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  1. Would you use these wood chips?

    My runs have Aubiose in them, they are covered with clears tarps which reach down the sides, and they all have kick boards. I sprinkle the litter in the run with Ground Sanitising Powder every week and clear it all out roughly every 6 weeks (depending on how much time they spend in the run). Once cleared out, I sprinkle GSP on the slabs and pop new Aubiose in. Job done... they never smell or look manky
  2. Red mites invasion on soil - help!

    The total mite kill spray is the best thing you can get - buy the ready to use pink one and then get the concentrate to fill it up from. You dilute the concentrate 1:10 with water. Be sure to shake them before use/dilution as they have a coating agent (which you won't find in ant products) that will keep the active ingredient on the surface of the coop, and continue to knock the bugs down. I would swap the DE (which can be quite nasty for our lungs and the birds' air sacs too) for the nettex Buz Busters powder, which contains the same active ingredient as the total mite kill spray. Use this regime every 3 days until you have knocked the problem back, and then revert to weekly use. I'm afraid that the panels on the Go product are more inclined to harbour mites than the Classic or mark 1 cube. Not licensed for use on poultry in the UK, but I use an ivermectin-based spot-on preventative on my flock, which keeps all lice and mites at bay.
  3. Good to hear that you're 'returning to chickens'. The newer cubes (mark 2) are quite different from the original, and judging by feedback I have seen online, I would suggest getting a mark 1 if you cane find one anywhere. There are wanted and for sale sections on this forum, and ebay usually has a fairly brisk trade in them. Good luck, and do let us know how you get on... where are these chooks coming from?
  4. Horrid news I'm afraid that this does go on quite a bit, mainly Asian hard feathers though - breeders will take it in turns to sleep by the show pens at night when they are at a show! CCTV does sound the way to go
  5. Poorly red chicken

    The red skin is normal in exposed chicken skin, especially in the hot and sunny weather. The skin is just too fine to have any protection; slather on some Sudocreme, that will help. What are the other symptoms?
  6. Strictly 2018

    Good for her!
  7. Hatching take 2

    That sounds like a plan
  8. The Weather Thread #9

    Lovely here first thing, but raining now and a rumble of distant thunder.... Ooooo Quite cool too
  9. Hatching take 2

    They will usually self-regulate in terms of temperature, moving away form the heat if they are too hot and towards it if they fee cool. Having said that, they aren't best known for their common sense!
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    I had wipers on when I popped out at lunchtime - was a very strange feeling. Sunny now
  11. Strictly 2018

    Possibly, but then so am I if that's the case. I think that the definitions of 'celebrity' has also changed, and unless you keep up on the gossip mags and social media, then you're unlikely to be able to identify many. Thing is that we all have more interesting lives, and aren't tied to/impressed by the 'celebrity thing'.
  12. The Weather Thread #9

    A cool 10deg first thing and the clear skies have gone - now raining!
  13. Strictly 2018

    I had heard that Tom Daley was being signed up........ he's the only one I would have heard of!
  14. Tricep tendonitis

    You know me so well....! OK, so the naproxen/omeprazole/flucloxacillin mix seems to be working; the pain has improved immensely, swelling has gone down and I have a decent range of mobility. Last day on the antibs tomorrow, then another week of the Naproxen and Omeprazole. I went to the gym last night, for the first time in 3 weeks (Val, stop rolling your eyes at me! ) only did a little bit and nothing which hurt. I feel so much better and on top of things today. The meds have left me feeling a bit nauseous and very tired with weak muscles... not at all normal for me. At least it's improving though.
  15. Been accepted for a degree!!

    Me too, I do a tech free weekend sometimes, when it all goes off... wonderful