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  1. Hi , I wonder if there is anyone out there who can help ? I have an elderly Welsummer hen ( she's coming up to be 6yrs old ) who is my last chicken . Unfortunately due to a change in my circumstances I need to find her a good home for however long she's got . I live in the West Midlands . Any offers of help suggestions would be great .
  2. Hiya, I bought 2 new chooks on the 15th May (a welbar and a Rhode Island Red)both aprox 20 wks. They both settled well however, a couple of weeks later I noticed Millie (the Rhody) started a bit of a cough and a wheeze so off to the vets we went. Two lots of antibiotics later she was a lot better. The problem is that during this time she started to lay and whilst giving her her medicine she layed her second egg and I also noticed what looked like a bit of a prolapse ? I gently pushed it back and off to the vets we went again ! She checked her over and said everything looked fine and about 3/4 days later she layed her 3rd egg with no apparent problem but that was about 3wks ago and there has been no further eggs !! She is perfectly happy in herself being nosey as always. I just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this - has she just decided she doesnt fancy laying eggs cos its a bit of a strain ? Any thoughts would be gratefully received !
  3. Thanks for that Jools,am going to make a note of the remedies and add them to my collection
  4. Thanks for the advice will have a listen - where can I buy the items you recommended Jools ? I dont have these , ive got chicken spice and apple cider vinegar.
  5. Hi everyone. Dont know if anyone can advise me but just over a month ago got two new girls from Wernlas to stop Ginger being lonely after Biscuit died before Christmas ( a rhode island red & a welbar ) . All settled and happy together, but a couple of weeks ago I noticed the Rhodie (millie) occasionally 'honking' like she had a cough ! (do chooks get coughs ?) That appears to have stopped but she now occasionally sounds like she's got a rattly chest ? She's not got a runny 'nose' or anything seems perfectly happy and very layed back.(she hasn't started laying yet.) Not sure whether to take her to the vet for a check up or carry on monitoring the situation ? The other two are fine , any ideas please.....
  6. I can highly recommend small holder range . Last September I went to a River Cottage Autumn Fayre and got talking to the rep for them , she recommended trying the ex-batts range for my 2 girls as Ginger in particular was looking really bedraggled with poor feather growth (she was a prolific egg layer and nearly 4yrs old ) and the egg shells were getting thinner - tried chicken spice , the vet etc. After using the feed for about a month feathers fully restored and added bonus she was laying again !! This Spring she has now stopped laying but still looks beautiful and is happy.
  7. Thanks for that , yes she'll be able to enjoy her days in retirement however she likes - bit like her owner - I'm taking early retirement in the summer so we'll pootle round together !!
  8. I was just wondering if Biscuit is going through her egg menopause? A couple of weeks ago she laid a softie, followed by a few proper eggs. Then she laid a couple of really small eggs with no yolk! Since then I dont think she's laid at all cos I'm only getting 1 egg a day and that is coming from her mate Ginger. I noticed at the weekend she appears to go into the eglu to lay - well she goes in for ages but when I check there is no egg. (bit like hubby disappearing into the bathroom with a magazine !! ) She is approaching being 3 and half - well they both are - I've upped the oyster grit and wormed them so are her egg laying days coming to an end ? She's happy enough in herself , dashing round the garden as usual following her mate in case she's missing out on something !!
  9. Mine too !!! I got my two rangers from Omlet 2yrs ago now, I wondered at the time if they would be ok and if was normal !! Definitely hasn't stopped them doing anything. I think I read or was told that they might have had their beaks trimmed as chicks so they wouldn't hurt each other? Anyway, over the last two years they appear to have grown a bit , unless its my imagination or wishful thinking !
  10. well I usually wash them , ( just wipe them over under a running tap ) then dry them and keep them in the fridge .
  11. Oh they definitely looked blissful ! At one point I felt like joining them ( 'cept I wouldn't fit !! ) The 'bath' I got was one of those builders buckets in softish plastic where the handles are moulded in with it , but its really shallow, about 8 inches deep and 2 feet ish across,( they both fitted in really well and I can pick it up ) if you know what I mean !
  12. I set up my chooks new dust bath this afternoon - prompted by Biscuit trying to have one on the concrete pad at the back of their eglu ! (Ive been waiting for hubby to make a cover for it in their run so it doesn't get soggy when it rains and they can still use it if they want - I'm still waiting ! ) They absolutely loved it ! They must have spent 15/20 mins flicking the soil onto themselves and rolling around in it in the sunshine making that rattly sound when they are well happy ! I spent about 5 mins just watching them and smiling- I was in the middle of cleaning their eglu and run out! I've just got to find a home for it somewhere in the dry - probably under the garden table , this might spur OH to make the cover !
  13. Yes, I definitely think they have a laugh sometimes ! Our two can go for months going to bed in their eglu and then for some reason they take to going to bed down the side of the conservatory which is about 12 - 18 inches away from the fence ! When calling and coaxing them doesn't work I then have to squeeze down the gap and physically try and pick them up! which of course they let me do cos then they are carried to bed !! I ask you they're not daft are they !
  14. Thanks for that I'll look for some big bushy ones and give it a whirl ! Failing that I'll paint some pictures of flowers round the garden instead !!
  15. Did post a reply but not quite sure if I sent it ! But I leave mine until they've eaten most of it and then refill as required . When it starts to look dusty ( usually after a week, 10 days ) I empty the grub pot completely, and start again.

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