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  1. I currently have a cube with 9 chooks. i am looking to downsize due to ill health and possibly looking at selling my cube and buying a eglu again, or part exchanging with money on top, but i am not sure how to go about it. I dont have a run with the cube as it is enlcosed in a large run, what could i expect to ask for it?, if i part ex, it is only a year old. and green in colour... Any ideas?? xxx
  2. Thankyou so much HENthusiastic for the article it made interesting reading. . now to find someone who may use [u]Rubber Chippings[/u] to give me their opinion, I was surprised to read about the bark but it makes sense that as the mould can grow on it , it would give the hens respiratory problems, Thankyou again, x
  3. Thankyou for all ur suggestions, i did consider slabbing the whole run, but was worried as i know the girls love to rake around and thought that by slabbing it would ruin their natural behaviour, but i cant handle the mud anymore, so may slab a majority of it and leave a little bit for them to rake over, plus i may not put the slabs too close together ... guess this one needs a bit of thinking..... def a summer job i think.. I also only covered half of the roof, guess i many need to cover the whole lot , that may help, oh i dont know.... xxxx
  4. Well the cube isnt on slabs, but we did have a few slabs in there, but where the girls scratch around so much they are covered.. I did consider covering the whole area with slabs, but again, i know the girls like to scratch and felt that they would miss out so didnt do it.
  5. Hello Girls,... i am back yet again,... i have a serious problem with MUD. . at the mo, Let me explain.... The run was covered in bark, which was great,.. then we had all that rain and it seems to have buried allthe bark and left me with really wet soggy mud, at the mo so i can get in and out i have had to put in a couple ofpallets to walk on but even they are getting muddy now, the poor girls just dont seem amused, and nor am i, What can i put down to help combat this!!, any suggestions will be greatly recieved.... Thanks girls ( and fella's ) and its nice to be back again xxxx I will say, one half of the run is covered in sheeting to hopefully keep half of it dry, and am not sure if that has helped at all??,
  6. Thanks folks, i love it the Henspire State Building,..very clever..xx
  7. Hiya Girls and Guys, yep i am back again, ill health has forced me to rearrange my life a bit, so havent been on here at all for ages, guess i have missed quite abit can anyone give me a run down of any news ........babies,..... new chooks... cubes......etc etc.... I have missed the natter on here, and the brilliant support that i had from you all. I still have my girls, and they are still doing really well, though my frizzle poland i think has the sniffles, so i am keeping an eye on them, My hairdressers husband recently got some girlies, and thinks they are great, so wouldnt be surprised to see him on here if he not already. Well, its great to be back, Hope you are all ok xxx
  8. ok, besides turning over when they killed the babies, and being made to turn it back, i did have to leave the room when they stunned the big girl, though the program was really interesting, and wished i could have watched the lot, the killing i couldnt handle. x
  9. ok, i have had to turn back, the kids /hubby have turned the tele back, we are now watching the chicks on the conveyer belt. .................................
  10. Ok, i made my girlies some porridge to which i always add the chicken garlic spice, verm x , garlic powder, grit, and sometimes anything else going ( fruit, sweetcorn etc etc), I am a porridge lover, and had got some on my finger whilst pouring it into the bowl, and me being me, !!! licked my finger. Anybody reckon on any side effects,, I havent laid any eggs yet, and i have passed any worms, and i dont crow, ... ( well not yet anyway) I did drink a glass of water then a glass of milk ?? directly after i realised what i had done, . ( this was lunchtime today) and at the moment i still feel ok, Any ideas..
  11. my lot mug me for sweetcorn, pasta, and spaghetti, . they do love their porridge as well, but they not in too much of a rush for that one.
  12. Well, i am back, i do hope everyone had a lovely Xmas and a good start to the New Year, I was in Hospital before Xmas having an op, nothing serious, and have been resting since, but have only really felt strong enough the past few days to start to get back to normal. Its been lovely catching up on the the posts that have been added, its surprising when you have a few days off how much there is to catch up on. but it has made me feel better just reading what everyone else is up to, so thankyou xx
  13. Well i have just had to turn over from channel 4, i was told that the program was worth watching, but after watching them kill the chicks, i burst into tears and had to turn over, how could they do that!!, i know at the end of the day thats how things are done, but i cant watch. I presume taht there is already a sticky somewhere on this, but i am so upset i just cant look, Is anyone else watching ???
  14. Yep, i had 11 in there and they still looked lost!!!. def time for more
  15. They are beautiful, and the three that i have just rehomed due to the noise they made!!!!
  16. Another question, though it doesnt make the eggs smell or taste of garlic, if it was fed to table birds, would they taste of Garlic???
  17. I always stay behind the camera, less chance of breaking it x
  18. COngratulations, what a wonderful xmas present to have x
  19. Thanks, i did have an email from Lisa at BHWT with a telephone number to ring, so i will ring tomorrow and have a word, .
  20. Oh bless, where is the best place to get something like that from,obviously i dont want to pay the earth for something posh!!, though i do want her to look her best. x
  21. Looking at the Ex Batts site etc, i notice that a couple of the girls are wearing clothes, Is it advisable to clothe them or are they ok without it, ?, as i am looking to get some and want to give them the best start.

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