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  1. Hi havnt posted for ages as all going well ,but lost Mavis in Nov for no apparent reason just dropped down dead, and then this week had to have our original omlett chick Gladys put to sleep (old age ) very sad that left Eddie on her own so after a quick call to the battery welfare trust we now have 3 new girls Tallulla,Flora and Ezme.They will see each other tomorrow for the first time fingers crossed for a happy settling in period over the next few weeks!!!!
  2. well they have finally sorted themselves out,after 2 weeks of bullying from gladys the chicken from hell!!the pecking order is gladys eddie and last but not least mavis! gladys now crows quite alot specially first thing but not for too long eddie also joins in i am sure the neibours now know we have more than 2 chicks now,i have to let them into the bigger run now as food causes a bit of pecking but they have more than one container now so no serious damage has been done to any of them if the back door is open the newbies are first in and eddie managed to go halfway up the stairs while i wasnt looking!!!!.at bedtime all is peaceful gladys allows both to snuggle up under her wings i have to look twice to see them thanks for all the help
  3. sorry to hear you have a problem veronica had a bad case of sour crop there is a thread about it somewhere we were lucky and have a good vet who prescribed nystatin and she did get better for a time,there will be some along with more helpful suggestions soon i am sure hope she is better soon
  4. yes she is showing her true colours now,i feel so sorry for mavis and eidde she is such abully she wont let them or in or near her i am playing musical runs and eglu!!! when they are out shes in and vise versa there was me thinking she would welcome some pals she hates them!!! i do hope things settle down soon i am worried about the effect she will have on them.
  5. if i can sort out how to put pics on i will, thanks.
  6. well i was out this morning at 7 sat in the run with them gladys wouldnt let them out at first so i let her free range and then mavis and eiddie came out in to the small run after an hour i opened the door and glad gave them what for so i squirted her with a water pistle she stopped!!!! so now the doors are open to the garden glad is out and the newbies are hovering by the run door to the garden and as soon as she gets close they run in!!!! hopefully they will settle down in a few days fingers crossed thanks for the replies
  7. hi after the sad demise of veronica we now have 2 new room mates for gladys a lovely ranger called Eiddie and a sweetie called Mavis they are so cute we had them from merrydale poultry and what a lovely place the lady was so helpful and the chickens were in good pens ,clean and healthy looking ,she only breeds for eggs no meat it cost £25 for the two of them and she suggested i put them in the nest box tonight with gladys when she has gone to bed any other helpful comments would be gratefully recieved as i am a little worried about how they will get on
  8. veronica is now much better back to her usual inquisitive self eating fine and her feathers have grown back still no eggs but may be in the spring when the weather and day light hours get better gladys is also fully feathered now its only taken over 12 months for her red bottom to disappear and her beautiful fluffy looking knickers to come back, thank you for asking .
  9. thank you for that i know she is getting best treatment we have a fab vet so we will just keep going and hope she gets better xx
  10. yes thanks for replies veronica is still here dosing her daily with baytril and metacam she does not like me any more!!!! as i have to catch her and syringe it down her throat!!! plus both of them are going through a heavy moult poor veronica lost her whole tail over the weekend and the top of her wing feathers so she looks worse then ever!!!! no amount of her favourite tit bits is making up for me having to man handle her
  11. Havent logged on for a while till today as veronica our pepperpot has been off colour for a while been to the vets , poos been investigated negative ,temprature was up and she went on a course of antibiotics for two weeks, and she was laying shellless eggs now no eggs at all.She has always been smaller then her mate gladys the gingernut ranger but she seemed to be getting smaller.She has been eating well and doing all the usual chickeny things but now seems to have slowed right down,back to the vets blood test results show prob peritonitis so going back on antibiotics and steroids in hope to help her feel better so after reading previous posts sounds the same very good vet in lye stourbridge blacks, lady vet miss wilkens she has chicks of her own so knew all about them and very nice.
  12. hi all not been around for a while, new arrival 8wk old bernese mountain pup called fleur so cute, gladys and veronica bit loud 1st time they saw her but dont care now ,she is inquisitive, but as soon as they realise she is too close they turn round and advance on her! she turns tail and scurries back to me dont think we will have a prob at all, girls looking bit tatty got some vasaline on glads throat feathers as she wont keep still while i greased her wattle now the feathers have gone and she has a bold spot not bold anywhere else?
  13. [i]so glad i managed to be part of a record breaking day with everyone CHEERS [/i]
  14. upps that didnt workjustrealised why think i have it sussed now!
  15. just staying here and playingwith the textcolour only just noticedyou could change it

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