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  1. The Dogmother

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    As with any hybrid, you will get a chance that they won't lay blue eggs, so be guided by ear lobe colour when choosing your bird. If you want to be certain of blue eggs, then get an pure breed araucana
  2. The Dogmother

    Cream Legbar vs Aracauna

    I have araucanas.... very good, reliable layers, take a break from laying in the winter, very hardy and healthy, rarely broody. Mine lay dug-egg-blue eggs. They are mad as heck though, even after they've started to lay, not particularly bright and don't much like being held. I only had one CLB, and she was similar. What I do like are Blue Angels; a araucana/white leghorn hybrid from Cotswold Chickens. They are sightly built, white with grey/black splodges and 90% of them (be led by earlobe colour) will lay a large pale turquoise egg. Still mad though.
  3. The Dogmother

    Forum upgrade?

    I think that's always been the case Patricia; when I modded, we had an annual tidy up of unused memberships, and there was a surprising number which registered and then never posted. I think they might have just hovered in the background, but if their last log-in was more than 2 years previously, we used to take them off.
  4. The Dogmother

    Biotin supplement to help moulting birds?

    I use this too, and also sometimes pop some Biotin in their feed if it's a really heavy moult
  5. The Dogmother

    Log fire question

    My old neighbour always puts ashes on the path outside when it's snowing or icy; it drives all the neighbours mad as it then gets trekked through their houses, even after you've wiped your feet. I get the shovel out and burn a few calories shifting the snow instead. I pop our ashes in the chooks' dustbath or on the compost, a neighbour also has any extras for her compost.
  6. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Good grief it is cold here this morning! Just off out with the dogs, and we're bundling up in our coats.
  7. The Dogmother

    Hens in a cube

    You'd be surprised at the number of folks I come across who have no run whatsoever Lewis - happy birthday! XX
  8. The Dogmother

    Roundworms and help re run

    My runs (cubes mark one) are all covered entirely with glass clear market stall tarps, using bungee hooks to angle them outwards at the bottom so that the rain runs off. I have Aubiose in the runs and it keeps dry and doesn't get muddy. Any dampness in the litter will only exacerbate worm egg issues and eventually foot problems if they are standing in mud and wet. I have fashioned 'porches' on the front of each run, with sheets of clear corrugated plastic wedged under the tarps so that they protrude about 18" over the front of the run. This helps to stop rain from blowing in.
  9. The Dogmother

    Cube Mark 1 Humidity

    I don't see any problem with the humidity that you mention, and I also wouldn't cover the coop unless the night time temperature is below -6 at night. As living creatures, hens, like us, excrete water when they are breathing. So when you get a load of them in a coop overnight, then you will get a build-up. So long as it is aired (much as you do with your own bedroom) each morning, then you won't have a problem. I have seen the mark 2 Cube and would (personally) not bother with one; the mark 1 is MUCH better made.
  10. The Dogmother

    Roundworms and help re run

    It's hard to keep the run clear in the damp winter months, isn't it? My runs are all kept covered wit clear tarps and have a litter of Aubiose, which I rake through weekly with Nettex's Ground Sanitising Powder. I dose them with Flubenvet quarterly to keep them as clear as I can. Hope that you get it sorted
  11. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Oh well, the mildness continues. We had darkness and rain yesterday - the brief excursion by the sun was mostly missed, as I was in a meeting. Was blowing an absolute hooley last night, not helped by the fact that I am currently sleeping in the attic bedroom while the rest of the house is worked on. It was very noisy even with earplugs deployed. The flock was securely tucked in last night, and are fine. Just off to the park with the dogs to see what damage has occurred down there.
  12. The Dogmother

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    That is brilliant news Jude 😄
  13. The Dogmother

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    *snorts* Sorry, had to laugh, considering your line of work!!!!
  14. The Dogmother

    Kicking out wood chip

    Tanalised timber secured along the bottom of the run, or old railway sleepers will also be fine. I have used plastic lawn edging and cable ties in the past, but it tends to perish after a couple of years.
  15. The Dogmother

    Stoat attack

    Personally, I would build a secure enclosure with leccy through it, but while you are planning that, cable-tie some small gauge weldmesh around the bottom of their runs; stoats 'can' climb, but might well be put off by this. Stoats are protected in Ireland, but not in mainland UK, so if you know of someone with a ratting terrier...... A neighbour's ferret used to get out of its (frankly ramshackle) cage on a regular basis, and would end up in my garden. It was pretty tame so I could scoop it up and take it back before it set on the flock, but I made it plain that if it happened again, then my lurchers 'might catch it' funnily enough, I haven't seen it loose since.