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  1. I agree that the flakes may just be dry skin - give them a good wash and dry. If there's any exposed skin, then slap on some Sudocrem, which will protect it. Have you checked them for lice and mites? Northern Fowl Mites are particularly irritating to the skin, and can cause a build-up of dead skin cells around the vent area. This then catches the poo and they end up with clumpy fluff that needs washing. Just like your cats and dogs, it is best to keep up a regime to keep parasites down so that they remain healthy. Flubenvet is the only licenced and effective wormer for poultry and is sold in pre-medicated pellets; @Cat tails has outlined how to use it. If you haven't wormed before, or suspect that they have a heavy wormload, then worm once, leave a gap of 3 weeks, then worm again. After that, worm regularly if necessary. I tend to send off for a faecal testing kit from Westgate Labs, or take a sample to my vet twice a year and worm if necessary. For lice and mites - prevention is best here. Most poultry-savvy vets will recommend a spot-on containing Ivermectin, to be used quarterly; this isn't licenced (yet) for use on poultry in the UK, but is the best way to prevent them getting mites and lice - your vet will go over use and egg withdrawal with you. I clean out my housing, then spray with Nettex's Total Mite Kill pink spray, then powder with their Buz Busters louse powder - doing that weekly keeps any mites and lice at bay.
  2. I am just wearing my dog walking gear - mainly because I am remodelling the garden. Every couple of days it gets too filthy and I wash it and put on another set :)
  3. That's a special nail polish - does it come like that or are the flecks a separate coat?
  4. You can still break up the blockage with massage and then get something out - the trick is to syringe water into his crop first to loosen it up.... like in the video. It takes a couple of goes to get it mobilised, but it does help to get it emptied. I wouldn't leave him too long before getting him to a vet. If you are near me, then West Bar Vets in Banbury is still open and they have a couple of chicken specialists.
  5. I do mine much like Geoid's - well, I used to when Rosie was still at home. Some herbs, spices and a little smoked paprika... luverly.
  6. My dad's battery failed last week; he hardly uses it anyway and had been taking it round the block occasionally to keep it charged - it's not long enough at all. I hope that mine will be OK - I use my car, but no long journeys at the moment... just to take the hounds out to the fields and woods where we can walk without seeing folks, or to the supermarket. I have a big diesel engine, so it takes quite a charge to start it.
  7. Ohhh, save my soul... Waitrose & Partners are selling Heston's Chocolate Hen's Eggs; soooo lovely to look at, but will they last long in my house? I think not!
  8. Pace eggs are a Cumbrian thing in the UK, but I remember doing them too. Purple Vetch was one of the plants used.
  9. Oh, do post a pic now! And send some soup up too, that sounds divine
  10. Golly Daphne, that all sounds very Police State, but it's necessary to stop the spread of the virus. We've seen how it can work in the UK.
  11. Too kind - they aren't at all elegant or pretty though. I really must get around to putting cream on regularly, it's just that all the handwriting that I do anyway and being outside in cold weather really does them in.
  12. He doesn't sound too happy, does he? It's hard to know what's wrong with him without being able to see the poor chap; I would suggest that you get him to a poultry-savvy vet soonest. Let me know what they find. In the meantime, clean up his bottom.
  13. Here's one to make us all laugh Don't look when you have a mouthful of tea!
  14. Ok, so he's not eating anything he shouldn't by the sounds of it (it is hard to diagnose and help remotely). NutriDrops are described by a friend as "reviving anything that isn't 6 feet under"! Give him a good once over and let me know what you find.
  15. Ok, so I admit that my nails are terrible - ragged cuticles and very dry hands (eczema) so I was totally ashamed when a perfectly groomed friend sent me a picture of chicken-themed nails (why is it the everyone sends you chicken stuff when you keep them yourself?) Here are mine look away if you're supremely well groomed or a nail technician! Let's see your nails!

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