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  1. Elderly cat woes

    Aww! He's lovely and looks very happy in his new home . Mine have all been rescues or garden foundlings too - at least you know exactly what you're getting. Looking at his gorgeous colouring, I'd be thinking of Jet or Onyx, but then I had a Puddy (cat) and Tozi (because he had extra toes), so maybe not ...
  2. 10 year anniversary!

    Happy Henniversary ! Coming up for my ten years too, though I still remember my first lot very clearly. Just think, if they'd all been nasty little monsters, there wouldn't have been any more, but they wheedled their way into my heart and that was that . Doesn't time fly ...
  3. Dog chews

    Antlers. Ours have had theirs for a couple of years now and have still not made much impact. Reindeer shed their antlers naturally and some clever soul thought of sawing them up for dog chews. They are expensive to buy initially but last very well and have few/no calories. Asa was given hers after she'd been spayed and was so obsessed with it she didn't touch her stitches. Ours get them as a treat, not as a day to day toy - the constant grinding noise can get a little wearing. Toy-wise, Asa loves her Kong and her Kong tyre, and a bouncy spiky ball thing that cost a whole £1.50 from B&M. B&M do cheap hard plastic tuggies as well, but she's now capable of destroying those. Plastic drinks bottles are still a favourite because they are so noisy. Take off the top and any loose plastic round the neck before you give it to her, let her clonk around with it, and replace it when she starts to destroy it. Asa also loves anything she can steal - plastic wrappers, lolly sticks, letters, gloves... . She usually doesn't chew these, just hides them in her bed and I find them when I come to take the cover out for washing
  4. Winter Olympics 2018

    Loving the snowboarding ! Haven't really got a clue between one trick and another, but it's so visually exciting and even I know they shouldn't be falling over. Hugely fun, though I've no intention of trying it . Love the sliding too - again quick and easy to understand. Can't get into the curling, which just goes on for too long, and found the early stages of the figure skating very dull indeed (snore). The long skiing events lost my interest too. Hat-spotting in the crowd has become a household obsession. I want the big and warm-looking polar bear hat with the built-in scarf ...
  5. Paws for thought!

    Loki's definitely right-pawed, though he's quite capable of using both to reach for something if he really wants it Obviously has the same issues as Basil - perhaps they should form a support group
  6. Big Garden Birdwatch

    My usual suspects did their famous disappearing act too One big flock of sparrows, two wood pigeons, 1 robin, 1 blue tit, one great tit in the whole hour. No sign of the collared doves, magpies, rooks, crows, dunnocks, blackbirds, thrushes, coal tits, long-tailed tits, wrens, chaffinches, greenfinches ... Three squirrels enjoyed the peanuts all to themselves!
  7. Big Garden Birdwatch

    Yes, next weekend is that time of year again - when I sit in a freezing cold kitchen watching a completely empty garden for an hour, which was teeming with birds and squirrels and occasional foxes right up to that hour and will be again as soon as that hour is over Anyone else joining in the fun?
  8. 19p veg or not?

    Thanks everyone - and I too hope that the farmers are decently paid for their produce. Went to Tesco and got what I needed, with no hassle. All the cheap veg together on one aisle end and I even managed to park near the door. Aldi's website has changed today to show only some veg at 19p (carrots, broccoli, parsnips) and some at 28p, so I don't think I overspent by a lot and everything has now been acquired. Turkey is defrosting and prosecco is in the fridge - at least I think it's that way round Roll on Christmas!
  9. 19p veg or not?

    Picking up the last of the xmas goodies this evening and was hoping Aldi were going to do 19p veg again. According to some websites, they are, but according to their website, they're not. On their website the super six are all 39p or more. Anyone able to share the truth? Is it 19p veg time, or should I go to Tesco where it's 29p? No real difference in travel distance but the two stores are in opposite directions, so it's one or the other. I'm after several bags of spuds, carrots parsnips etc but an extra 10p each won't break the bank. Many thanks - I'm sure someone out there knows
  10. Breast cancer

    A bit late to catch up on this, and sounds like you're doing well. Sending you lots of virtual (and very gentle) ((hugs)) from me and mine.
  11. Egg crisis in the Netherlands

    Having, only just before this hit the news, administered fipronil-based flea treatments to 3 dogs and 1 cat, I'm sure I will have got at least a small dose as well . It's all very well saying "part the fur and put it on the skin in different areas", but it's not so easy with very thick-furred dogs and a squirmy puppy that thinks it's all a game I'm with Cat Tails about the panic and the impact on farmers. Whatever has got through to the food chain can only be very tiny amounts and, whilst even that is undesirable, when you consider all the GM foods, pesticides and other chemicals that we ingest without even thinking about it, it's probably not really worth losing sleep over. At least I'll be flea-free for a while though ...
  12. Word Association Game #28

  13. Favourite British Band

    Agreeing with all of the above - well, what's not to like there? - I'd add Def Leppard to the list as well. Nothing like singing along to a bit of "Animal" to cheer up a traffic jam
  14. Another close encounter with the foxes

    We're surrounded by them, big foxes and small . They sit on the next-door's garage roof and watch the dogs with interest but no fear at all - and they're not small dogs. If they run away from us in the field, they just jump over wall into the next field and sit there doing the foxy equivalent of sticking their tongues out at us because they know they're safe there. No chance of hens free-ranging - ever!
  15. Cube!!!!!!

    Well done both of you ! Clips can also be opened with a very big screwdriver - though you're more likely to have a 50p piece and it's less likely to slip Cubes are definitely the way to go. Got my brand new before I got my first hens, then bought second hand and it is ok, but nowhere near as good. Enter second hand for introductions and extra housing. Only have 3 girls now and they are very spoiled