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  1. Thanks guys. I think she is a bit lonely, as everytime I go near the back door she goes mad and she was making a lot of noise yesterday. If I get another two birds will they not pick on the established Ping-Pong? Mind you she's quite bossy so maybe not! Peck-Peck was a , would you recommend another two of those or maybe one and something different? I was thinking perhaps a Sussex. The children like Silkies. Does anyone have a good place where I can take a look at some chooks in Surrey, I'm in Reigate. Thanks, Lisa.
  2. Hi, How long was Doris alone for? I lost my last week and I feel sorry for the remaining Miss . Most of the posts about introducing new birds seems to advise giving it a few weeks before putting them together, how long did it take for the birds to get on? Lisa. Peck-Peck RIP Ping-Pong
  3. Hi, I sadly lost my two year old last week. Will my Miss , also two, get lonely? I don't have the space or money to get another run to keep a new bird in, how wise is it to just put a new bird in with Miss ? Thanks, Lisa. Peck-Peck RIP Ping-Pong
  4. We've temporarily moved house, chooks and all! I've discovered a cheeky mouse, who must think it's Christmas, nipping to the run to nibble on the feed on the floor. Will the chooks eat the droppings and if they do will it harm them? I don't really want to use poison in case the girls eat any that mousey might bring into the run. I know that mice aren't as horrid and disease ridden as rats, any thoughts?
  5. Thanks for that. I clean mine of 'stuff' using a sponge and warm water before I use them just in case a piece of dirty shell gets mixed up. I sometimes think it's nice to give them a bit of a clean before giving them away. Chances are that the egg has been in the nest most of the day and the protective coating will have dried. Lisa.
  6. Hi, I was told by a friend that if you clean/wash the eggshell it starts to dissolve, is this right? Thanks, Lisa.

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