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  1. Omlet orange Eglu classic with 2 metre run This lovely zingy orange Eglu Classic mark 2 comes complete with a 2 metre run, and a bag of run clips It has been unused recently, so has been covered and stored under a tree, I took it out this weekend and gave it a good scrub (jetwash broken!) and sprayed and powdered it. It has never suffered with red mites. It's in good condition, there are a couple of marks on the back where the cover didn't quite reach, but those will probably come off with a jetwash. The run is in good condition, with a slight 'mower ding' to one corner (see last photo) and a couple of patches where the coating has rubbed off. Otherwise, it is in good, honest condition and ready for you to collect. This is also listed on Ebay Collection only from OX16 Banbury ** NOTE: this is a large item; you will need a vehicle large enough to transport it**
  2. That's amazing news, what a relief for you It's true, when it comes to the crunch, they are amazing, but on general, every-day stuff, the NHS can be pretty useless.
  3. Eglu netting

    Technically, they 'can', but it's unlikely. I would clip their wings to stop them flying; instructions half way down this page Don't rely on the netting to be fox proof though
  4. Been accepted for a degree!!

    That's brilliant Andy! You might like to connect with my daughter, who is at Edinburgh. Dismayed by the lack of support and resources for mental health issues at uni, and with the help of the faculty, they have set up a discussion and help space plus a facebook page for students. It's also focused on LGBT wellbeing. She'd love to hear from you.
  5. Day 26 and still broody!

    Don't worry about the mess, just clean it up and put her back in. I'm afraid that unless she is in there for 3 days, 24/7, you stand little chance of snapping her out of it. Especially if we get another hot spell.
  6. Eglu as broody coop

    The should be OK with the run. I am assuming that you have taken the roosting bars out. You will need a non-slip flooring in the eglu for the first couple of weeks, while they gain their strength and are still susceptible to splay legs.I tend to use that rubberised webbing that can be used on trays.
  7. Wanted - classic or go up

    I will shortly be selling an orange Eglu Classic with 2 metre run, just need to get it cleaned up as it's been stored, unused for a while. Will be taking pics this weekend I am in north Oxfordshire, bordering Warks and Northants PM me, or reply here if you are interested
  8. Bantam Breed / Hybrid for Laying ?

    I'd recommend a bantam Araucana - hardy birds, rarely broody and lay well
  9. Do I need to check if she's egg bound?

    Sometimes they do that - non-specific-chickenitis - if it happens again, give her a good, gentle examination. If you are used to doing this regularly, you will pick up anything unusual.
  10. Day 26 and still broody!

    My pekins have always been fine in the crate, so I wouldn't worry. it's best to raise it up to give some air clearance. My grandad used to hang them from a low branch, in the shade.
  11. It's very unusual, but then I haven't had experience of a new Cube. Have you checked that her leg isn't broken?
  12. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    Where is the garden Jude?
  13. Day 26 and still broody!

    They poo through the bars - raise it up on bricks to encourage airflow to cool them down and pop a thin layer of Aubiose underneath the crate. I put the plastic tray from the crate on top and secure it with a brick so that the others don't poo on them. I can't link here to the video I did on YouTube, but if you search it will come up.
  14. Thanks Annie - do you still have my number/personal email? Shout me when it's ready as I can collect this weekend if that suits you.
  15. Hey Annie, is this still available? I'd be interested if it is C