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  1. Just got wild here and very loud Chicks already in bed and me going to be similar Cat not happy at all
  2. Nasty out there now and incredibly LOUD. Stay safe everyone and hope it blows over soon.
  3. What a cutie! Is she going to go to a new home, or is she one of those fostered's that becomes adopted? She does look very settled ...
  4. Just finished an eight-week course with Breathworks (paid for by my employer as part of its health programme). Two lovely teachers and a great group of eight of us, with mixed issues we were looking to improve, mainly physical and also mental heath related. We met for two hours each week and you will need to do the practice in between sessions to get the most out of it. It helps if you are prepared to share your experiences (my group was very upfront and fun about this) and at times the group may find itself supporting one or more members. You will also find yourself laughing a lot too. We did a lot of laughing! If you look on Soundcloud, there are Breathworks meditations you can download for free that will give you a flavour - start with the body scan and the body anchor. There's also a book "Mindfulness for health a practical guide to relieving pain reducing stress and restoring wellbeing" that I got out of the library, that tells you all about mindfulness and the science behind it, describes the meditations and has CD's, if you have CD player. Enjoy your course and let us know how you get on
  5. Aww! He's lovely and looks very happy in his new home . Mine have all been rescues or garden foundlings too - at least you know exactly what you're getting. Looking at his gorgeous colouring, I'd be thinking of Jet or Onyx, but then I had a Puddy (cat) and Tozi (because he had extra toes), so maybe not ...
  6. Happy Henniversary ! Coming up for my ten years too, though I still remember my first lot very clearly. Just think, if they'd all been nasty little monsters, there wouldn't have been any more, but they wheedled their way into my heart and that was that . Doesn't time fly ...
  7. Antlers. Ours have had theirs for a couple of years now and have still not made much impact. Reindeer shed their antlers naturally and some clever soul thought of sawing them up for dog chews. They are expensive to buy initially but last very well and have few/no calories. Asa was given hers after she'd been spayed and was so obsessed with it she didn't touch her stitches. Ours get them as a treat, not as a day to day toy - the constant grinding noise can get a little wearing. Toy-wise, Asa loves her Kong and her Kong tyre, and a bouncy spiky ball thing that cost a whole £1.50 from B&M. B&M do cheap hard plastic tuggies as well, but she's now capable of destroying those. Plastic drinks bottles are still a favourite because they are so noisy. Take off the top and any loose plastic round the neck before you give it to her, let her clonk around with it, and replace it when she starts to destroy it. Asa also loves anything she can steal - plastic wrappers, lolly sticks, letters, gloves... . She usually doesn't chew these, just hides them in her bed and I find them when I come to take the cover out for washing
  8. Loving the snowboarding ! Haven't really got a clue between one trick and another, but it's so visually exciting and even I know they shouldn't be falling over. Hugely fun, though I've no intention of trying it . Love the sliding too - again quick and easy to understand. Can't get into the curling, which just goes on for too long, and found the early stages of the figure skating very dull indeed (snore). The long skiing events lost my interest too. Hat-spotting in the crowd has become a household obsession. I want the big and warm-looking polar bear hat with the built-in scarf ...
  9. Loki's definitely right-pawed, though he's quite capable of using both to reach for something if he really wants it Obviously has the same issues as Basil - perhaps they should form a support group
  10. My usual suspects did their famous disappearing act too One big flock of sparrows, two wood pigeons, 1 robin, 1 blue tit, one great tit in the whole hour. No sign of the collared doves, magpies, rooks, crows, dunnocks, blackbirds, thrushes, coal tits, long-tailed tits, wrens, chaffinches, greenfinches ... Three squirrels enjoyed the peanuts all to themselves!
  11. Yes, next weekend is that time of year again - when I sit in a freezing cold kitchen watching a completely empty garden for an hour, which was teeming with birds and squirrels and occasional foxes right up to that hour and will be again as soon as that hour is over Anyone else joining in the fun?
  12. Thanks everyone - and I too hope that the farmers are decently paid for their produce. Went to Tesco and got what I needed, with no hassle. All the cheap veg together on one aisle end and I even managed to park near the door. Aldi's website has changed today to show only some veg at 19p (carrots, broccoli, parsnips) and some at 28p, so I don't think I overspent by a lot and everything has now been acquired. Turkey is defrosting and prosecco is in the fridge - at least I think it's that way round Roll on Christmas!
  13. Picking up the last of the xmas goodies this evening and was hoping Aldi were going to do 19p veg again. According to some websites, they are, but according to their website, they're not. On their website the super six are all 39p or more. Anyone able to share the truth? Is it 19p veg time, or should I go to Tesco where it's 29p? No real difference in travel distance but the two stores are in opposite directions, so it's one or the other. I'm after several bags of spuds, carrots parsnips etc but an extra 10p each won't break the bank. Many thanks - I'm sure someone out there knows
  14. A bit late to catch up on this, and sounds like you're doing well. Sending you lots of virtual (and very gentle) ((hugs)) from me and mine.
  15. Having, only just before this hit the news, administered fipronil-based flea treatments to 3 dogs and 1 cat, I'm sure I will have got at least a small dose as well . It's all very well saying "part the fur and put it on the skin in different areas", but it's not so easy with very thick-furred dogs and a squirmy puppy that thinks it's all a game I'm with Cat Tails about the panic and the impact on farmers. Whatever has got through to the food chain can only be very tiny amounts and, whilst even that is undesirable, when you consider all the GM foods, pesticides and other chemicals that we ingest without even thinking about it, it's probably not really worth losing sleep over. At least I'll be flea-free for a while though ...
  16. Agreeing with all of the above - well, what's not to like there? - I'd add Def Leppard to the list as well. Nothing like singing along to a bit of "Animal" to cheer up a traffic jam
  17. We're surrounded by them, big foxes and small . They sit on the next-door's garage roof and watch the dogs with interest but no fear at all - and they're not small dogs. If they run away from us in the field, they just jump over wall into the next field and sit there doing the foxy equivalent of sticking their tongues out at us because they know they're safe there. No chance of hens free-ranging - ever!
  18. Well done both of you ! Clips can also be opened with a very big screwdriver - though you're more likely to have a 50p piece and it's less likely to slip Cubes are definitely the way to go. Got my brand new before I got my first hens, then bought second hand and it is ok, but nowhere near as good. Enter second hand for introductions and extra housing. Only have 3 girls now and they are very spoiled
  19. Thank you for your help. Omleteers always know the answer I've ordered a cheap stick from ebay and some "puters for the elderly"-type books from the library so all should be well. The books look to be basic enough to walk Dad through how to login and use a mouse and keyboard, and I've signed him up to computer classes at the local college from September. Because he's never done this before, even things like how to make a letter into a capital are all new to him, but he'll soon catch on.
  20. Er - not taken the new one out of its box yet except to admire it briefly . It's definitely Windows and mine's Windows 10. Mine only has usb, no card slot, and would expect new one to have usb and maybe card as well. Don't know any handy teenagers and tech-savvy at work says it's easiest just to put everything from the old machine onto a stick and upload to the new one. Reckons that's easier than any sort of sharing and provides backup in case it all goes pear-shaped. Local Age Concern only seems interested in selling life insurance and funeral plans . Local college does absolute beginners courses but not till September and I've put Dad on the waiting list for when enrolment opens. He'll be chomping at the bit to play with his new toy before then, so easy guides would be good.
  21. Yesterday Dad bought a laptop - not a big deal you may think, but he's 78 in a few weeks and has never had a computer before, so it was a pretty radical decision His new fast shiny thin laptop makes my old fat thing look a bit sad and I'm suffering laptop envy , so I want to be able to transfer all my info onto the new machine so I can use it. I know Omleteers will have done this before, and would like advice on the best way of doing this? Mainly what needs to be moved are basic documents, music and photos. Nothing fancy. Both machines will be using the same router and I read something about setting up a home network to share info, but does this mean both machines have to be on at the same time? Can I share via a linking cable and, if so, what sort? Secondly, any recommendations for good books/guides to computing for beginners? Initially I think Dad will just want to surf the web, but we all know that leads to internet purchasing, using email etc. Like most people, I've just sort of learned as I've gone along, and I may not be the best person to teach him. The local library used to do classes for silver surfers, but they've been cut now, so he'll have to find his own way. Any and all wisdom very gratefully received
  22. Well done you and your new happy healthy family You realise they're going to be bringing their babies to you for feeding every year from now on
  23. Plenty of foxes to come and see round here too, though we're a bit short of visiting wolves I was very lucky to rescue both my chooks from little mrs fox and they both survived (probably because she was still little then), but they can no longer free range ever again. The walk-in run was very costly, however we now get regular visits and it's the only way to keep them safe. Foxes are very beautiful, fascinating to watch, excellent parents - and definitely best viewed at a distance through strong wire mesh.
  24. Two dustbins in the garden and Flubenvet in the utility room with the other animal medicines.

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