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  1. Can't quite believe this at the moment... Could see all the buns out in their run this morning as I was getting dressed, 5 minutes later when I got outside with the dogs, lacey was dead They've been out in their 'summer run' for a week now, and are all enjoying the fresh grass and fresh air. She was just laid in her spot in the run, where she normally lays, but her eyes were open and she was stretched out. Sweeney and Jet were snuggled up to her, and Jet was grooming her. She was only about 3, and was, AFAIK, perfectly fine. Honestly, if any of the buns was going to go, I would have said it would be Sweeney, our old man. He has a permanent head tilt and teeth problems, but is as hale and hearty as can be. I found a suitable box for Lacey, and we'll be going to the vets later on. We can't bury her here as our dogs and wild foxes would find her grave. RIP Lacey
  2. We use a small wooden shed from B&Q for the ducks... we put a piece of cheap lino on the floor, and that is really easy to clean. The shed was about £100. We bought a pre-made drop down hatch door from eBay and my hubby fitted it to the shed, the door was about £15. We've had them in it for about 5/6 months and it's absolutely fine. One of the best things is that I don't have to crouch/kneel down to clean it out.
  3. Our castrated male bunny, Sweeney, has developed a horrific head tilt. He had a smaller head tilt late last year and was treated at Christmas for a possible inner ear/brain infection and the head tilt disappeared. This weekend however, it has come back. His head is tilted so much, he is almost upside down He is still eating, drinking, toileting and moving around, although is quite slow. However, he does keep falling/twisting over onto his back if he moves too quick, or his hutch-mate is too boisterous with him. I'm loathe to move Jet away, as we did this at Christmas and he got very upset about the whole thing. I'm unsure what to do. I couldn't take him to the vets this weekend, but am worried that they'll fob me off with some Baytril, or say he should be PTS. Any help/advice??
  4. We got some ducks in September as babies, and then got a pair of runners in October to add to the mix... The Khaki's reached POL this week, and Mary, the female Runner was POL when we got her but we haven't yet had any eggs. On consulting with the seller of the Runner ducks, she confirmed that we probably won't get any eggs until New Year, due to the lack of daylight... I've also had a couple of other duck people tell me this... I've never heard of ducks laying through the winter, although I suppose it would depend what breed they were
  5. Sweeney was like this the evening I picked him up. He looked so grumpy and annoyed. I left him overnight, with some veg etc nearby, and he had perked up a lot the next day. He looked like he was moving funny, but the vet said that he was probably a bit sore. 4 days later and he is fine. You'd never even know he'd had anything done (apart from distrust of the travelling box!) Gentle hugs to Nugget!
  6. 1.) Name? Shelley 2.) Hair colour? Dirty blonde 3.) Pets other than rabbits? 2 Boxers, 4 chickens, 4 ducks 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? May 2006 5.) Hobbies? Dog training, walking, gardening, looking after animals 6.) Likes? Eating, sleeping, planting things, reading, cooking 7.) Dislikes? Dieting, working, being embarassed 8.) Favourite music? Rock, metal, indie type stuff 9.) Favourite TV show? Bones, CSI, Buffy, Angel, Fringe, Extreme Home Makeover 10.) Favourite food? Anything 11.) Fears? Wasps, spiders 12.) Dreams? Dream of not having to work and being a "home maker" 13.) Anything else we should know about you? I'm a bit strange 14.) Favourite Film of all time? Legally Blonde 15.) Favourite Book of all time? Anything by Terry Pratchett 16.) What book are you reading now? Warlock - Wilbur Smith 17.) Occupation? Director's PA 18.) How would you describe your personality? Loud, intense, bossy, motormouth
  7. Went to pick him up after work and he was ok The vets don't stitch now, they use glue, so there is nothing for him to pull at. He had a little buster-collar on, and was munching on a piece of carrot He is a bit (more) grumpy, but it's only to be expected! We have to take him back tonight, just for the vets to check him over, and then we just have to wait for him to be "non fertile" then he can be properly introduced to Lacey!
  8. My grumpy little boy rabbit Sweeney has gone to be neutered today I packed up his lunch and took him to the vets, and have to call between 2 and 3 to check everything is ok The vet nurse thought it was really lovely that I'd packed him a lunch bag - he had a double bowl in there, a little bag with his day's dry food, a bag with his greens in, and a bag of hay. They advise you to bring in the rabbits food, so they can eat straight after the op. She said that most rabbits come in with a couple of handfuls of dry food, she thinks Sweeney is very spoiled! Please keep my grumpy little lad in your thoughts today. I dont like the idea of buns going under the knife, but hopefully Sweeney will be moving in with our other bun once he is "safe"....
  9. We keep a small selection of "dog towels" and a handy mop and bucket near the back door.... Our boys get their feet wiped as they come in on the towels. They now know not to head off before this is done When the weather is disgusting (like today), the floor is mopped constantly, and we spread a couple of towels out near the back door, so they soak up the wet and mud. It's time consuming, but better than being jumped on by a pair of wet and muddy Boxers P.S. Yup, toilet training can go on for 6 to 9 months... it does get better though, honest!!
  10. Think our vets charge about £38 for castration, not sure re speying, but I think it's more... I was going to get Sweeney done soon, but the arrival of baby ducks and the expense that goes with it has put paid to my plans!
  11. OK, I appreciate that a lot of these will have been asked a million times!! This is the first time I've ever owned ducks (and I've only had my chickens for a year!) There doesn't seem to be a lot of info about Khaki Campbells around, so I'm assuming that basic duck care is the same regardless of breed... I'm in the process of registering on the Practical Poultry forum as well! OK, here goes! 1) How long should the babies stay on growers pellets for? They are currently 5 weeks old. 2) At what age can they be reliably sexed? They were bought for us as all ducks, but I understand that sexing is only reliable after a certain age. 3) How old will they be before they start laying eggs? 4) Can you recommed any good, basic books about looking after ducks? 5) They are currently living in a rabbit hutch and run, until we can get a duck house. Overnight we put them back in the hutch (which has sawdust and hay in it) and during the day they are in the run (6ft by 3ft) with a washing up bowl full of water, a box to sleep in, a plastic igloo thing to sleep in, and their food. Is this ok for the time being? They'd have to double in size to be too big for the hutch or run at the moment... 6) Do I only have to start feeding them grit when they start laying? Our chickens get crushed oyster shell... is this ok for ducks too? OK, I'll stop now, I'm sure I'll have some more questions later!
  12. Max and Murphy Sweeney Lacey "The Girls" (Delia, Nigella, Rachel & Mrs Beeton) The Babies (un-named as yet) - Khaki Campbell ducks
  13. My OH got given 4 5-week-old Khaki Campbell ducks at the weekend for his 30th Birthday They are so cute, but generally I've no idea about what to do with them! I've been "googling" all weekend to find out about how to look after ducks! That brings our total number of animals to 12!! 2 dogs, 2 rabbits, 4 chickens and 4 ducks
  14. I found Starsky this morning, half in and half out of the little plastic house Sweeney was sat with him, and has been sleeping with him in the little house... Starsky was a very lucky rabbit. He had spent most of his life upstairs in a pet shop, being used for stud. Until we got him he had never been outside or seen grass. He was still being used at stud despite a head tilt (from a stroke or untreated infection) and horrendously malformed teeth. He came to us about a year ago and lived in the bottom of our garden... he had as much grass as he wanted and a few months ago, had a new friend, Sweeney (another ex-breeder). They would hump each other all the time, but to see them cuddled up together sleeping was lovely. RIP Starsky - you weren't the prettiest rabbit, but we loved you regardless....
  15. Which is the easier op for a vet to do, and which is quicker to recover from? I can only go with what I know from dogs, which is that castration is a much quicker op to do and to heal from.... Thanks OWG

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