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  1. We are thinking of getting some new chickens since our remaining girl has decided to live with her new friend at my mums house. We would like to get some Silkie's as part of our new flock - i am aware they are quite a bit smaller than a normal sized hen, would they be able to live together happily and safely? Also should we have more than 1 silkie as they are smaller than the other breeds?
  2. When i first got my girls i was a bit concerned about cats as they seemed to attract attention from some of the locals. I obviously would never trust them totally but in my experience the cats are certainly more scared of the chickens than the other way round. My cat loved them at first and kept looking like she was trying to stalk them....should one come near her though she was absolutely pettrified and would soon be nowhere in sight!
  3. I agree they do look quite small for aylesbury's as my friend had some and they were huge with much fuller chests but they could well be!! They are gorgeous nonetheless and what a fantastic birthday present!!
  4. Thanks all for your advise. To be honest i think in my heart of hearts i know the best thing for her is to let her stay where she is and i think that;s why i feel so sad about it! I had discussed having Jenny (her ex-batt girlie) to come and live here with Florrie in her WIR and she was willing to consider it, the only thing is my mum has a very different set up to me. She has a very large garden with lots of other outside animals and Jenny has been used to that. I am in no doubt i offer my girls a wonderful home and our garden is a fair size and they have access to all of it but no comparison to the space and areas to explore that they have living with my mum. I just wondered whether maybe Jenny wouldn't like the move, maybe she would just get used to it though!!
  5. Thanks for the suggestions - will definitiely look in to them. I am very lucky to have such a chicken mad OH - to be honest sometimes i think he is even worse than me!!
  6. Awww how cute! Lovely ducks as well - are they Campbells?
  7. This could be a long one so apologies in advance and thank you to anyone who manages to read it all!! Last summer i sadly lost 3 of my ex-batt girlies to illness in one weekend and was left with little Florence all on her own. Originally the vets thought it was a virus that would be passed to other chickens so i couldn't get anymore but i am pleased to say we have since found out that was not the case. We originally got two little ducks to be her friend but she absolutely hated them and she gave them such a hard time they had to go and live with my mum and her other ducks as it just wasn't working out. She has been absolutely fine on her own though, she loves spending time with me but apart from that seemed happy as larry. Recently i had to go and stay with my mum for 5 weeks, Florence came too with her eglu and run. My mum also has one ex-batt girl left and 7 ducks. Florence had never got on with any of them before and was a bit of a bully to be honest so always stayed in her own part of the garden. However as the weeks went on she has become firm friends with my mums remaining girl. She was still sleeping in her own house at night but apart from that spent every minute of the day together. I have now come home and am in bits about what to do. For my sake i desperately want to bring her home as i love her to pieces, but part of my concience is saying to me not to be mean and that she should stay there with my mum where she has found lots of new friends. My OH would like some new girls and so thinks we should bring her home and just introduce her to them, but she would be 'on her own' so to speak being introduced to new girls and this would then leave her new chicken friend behind at my mums. Should i bring her home and see how she gets on back on her own and then she how she does when we eventually get some more girls? Or would i be being being kinder to leave her where she is?!! I find it so upsetting and i miss having her around greatly but ultimately i want what is best for her.
  8. Ewww! Not nice! My cat regularly rolls around in the dust baths Florence has pre-dug for her but luckily she has never taken to making a mess in one of them!
  9. Thanks Josh. We had come across their website and they are very close to us so will definitely check them out!
  10. My girls always stay in their WIR when i am not around, lots of people have different opinions and although i live in the country we are not in any way isolated or particularly likely to be subject to a fox attack but i could just not take the chance myself! I guess that is a decision you will have to make yourself. As for the free ranging time, i work full-time so they only get to come out for an hour or so a day (depending on the time of year) and most of the day at weekends and they have always been fine! They love to come out and play but are just as happy to stay in their WIR. A winner to get them back in the run everytime is always....FOOD!!!
  11. Hi All, My lovely hubby has decided he is going to dismantle our gorgeous WIR but the good news is he is going to replace it with an even bigger, better one. Yay! When it is completed we are hoping to rescue some more ex-batts but we would also like to take the plunge and try our hand with a few other breeds. It seems like this would be a great opportunity to do it as i will temporarily be able to split the new bigger run in two whilst intros are going on, etc and they will have all moved in to the garden/area at the same time. We have a few ideas of breeds we like (OH fancies a plymouth rock, i quite like speckledy's and silkies but no set ideas). We were just looking for recommendations for breeds that would make good pets (not too skittish, really good fliers, etc) and are also fairly easy to manage, i.e. not likely to go broody every 5 minutes as i haven't had experience of this before only having had ex-batt girlies. We are also looking for recommendations for good breeders, we are in Gloucestershire but would be willing to travel a reasonable distance to ensure we went somewhere with a good reputation. Obviously we are just in early stages at the minute so won't be rushing out to get any new girls this weekend or anything but would be good to have a few ideas of places to start looking when we are ready!! Thanks!!! It is very exciting!! ( i think this means investing in an upgrade on my pink eglu with a new pink cube though )
  12. I don't think this can be true! Cut up grapes are a well known favourtie of chickens as far as i knew!!
  13. Lovely girls! Chicken watching (and keeping) is very addictive!
  14. Your new girls are lovely but i must say i love your turkey Well done you both for rescuing her, she looks gorgeous and i am very envious! Just asked OH if we could have one and he doesn't think we have the room Does she get on ok with the chickens? Does she live with them or seperately?
  15. Great decision - you are giving a lovely home to some greatly deserving girls. We rescued our ex-batts from Ian and Mollie and they are both lovely

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