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  1. Its lovely to see them all chickening around happily together in your garden. Myrtle looks like she has become a peaceful member of the gang.
  2. You can make very cute scotch eggs with bantam eggs
  3. 108 now, get that helmet on. You can restyle your hair, your skull is a different matter.
  4. Well done Redwing, what an improvement he looks great.
  5. Thank you to my secret swapper I received a lovely cushion with a red knitted cover. I am really thrilled with it. Thanks to Egluntyne for organising the swap.
  6. A large squashy parcel arrived here today and is sitting temptingly in front of me as i type
  7. Mine is done. Have we got a posting date guideline?
  8. Thanks Goosey Lucy for sorting the photo for me, and for all your hard work organising this swap.
  9. Huge thanks to my swapper, I am thrilled with my gift. It is a notebook with an amazing quilted batik cover in purple shades, accompanied by a lovely card with part of an autumn poem inside. I don't think a photo can possibly do it justice. Goosey Lucy i think i am going to need your help with a photo please.
  10. My parcel has arrived, been squished and shaken. Is it Friday yet?
  11. Posted yesterday and got proof of postage

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