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  1. Céline the Foster Pup

    What a sweetie pie she is Lewis
  2. Nest box hole

    There's a picture somewhere ion here of when I did this - it's really easy to make and still in use
  3. Is this Vent Gleet?

    Hmm, the leaky vent could be caused by a couple of things; if it was vent gleet, then you would be able to smell it - that is a candida/yeast type infection that's best cleared with an antifungal. You can syringe a couple of mls of neat ACV into her vent once a day and use Sudocrem on the bald and sore skin. Equally it could be caused by an egg/gynae issue, and she is producing extra lubrication to clear it. Either way, it's nigh on impossible to tell without examining her - can you find a chicken-savvy vet? Re canker; you'll see cream cheese type deposits/plaques inside her mouth is this is the case - this is a bacterial infection transmitted by wild birds, usually pigeons. It 'can' be treated with Metronidazole, but is often fatal. Personally, I would cull a bird with canker.
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Scorchio again today, although it didn't seem as sticky as yesterday. I kept outdoor work slow and easy, with lots of shade. Luckily my house is wonderfully cool at this time of year. Forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look too promising
  5. The Weather Thread #9

    Been another stunning day
  6. The Weather Thread #9

    Stunning here today, really warm
  7. More Avian Flu - UPDATED 18th Jan 2018

    The general consensus seems to be that it's over,but DEFRA has forgotten to tell anyone! There certainly haven't been any reported outbreaks recently
  8. Has anyone bought a G Plan sofa recently?

    Talking about Parker Knoll... I don't know where they are made now, but they used to be manufactured in Chipping Norton, not far from me!
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Golly, you seem to have been doing it forever! Good luck though - it's what you've always wanted to do, so it must be a relief to be enjoying it at last. Rosie has her end of year exams coming up; first year of Biology at Edinburgh with 3 years specialising in Molecular Genetics I think this is what you're looking for Valkyrie
  10. The Weather Thread #9

    Gosh, and you're not far from me, although you're higher I woke cold in the night, but it was a lovely bright day with a mild wind. I had a journey up to Burton on Trent today for a meeting and it was a lovely drive in the sunshine
  11. The Weather Thread #9

    Blumming freezing here this morning, with a very cold wind. It was much milder and sunny when I left work; hope this is a sign of a good weekend ahead.
  12. Has anyone bought a G Plan sofa recently?

    Not new, but my dad has a G Plan sofa and 2 chairs, which he bought about 30 years ago - it's had only occasional use and is in really good nick.He's only now selling it because he is downsizing.
  13. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Good luck with your exam Lewis
  14. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Thanks Soapy, will remember that. I am lucky to have a good source nearby, and a friend has given me 2 rootstocks, which I have planted in the garden
  15. Ditto Please don't rely on herbal products to worm your birds. There are threads on here in the FAQ section about worming with Flubenvet; the cheapest place I have found is www.farmandpetplace.co.uk they sell it in 5,10 and 20kg bags, if you only have a few birds, then 5kg will be enough.You feed these pellets and NOTHING ELSE for 7 days and restrict free ranging. As yours haven't been wormed, then I would repeat after 3 weeks and then settle into the quarterly routine. Chickens are best fed what they eat naturally; their layers feed will provide all the nutrients they need, they are not able to digest processed foods, especially anything containing salt or sugar. You can buy the NutriDrops here