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  1. Right, I'll try to explain my problem without waffling too much! :roll A week ago we bought two new girlies to introduce to our two old (2 years old) girls. They had a week in the garden together separated by Omlet netting and the new girls sleeping in a plastic and metal guinea pig cage in the greenhouse! There were a few pecks through the netting but not too bad. On Saturday we decided they aught to meet properly so we let them free-range in the garden whilst we cleaned out the Eglu (they have an extended run then further omlet netting for further playing space!) They chase the newbies but oddly enough it's Margot who is the worse (who is bottom hen) she was jumping on the newbies' back and pulling at their features, no blood drawn yet Any how when it came to bedtime, the newbies tried to go into the omlet run and Margot kept running out of the eglu to chase them out! This carried on until almost dark. I am afraid I gave in and went to fetch the guinea pig cage and bless them they came running to me as if to say, 'yes please that's where we sleep'! They were already used to it. Last night though, not sure if we did the right thing, we removed Margot and put her in the greenhouse and let the two newbies to go into the Omlet run and eventually into the eglu itself! Ethel, the top hen gave a customary peck but they did settle. This morning we let the three out of the run and Ethel was at one end and the other two were at the end of the omlet run! Then we fetched Margot in her guinea pig cage and Ethel seemed anxious to be reunited with Margot! So we're not sure what to do now, we realise Margot is only putting the newbies in their place as it's her chance to be long longer the bottom hen, but if she wont even let them in the omlet run, let alone the eglu then not sure how to progress, if we make a temporary house at the other end of the omlet run then at one point will they eventually live happily ever after, or may they never?! That wouldn't be a problem but I know we wont be able to make a house that is warm enough for the winter and can't afford another eglu. Thanks for reading all this, REALLY need your wise words and suggestions so i know what to do next, strange that the top hen Ehtel, is very placid and it's the bottom hen Margot being the bully, could it be that Margot is trying for top spot?! Here's hoping for help thanks ever so xxxx
  2. Wonderful news to hear that they are getting on so well, Love the name Nuko too!
  3. Me too, i preferred your version of Czarny! Kinuko is cute too!
  4. I've just checked how you say Czarny, amazing what you can get from google! http://www.forvo.com/word/czarny/ Copy & paste this link and you can hear a polish lady saying it (click on the small blue arrow on the left). Sounds like she is saying it as 'Charnay'?
  5. I make my own, which works out at almost half the price and fresher than shop bought, but like others, on in moderation, i like it too much to share, but have been known to give if I think it's sour crop, works a treat and as I don't have any cider vinager it's what I had in the fridge, my girls LOVE it though!! There I am sat on the patio, minding my own business eating my homemade boysenberry probiotic yoghurt on my cereal I swear they can smell it, I'm like, 'get off, no it's mine!' They normally have the plain anyway, this is FAR too special for you girls!
  6. Very very cute! As for names I like your idea, but you could have Polish for black which is Czarny?!
  7. For most forums I am known as Angel, but as that was taken I tried to get something as close to hence Ange1! People do think my name is Ange, but it's Eleanor or Ellie, but I don't mind
  8. Thanks Viki, Have read on our local newsletter that bonfires aren't allowed here and we don't have a metal bin incinerator(sp). Just rang Dad though, who has a bonfire burning and he will do it for us! So relieved, thanks for your advice so quickly too.
  9. This is a sad post but I need swift advice, I've read different things about the rules of disposing of a dead chicken. Does anyone know what is correct? I've read about a shallow pit and burning it, I've read you musted bury it near a water course(like ours), I've read you must not 'bin' it as it's not a pet and you must call the chap from the nackers yard to remove it. What do people do? At the moment it's in a cardboard box inside a bin liner, the black bins wont be collected for another two weeks so don't think binning it's the way to go. Any help would be nice thanks peeps!
  10. Not sure where this should go but look at this! http://www.joulesclothing.com/JoulesSite/pages/product/product.asp?prod=H_JNRCLUCKETTY&utm_source=JLS301_A&utm_medium=email Not sure that link will work but it's so cute! I might be tempted, want one to hang on my dresser! I know I know!
  11. I like the look of the satchel/shoulder bags they look . I have a standard one, but see they now do a larger one, suppose it wouldn't be as good for putting inside your handbag (depending on size of handbag) Mines a Kipling Fairfax, not not huge!
  12. I have an onya bag which is made from old parachutes, brilliant as it's small enough to go in my handbag and I always have it with me, it's so light too. http://www.onyabags.co.uk/onya-products.php?PHPSESSID=f03f666afe505b1c215d46af525200fb I agree about the old cotton ones breeding in the carboot!
  13. I've not sen the chap I work with this week, he's on holiday, last I heard he had the local expert paying him a visit! I'll update when I know more!
  14. That's what I thought Claret! The bee keeper has phoned now, seems like he's going to come round and try to 'divert the bees into a holding box'. So at least the bees don't get gassed, I love a happy ending! Thanks for everyone's help
  15. I'm a singer, been in local musicals for 8 years or so our group have won best int he region for the last 8 years! I sing top soprano but can sing as low as alto. I'm learning the autoharp, bit like those pictured above. Good fun

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