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  1. I have to share this with you all!!!! After letting them out this morning, Louis was particularly vocal and clingy - wanted to be around us and even jumped up onto our laps. She went in the cube a few times, but came back out again and then all of a sudden she did a little squat and out popped an egg! Amazing!! I squealed with excitment and she looked rather shocked - probably from my squeal!! It is small but perfectly formed (have posted a piccy on the gallery with the Omlet inflatable egg cup!) I was expecting to wait at least a couple of weeks before we saw any eggs, but they've only been with us for 4 days - so not bad going at all! Also, I'm very pleased to report that all four ladies decided to go to bed by themselves last night. I left it a little later - about 9.15 pm, before I went out, and they were already inside the cube waiting for the door to be shut. We have just been enjoying watching them and have so many friends and family come round to see them - everyone admires the cube. Even the postman this morning said it looked like the "Savoy" of hen houses!! All of the chooks are really friendly and don't mind being stroked or picked up - it really is fantastic!! Right - off to waste some more time watching them! xxxxxx

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