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  1. 1.) Name? Sue 2.) Hair colour? Red 3.) Pets other than rabbits? 2 cats Milly and Felix 4.) Date that you got your rabbits? Berty and Summer -Valentines Day kits came 6 weeks ago 5.) Hobbies? Relaxing when i get the chance 6.) Likes? Fun 7.) Dislikes? Boredom 8.) Favourite music? Scissor sisters, Amy Winehouse 9.) Favourite TV show? Royle Family 10.) Favourite food? Pasta 11.) Fears? Dying 12.) Dreams? Living 13.) Anything else we should know about you? Totally mad! 14.) Favourite Film of all time? Steel Magnolias 15.) Favourite Book of all time? Who will cry for the little boy 16.) What book are you reading now? The wives of Bath 17.) Occupation? Local Government Officer (but don't tell anyone lol) 18.) How would you describe your personality? Warped
  2. Well what a difference a day makes...Berty seems to have picked up a little and after a second opinion the vet seems to think he could have licked a slug/snail. I am not convinced but he is better than the last few days. I hope he is turning the corner now. Thanks for all your help...aren't bunny owners the best????!!!!
  3. Having had over 50 rabbits over the years both mine, bred and rescued you can imagine the names we've had like; Berty, Summer, Nelson, Lily, Bumpy, Thumper, Benji,Oscar, Archie, Poppy Mopsy, Chucky, Jet, Polar (dont ask why) Harriet, Barney, Smudge and love me or me i called one Brian!
  4. I have done and the vet has no idea what's wrong. The only time i have ever seen these symptoms before was in an adult rabbit i rescued that was found to have viral haemorrhagic disease. The other kit and mum are absolutely fine so i am at a loss as to what is wrong with him.
  5. Hi My Berty has an overset jaw and this is more common than you think! My wonderful Bunny mad vet tells me that 80% of bunnies are born this way. Currently we take Berty every month to have his front teeth clipped and he doesn't mind a bit. She was initially worried that he would need regular anaesthetics for his back teeth but i was pleased when she said that the change in diet had been succesful and that this was no longer the case. We feed him rabbit pellets and greens and this has worked now. Chewing blocks can be good for the front teeth but to keep the back ones down at a level he can manage the pellets do the trick.
  6. Our 2 baby netherland dwarfs were born 6 weeks ago and up until the last 3 days everything was text book. Now one of the babies is losing weight and appears so much smaller than his sibling despite being the biggest initially. He isn't moving around the hutch as much he just seems to sit there and sway from side to side as if in-balanced! He isn't eating or drinking like the other baby and its got my vet puzzled to. I have been a breeder for sometime and i have never seen these symptoms before. Could anyone give advice???????
  7. I have bred bunnies for years and after a 5 year break i decided to start again. I purchased a male and female netherland dwarf and the time came last weekend for Berty to sow his wild oats, he did his job and we were tickled pink when 3 day later his "wife" grunted at him (this means a pregnancy is on the cards)but what do you know? After an emergency trip to the vets is appears that Berty has congenital defects which he has probably passed to the unborn kits. Defects such as an over set jaw, and the fact he looks only 8 weeks old in size means he is also a dwarf dwarf! Can someone tell me what they would do in my position as i cannot keep the babies and i WILL NOT destroy them once they are born and i cannot think how the hell i will be able to re-home them. The defects are not detectable from birth, these will manifest themselves at about 3-5 months so what should i do? If anyone could help i really would appreciate it.

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