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  1. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be. I have a chicken with swellings at the ends of some of her toes. Haven't had a proper look yet, but will do so tomorrow. It's not preventing her from walking, guess that's why I didn't even notice there was a problem. Any ideas. x
  2. I have just taken on some young 14wk old birds. I use layers pellets and mash for my other two older chickens, and wondered whether the mash would be suitable for the new young ones or should I buy something else??
  3. Can anyone tell me why they do this? It not good for neighbourhood relationships!!!! I had 4 chooks, then three of them died within a month of eachother due to a viral infection. Judy is left on her own. She always use to be fairly vocal, but now she actually crows. What am I to do? I can hear her in the morning when I'm lying in bed (that's a front bedroom!). The other day, I was coming back from a bike ride and I could hear her from several streets away! It's embarrassing and I'm just waiting for the doorbell to ring with a complaint. H E L P!!!
  4. I too am down to one hen (my last three all died within the last month - the vet said it was a viral infection, probably caught from wild birds). Judy has had a course of antibiotics, just to make sure she didn't get the infection, and I thought it best not to buy any more chooks, just in case an infection was around. Anyway, that's nearly three weeks ago, and Judy seems fit and healthy. She's still laying, but unfortunately she now crows in the morning like a cockerel! Not good for the neighbours! Not sure what to do yet.
  5. Thank you for those replies - very helpful. I can't bring myself to poison the rat - I just can't do it. So will have to use a humane trap, but had no idea that it would be illegal to release it in the local park. Thanks again Sue
  6. I have NEVER seen a rat in my garden before - and I'm horrified! Sorry to all rat lovers out there, but I really don't want it. Was watching it today, and it was very busy hoovering up all the bird seed that had fallen onto the ground. Just hope it's not going into my chicken run as the chickens looked a bit scared of it. Would like to catch it humanely and take to a local park. Can anyone out there recommend a good humane rat trap? Saw one on Amazon, made by a company called the Big Cheese, but it had some bad reviews. H E L P !!! Many thanks Sue
  7. What about this one then ............ Tempus adest gratiæ Hoc quod optabamus, Carmina lætitiæ Devote reddamus. x
  8. I got to level 3 or maybe it was four (the windmill level), but that was impossible to beat. Aaarrrggghhh!!!
  9. It's pitch black out there now, so she must be tired. I'd go out there, put her in the Eglu Cube and close the door quick! It's quite chilly here tonight, so I think she should be shut in out of the cold. Good luck, but most of all, don't worry. I think maybe she's not use to the cube steps, so you may have to do this for a few nights until she gets the hang of it.
  10. I've very kindly been given a large sum of money from my parents who have sold a house. The thing is - what to do with it!! Luckily, it's something that we don't need to touch for say 7/8 years - maybe more. Husband would like to invest in stocks and shares (not that we've ever done that before), and I'm, well, VERY cautious, especially with all the financial news lately. Thinking more of a bond or some sort of savings account. What would you do?
  11. Freecycle is a great way to get rid of things. I've recently had a clear out of the loft (still loads more to go though - and then there's the shed!!) I've won a few things on there - a fondue set (brand new) which the kids love, but I've only used once, pots and plants, childrens wellie boots etc. I do get irritated though as I have in the past put loads of items on there, people reply saying how interested they are in the items, you give contact details, then never hear from them again, even when you send them reminders - so rude!

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