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  1. The Weather Thread #9

    Back to winter here - chilly and wet after a bright start
  2. Run covers?

    Use the tarps with webbing through them - they tend to last longer
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I do the same Soapy - Rosie is convinced that someone will punch me one day. I said 'thank you' to a man on the train the other day - he'd demanded that my booked seat was his, which it wasn't, so I gave it up to him anyway as there weer plenty of other seats, but he didn't thank me. I sat down opposite him, caught his eye and said 'thank you', his said 'what?' so I replied that he 'appeared to have lost his thank you, so I was giving him mine'. Catstails - right with you on that one. My grandma used to have a thing about using the word 'can' when you mean to use 'may'; she'd say 'you can, but you mayn't'
  4. What size are Easter Egger hens?

    As Olly says, it depends on the breed mix, but they are usually a bit smaller than your average hybrid; this is down to the Araucana in the mix,which is a smaller hen
  5. Broody chicken in hot weather worries

    I had one go broody just before I went away; I left her to it as it's not really fair to expect my neighbour to look after a hen in a broody cage. She's now been in the cage for 3 days 24/7, back out and is back in lay. Have a look on youtube for videos on how to set up a broody cage
  6. Run covers?

    Get a clear market stall tarpaulin from ebay - they work well
  7. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Ebay rant: WTHeck are people like???? I feel like my head will explode sometimes I have been listing stuff on ebay for my dad, including some odd bits of furniture, listed as collection only. I got this message: " I desperately need ''tis chest of drawers but I live in St Johns .Wood near the Zoo. I don't know how to get it. I am an Artist and it would be so useful. Do you have any ideas Now, does she want me to feel sorry for her and say that I will deliver it (hell might freeze over). Is it some sort of daft joke? I typed a response, which I then binned before sending, but just typing it made me feel soo much better: "This is ebay, it is an auction site; you bid on something, then if you're lucky you win it, then you just go and collect it... seemples. GET A LIFE" Annnnd breathe
  8. I would shift her or she will try to gather all the other eggs under her, not just the fertile ones. The other birds will disturb her, or she will defend her position and stop them form laying in the nest box. As Mullethunter has said, stick her in alternative housing, with the bars removed and shut her on the nest - a bit of dark and quiet will soon shut her up and concentrate her on brooding. Once she's settled, be sure to pop her off the next a couple of times/day to feed and poo.
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    We will have to do a mini-meet, especially as Louise doesn't get any time on the forum now. Hopefully she won't be working and able to join us I am back up there 27/06-04/07 to help them all move in to their new flat Vicki..... I still imagine her being about 10 too!! It never ceases to amaze me that she's an adult woman K, yes, they both got hugs Jude, lovely photo. I like the juxtaposition of the face reflected in the wingie. Colleague is a biker, so I get regular pillion rides.
  10. Bernadette's shells

    A good poultry tonic does help. Some birds, though, just aren't good at laying, or their shell glands get a bit knackered over time. I wouldn't worry too much; it sounds as if your routine is good.
  11. The Weather Thread #9

    It's been really lovely and hot here the last couple of days, so dog walks at the cool ends of the day. Was just going to report that we had missed the forecast storms and a peal of thunder rang out!!!!
  12. Hybred Bantams

    I would guess that they might be creating a smaller version of the Blue Angel, which is an araucana/leghorn cross, and is pretty likely to lay turquoise eggs. You'd probably get the same by crossing bantams of both breeds.
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have been up in Ednburgh for a few days - visiting my girl; after the last couple of years of illness etc, she is much better now and doing so well; I couldn't be prouder. We've had a lovely time,and I have cleaned their kitchen - as you do! I also met up with ANH and Louise from the forum. Great to have mostly good weather too.
  14. Sour crop

    If someone comes with a bird with sour crop, then I recommend to empty it (carefully) then to syringe feed 2-3ml of neat apple cider vinegar (ACV) into her beak for a couple of days and keep her on just water and pellets. Going forward keep the diet free from treats, especially fruit, and add ACV to the water a couple of times a week. Buy live ACV from a horse feed supplier
  15. Hmmm, can't see that I would need them - I have cubes with long runs and they are easily moved with 2 people.