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  1. Mareks vaccine

    The trick (i find) with Marek's is to minimise stress in your flock; it is a herpes virus like chicken pox (hahah), cold sores and shingles, all of which rear their heads at times of stress. I had two cases many years back, one of the fast killing variety, and the other was the slow-burn one. I haven't had any since and just mange their stress levels when introducing new birds, and give them a good poultry tonic like Vit Boost in their water a couple of times a week.
  2. The Weather Thread #9

    Less thunder here now, but the dark clouds are still there. Another cluster seems to be coming over from Birmingham though
  3. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    I have one cream legbar x bantam, who may or may not be a hen... I think it's a she, but remain unconvinced
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    Yes, it's north east of us, still rumbling away and some black skies now. Waiting for it to hit us as the strikes seem to be intensifying and creeping down this way
  5. Stranded on a train

    Thanks Trish, I have forwarded that on to her She was texting me at the time; it sounded as if they had taken a 'wrong turning', and then had to wait at one of the stations
  6. The Weather Thread #9

    Spoke too soon; there's thunder mithering on in the background now. Big clouds, but doesn't look too bad yet.
  7. I just checked my spare and there's nowhere near that amount of 'give' in either door. I would call them on Tuesday for an instant response - they are very good.
  8. The Weather Thread #9

    We had a terrific storm in the small hours, sadly not overhead, but enough forked lightening and thunder to freak Ruby out; I had to go downstairs to comfort her and stop her from howling. It's been very humid here today and looking like it might thunder, then the sun comes out. We do need the rain, so I shouldn't complain. Spoke to my dad this morning and he had a terrific one down south last night - sounded like it was overhead and made him jump out of his skin.
  9. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Haha, my lurchers love dead, rotten fish!!!! PL, we had something similar in our street - we all kept diaries of the disturbances and the police spoke to the landlord who evicted him.... but then you'll know all bout that! Go for it Lewis, I know that exams seem never ending, but it will soon be over. Madam came back on Friday (see stranded on lost train thread!) and is chilling out. All her stuff (except for 6 loads of dirty washing) is on storage and we're driving up at the end of June to move her into her new flat. Lovely to have her home.
  10. ROOSTERS OR HENS help please?

    OK, so the scruffy black and white one looks like it might be a cock bird. Hard to tell without watching their behaviour though. They also look to be older than 6-8 weeks to me.
  11. Stranded on a train

    Madam travelled back from uni in Edinburgh on Friday; she was expected in just after 5pm, normally a 5.5 hour journey. She finally arrived 9 hours later, tired, hungry and desperate for some peace. I see that it's in the news. I am encouraging her to facebook or email them to claim compensation Really NOT good enough
  12. Which poultry mags do you read?

    That's interesting Daphne, would you prefer to read it digitally, paper format or no real preference?
  13. Which poultry mags do you read?

    OK, so doing a bit of a straw poll here: Which poultry/chicken keeping mags do you read? Do you read something related such as Smallholder mag? What sort of articles interest you most, and what information do you like to see i.e. seasonal tips, problem-tackling pointers? I know what I 'think' folks want to read, but it would be nice to hear your opinions. Yes, I am back writing copy and want it to be what people want to hear about.
  14. Céline the Foster Pup

    What a sweetie pie she is Lewis
  15. Nest box hole

    There's a picture somewhere ion here of when I did this - it's really easy to make and still in use