll stop doing it when she starts to lay again?
  8. hi all, can anyone tell me why one of my hens keeps smashing the eggs? Only one of my three girls has started laying this year, but my Ginger Warren keeps smashing them up before i get chance to take them out the naughty girl!! Any help would be greatly appreciated
  9. Well unfortunatley my little girl didn't make it through this time she had a type of fit i think, and then just laid down and went. I cant believe it to be honest. she went through so much when my other girls attacked her and was really happy when i put her with my duckies. She was only around 8 months old! Such a sad time. can't believe how upset i feel! Heaven only knows how it'll be when any of my others go. She is my first to go you see. Feel totally hopeless that i couldn't do anything for her!! poor girl, she was such a beautifull hen.
  10. Hi everyone, my little girl is under the weather again! After recovering from her hen attack a few monts ago she has been just fine and dandy but tonight when i came in from work around 4pm she was 'hiding' in the corner of the wall, head down, breathing heavy and looking dopey. Her comb is very dark and look a bit dry? She isn't interested in food but is drinking a little if i hold the dish up to her beak. I have brought her back into the house, again!, but she is just sat with her head low. Her under tummy is quite messy and wet and her poo is runny and has a yellowy look? Any ideas anyone? This will be her first winter. many thanks everyone. (very worried again)
  11. So sorry to hear about poor Parsley. I lost my duck last night too, she was an old girl (A Khaki of 12 years) good on you for giving her the freedom to pass away in peace and happiness under a open sky. short but undoubtabley happy.
  12. just wanted to share the news that my little old lady, Yang, passed away last night. she was my first duck along with her sister, Ying. Ying died a good few years ago as she has lots of problems including a broken/bent deformed leg (from birth) My old lady Yang was a Khaki Campbell, and she was 12 years old!!! I'm told this is a good age for a Khaki. My two indian runners April and May dont know where she's gone! They keep quacking in a low inquisitive tone? like they are calling for her. very sad she has had a lovely long and happy life, even if she did hate water! She would always run inside and hide when it rained and would only dip in the pond for about 3 minutes then quack to be lifted out, lazy girl! I have recently introduced them to my newest hen, puppy-chick (Mortisha to hubby and kids, cos she chirped the adams family theme tune when she was a chick!) after my other 3 hens attacked her. She's seems happy with the ducks, although they are a little wary of that beak! So very sad but also happy for a peaceful departure. She was a lovely old girl.
  13. Just wondered if these are poisonous to hens........ varigated Ivy and Leylandaii conifers? I have both near the coop and run so when i trim them some of it gets in there. I put a cover on the coop and clear away as much as i can but wouldnt want to think they may get poorly if they ingest any. Conifer is quite prickly! Is there somewhere that tells you what they CAN'T have? I know some folks say not to give them raw potato dont they? Please can someone point me in the right direction? thanks.
  14. ha ha thats eggscellent!! well done the clever clogs who thought of that one.
  15. Well done we 'blew' our first eggs and kept them, but unfortunateley my new girl who laid for the first time on Sunday must have been stood up! and it was badly damaged. It's great for the kids. such a learning and exciting experience.

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