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  1. I see that a part has snapped off - be aware that the plastic of the newer versions is brittle and this increases with age and weathering. I don't know if they will accept paint as well as the polypropylene models, so it would be best to practice on an out-of-sight area..
  2. And in moderation and at the end of the day, so that they eat their pellets as the main part of their diet.
  3. It is best to keep her housing and run in sight of the others Peter, so that they can become accustomed to each other through the mesh, while they free range around it. We recommend that you introduce more than one bird at a time - single introductions usually fail. There's a sticky on introductions in the FAQ section.
  4. OK, so neat chicken manure is too strong to go straight on bedding plants and needs to go through the compost first. However, you can dig it neat into a fallow veg plot in the winter and it will break down enough for veg. My composters are all full of chicken manure and Aubiose, so my neighbour takes all mine for her allotment.
  5. The spiral leg rings will fit any size legs as they expand. Very odd that they are breaking - do you think they are more brittle plastic , like those defective bumpa bits that Omlet was sending out? I have a chook (one of 'twins', so I need to tell them apart) who has had the same spiral leg ring on for at least a couple of years. I got mine form Cotswold Chickens, if you want to try some of theirs.
  6. I would look a bit later, in a month or two when the breeders have built up some stock.
  7. I was thinking that one would be fun, but: a) the lurchers would kill it b) I don't have time to do what needs doing, let alone play with Vectors. They are cute though.
  8. You're right - people who tried membrane some years back found that it trapped mould and 'poop soup' underneath. Mine are slabbed underneath, with Aubiose inside, I have kickboards round the edge to keep the litter inside and it stays clean and dry for ages.
  9. Same here - I have a lovely neighbour who loves to look after them when I am away.
  10. Golly F, what a shock for you (and your dad) good though that you managed to remain calm and get immediate treatment. I hope that you get better soon and are able to get back to the job that you love. Lewis, that is a lovely gift, and you gave the dog and her family the most dignified situation in which to say their goodbyes. I know how much it means - my last lurcher was PTS at home, where she was surrounded by love and sossidges.
  11. Apart from the hybrids and Leghorns on my grandparents smallholding, I have always had bantams - all the cats in the neighbourhood are terrified of them, so I wouldn't worry on that account. I have a mixed flock of several different breeds, but I wouldn't recommend Polands to start with - they are pretty high maintenance.
  12. ................. which is why they make such delicious cakes

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