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  1. I've got an Eglu with the standard run attached. The run is weighed down at the edged with paving slabs. The door to the Eglu is always left open and I've had no problems at all. The girls can rise & roost when they like and I don't have the worry of going to work only to realise that I forgot to open the door and they're in the dark with no food or water all day. I guess it's swings and roundabouts, but leaving the door open certainly makes my life much easier and means that when I go away for a weekend little changes for them. Rog
  2. I used to have problems with pellets - the grug feeder was the problem - pellets everywhere - a waste and a mess! Get a more conventional hopper-type feeder and the problem goes away (check out countrywide stores). No waste, no mess. My girls much prefer mash (a bit like oats) and it works just as well in the new feeders. Omlet designs are fab - exept for the grub & glug! Rog
  3. Not the slightest hint of them tipping them up - they'd have to try pretty hard to do so! On the other had I did find the glug container empty on the ground one day. I put my feeder/waterer on blocks to raise then a few inches above the bark that my run is on, but they're designed to be hung or put straight on the ground. They've certainly made it much easier to keep the girls fed and watered and the run is much easier to keep clean. Rog
  4. Many thanks for you help. I'm near Worldwide this weekend and the seem very helpful so I'll pop in. The owner(?) had some useful advice that I'd not heard about introducing a new chicken. Leave it until the night when the others are roosting and add the third then. Apparently they're dopy and don't bother much and in the morning they all wake up together with minimal fuss. Anyone else tried this method? Rog
  5. The Grub feaders are a bit of a disaster. Food is wasted in great quatities and it makes one heck of a mess. I've found the answer - buy a more conventional one of the hopper type design. Since I've been using one there's been no mess or wastage and it will last my 2 greedy chickens for nearly 2 weeks without refilling. They cost about £10 and are worth every penny! Likewise with the Glugs for water. They don't hold much (they won't last 2 chickens more than a couple of days) and they quickly get messy. I replaced it with a conventional one that holds 4 litres and lasts for 4+ days - great peace of mind if you go away for the weekend. There must be loads of places you can buy there but mine came from Countrywide Stores: http://www.countrywidefarmers.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=255 http://www.countrywidefarmers.co.uk/pws/ProductDetails.ice?ProductID=256 Hope that helps. Rog (PS I don't work for Countrywide!)
  6. I'm keen to buy an Amber Star or similar white(ish), good laying, friendly chicken. I Live in Wiltshire (SN14 7BA) and am having some difficulty finding a supplier, any ideas? Rog
  7. I was thinking of using auboise, but reading the prices I think I'll stick with my shredded bank statements, junk mail and other suitable documents for them to rest their backsides on. Not only does it work, but it's free and ultimately makes great compost. Furthermore there's a constant fresh supply, so no storage problems and no chance of it going mouldy. I clean the nest (or should I say bedroom) daily. It takes a good handful which is about as much as the postman delivers! Rog
  8. Thanks for all your advice, it's very much appreciated. It seems that introducing 2 will be the best idea and suitable preparation and time! Of course introducing a fourth chicken means that I need more advice on what to get. I'm sold on the idea of the amber star, any suggestions for the fourth?? (The existing 2 are P'pot & Ging Ranger) Thanks to you all, Rog
  9. We use bark. I've built a frame with weed supressing membrane attached to it and it fits inside the Egglu run. It takes less than one bag of bark which I rake every couple of days. The bark needs to be replaced after about 6 weeks, then it goes on the compost heap and is the most fantastic stuff. As for jumping 4 feet, have they had their wings clipped? It's easy enough & painless to do. My chichens can get up onto my knee if I'm sitting down, but no higher. Hope the eggs come soon! Rog
  10. I've got a Miss Pepperpot (Audry) & a Gingernut Ranger (Sibyl). They're happy and laying well, but I'd love to add another (or two). I'd prefer it if she was white, a good layer and had a friendly temperament, ie one that doesn't mind being handled. Any suggestions? Rog
  11. Yippee, 2 eggs today, they seem back to normal!!
  12. Hurrah, a strict diet, worming, tonic, lots of water and the hens are perkier and there's a big brown egg today. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come; either way the threat of the rotisserie is receding
  13. Unfortunately they seem to like almost anything better than the layers pellets but maybe I'm being a little too kind to them - it's hard line rations from now on! Rog
  14. Having said that I've started worming & tonic, they'e skillfully eaten all their feed and left a neat pile of the 2 additives!!
  15. My lovely hens arrived about 2 months ago. Within the first week we were amazed that they started laying one egg each every day - we had been advised that it would take much longer. For the first 3 weeks of laying we had no problems - they were happy and laying about 6 eggs each per week, just as advertised. After that, for no apparent reason, the laying became sporadic and we have now had no eggs for a fortnight. They became very tame but now seem more timid and less sprightly. I’m fond of Sibyl & Audrey, they're great fun, but they were bought to provide food. I’m getting concerned that we’ll soon be eating them rather than their eggs!! I’ve just started a worming supplement and tonic – any other ideas? Rog

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