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  1. Just a quick reply to some of your questions: There is a link to the original horizon programme in the 52fastdiet forum's FAQ. A cup of vegetable stock/oxo/bovril is a good alternative to tea with milk and can help prevent headaches caused by salt loss due to drinking a lot, but don't have too many cups if you have high blood pressure. Rapid weight loss is known to trigger gall bladder problems. There is a long thread about it on the forum. Keep meals small and not too high in fat. Sadly being overweight, female and over 40 puts one in the high risk category for gall stones, but losing weight is important so one just has to try to take it slowly I think. I've never heard of high protein triggering gall bladder attacks but keeping protein lowish is good for reducing cancer risk so should be an aim anyway. As well as cauliflower rice, try courgette spaghetti...use a potato peeler or julienne tool to strip a courgette into "spaghetti". Microwave for 2 mins, use instead of spaghetti...it's really nice. You can enter just your waist measurement in the progress tracker if you don't want to look at the scales! The scales are a very poor indicator of progress actually as they can't really tell you how much fat has been lost and the body analyser scales are not very accurate. Measuring your waist is the best guide to a healthy weight...should be half your height or less. Good luck all...
  2. In today's "health and safety gone mad" climate that we so often complain about, it's astonishing that this kind of thing hasn't been stopped. There surely should be some kind of law about putting on extra carriages if there are more than x people standing. Definitely complain everywhere! Good luck on your campaign!
  3. Perhaps the rats can smell the fact that other rats have been there so they choose that feeder as being the safe one! After all it must be the place to go if so many other rats have been there before!
  4. Well my neighbour's cat was having that expensive stuff...the little pots of hi life gourmet I think it's called. My cat gets bozita which has no carbohydrate in it and no ants so far....
  5. I looked after my neighbour's cat over Easter while she was away. On Easter Sunday morning when I went in there were ants crawling all over the uneaten food from the night before...yuck!
  6. Ok, so I know I'm blowing my own trumpet here, but please do call in at the forum if you have any questions about how to do 5:2, problems etc or to use our progress tracker which gives you a pretty graph of your weight loss and allows you to see the forum-wide stats and to filter the results to see how people exactly like you are doing so you know what to expect.
  7. That would be me ! I'm very impressed with the diet. I've been doing it since November and have lost nearly 3 stone! The biggest change for me has been the way it retrains the appetite so I don't overeat on the non-fast days, and I don't rush for a snack just because I feel a bit hungry...I'm no longer afraid of hunger. I know nothing bad will happen if I don't have time for lunch for example. I feel normal if a bit peckish from time to time on my fast days. Its very liberating! I started the diet because it was the first approach to losing weight that I thought I could actually stick to long term. I knew that dieting results in putting all the weight back on (and more) unless you can maintain the lifestyle change for good. I love my cake etc (how else can I use up ask those eggs?!) so I just could not keep up the good habits with my previous attempts. When I saw Dr Mosley's documentary I knew that this could work...I only needed to have willpower on two days a week...and it wasn't even as if I wouldn't get a decent meal on my fast days! I can seers that when I get to a healthy weight I'll be able to maintain it with no problem. I do think that the so called other benefits like preventing cancer, and Alzheimer's have been over sold. It might turn out that it helps but since being a healthy weight is the best thing I can do to prevent those things anyway, I'm just focussing on weight loss. Sorry for the long post! I just want to add, though, that if I hadn't had such a great experience on this forum of how friendly and affirmative a forum can be, I would not have volunteered to be a mod at the 52fastdiet forum, so thank you omleteers for being such a shining example of how good a forum can be!
  8. My son loved the adventure stories written by Bear. There are 3 or 4 books...really good and suitable for a 10 yr old.
  9. I picked up three pairs of trousers to try on in Per Una, all supposedly the same size, one pair was huge, one I could not get over my bum and the third pair was just right...call me Goldilocks!
  10. I confess, our Decs are still up. DS refuses to let us take them down! (he's 13).
  11. Just had my new crocs winter boots arrive. Was bemused by the warning tag attached to them: "to avoid personal injury when riding escalators and moving walkways, stand in the middle of the step facing forward...etc etc" I'd not noticed this on previous crocs...do they all have it? And, um why? is there some group of escalator-riding crocs wearers who need to be protected from their own foolishness??
  12. Well exercise bike arrived yesterday. I managed a short workout but the saddle is REALLY uncomfortable. Thank goodness I'm going for short, high intensity workouts and not intending to spend hours on it! Once OH and DS got home, they commandeered it! So hopefully, all the family will benefit (not that they need to be any fitter...just showing off I think!).
  13. I could never understand how people could do that, especially people who say "oh I forgot to eat lunch", but since starting intermittent fasting I find I often skip meals on normal eating days as I don't feel hungry. I think the fasting has re-educated my stomach/brain to be able to recognise real hunger rather than assume that because it is lunchtime I must be hungry. This has meant that on the normal eating days I don't over compensate for the fasting (or more correct, reduced calorie) days and so the weight has been coming off more readily than with any other diet. Just waiting for the arrival of the exercise bike now...
  14. I'm interested in this too. I use Dropbox to back up my important files and the songs I have bought on Amazon are automatically backed up in the cloud. However I saw on the reviews of the Amazon mp3 app that some people who had exported their entire music library to the cloud were having trouble accessing it. But it's been a while since I looked at it so I'm interested to hear if anyone has experience...anyone?
  15. The 5:2 diet consists of eating normally on 5 days of the week but on 2 non consecutive days eating only 25% of your recommended intake which is around 500 cals for an average woman. You don't go into "fasting mode"because before your body can switch into this, you are eating normally again. The Horizon programme focussed on how fasting occasionally can reduce the chances of various cancers (including breast cancer and prostate cancer), delay or slow Alzheimer's, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. And you lose weight as a bonus. It is all backed by scientific research rather than being the invention of some diet guru. Animal studies also show extended lifespan but of course it will take years to find out if that applies to people too. Dr Michael Mosley, the programme's presenter has been following the diet since meeting the experts who have been researching intermittent fasting and got massive drops in cholesterol and improvements in pre diabetes indicators and lost loads of weight too. He has also continued with the high intensity exercise. His next area to attack is insomnia and as I sleep v badly I'm hoping he can come up with another good idea!

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