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  1. Injured squiggle

    Yes, the same here - Tess has to release them as technically they are vermin. She has a lot of native species, plus a heron with a broken leg, 2 deer and some teeny hedgepiglets. There's link here about her work and a further one on that page to her FB page She had a chance and was warm and well cared for when she went - that's all you can ask really.
  2. Injured squiggle

    Well, sadly, she (it was female) didn't make it - she had a severe pelvic fracture and had to be PTS she was free from pain through the weekend though and had a tummy full of nuts, so a relatively peaceful and dignified end.
  3. Injured squiggle

    Not sure at this stage Soapy; Tess has use of the facilities at the vet where she works, and can use the xray etc when needed. The vet will also donate treatment time within reason, so we will see. It codul be a birth defect or even an old injury. I will text her this evening and hopefully have something to report back
  4. Intermittent violent sneezing

    That's a real shame Sadly, it's part and parcel of buying at auctions; one of the reasons that I always steer clear. The sale pens at poultry shows are usually a better idea.
  5. Injured squiggle

    Squiggle was pretty bitey, out of shock, and I was keen to keep a hold on him and get him in the crate. He was very sweet, burrowing under the towels I had put in there. He seemed to have spent a good enough night in the shed and Tess had a good look at him this morning; he is going to he surgery where she part-times for an xray, and she'll report back. At this stage we're not sure whether it was broken or injured in an attack (dog perhaps) or a fall fro a tree in these high winds... he doesn't make it easy to examine him and we were keen to avoid stressing him. She will give him a whiff of gas to knock him out before the xray. I'll report back next week when I know more. Patricia; Haddenham is about 50 mins from me (my sister used to live there) and Tess is only 3 miles, so the easier option, and I know her well, so will get regular updates and have offered to pay for any treatments he might need. She used to work at Tiggywinkles many years ago, and they are very good. You are sooo right Although we once had 2 bunnies named Hunny Bunny and Cupcake - don't EVER let your 9 year old daughter name your pets although it gave me some amusement when I took them to the vet and he called out "Hunny Bunny"!
  6. Injured squiggle

    Ok, so we have an injured juvenile squirrel in a crate in the shed. I spotted him wedged between a stone wall and a drainpipe, quivering and obviously terrified. Some youths were 'investigating' him i warned them off, took the dogs home, and came back out with a crate, towels and leather gauntlets. He appears to have an injured back leg, although it's hard to tell as he is very squirmy. I am taking him to a friend who is a specialist wildlife vet nurse in the morning. Will report back
  7. Intermittent violent sneezing

    It's always good to have an idea of what you are up against. I'm afraid that it will probably affect her laying a6nility/egg quality, but ypu probs know that
  8. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    If you want to sterilise them, then a tub trug of water with some of this in it, and soak all your feeders and drinkers. I put it in the dishwasher when I am cleaning all the animal bowls etc
  9. watery poo...Clostridium perfringens?

    I would suggest giving some live Kefir grains to her; I ferment my own at home and often give excess grains to the chooks/dogs. It's excellent for sorting all sorts of gut issues
  10. I need some help please - very wobbly chicken!

    NutriDrops will usually resurrect anything that isn't already 6 feet under!
  11. Intermittent violent sneezing

    I was a bit worried about that It could just be stress though, so dose her up with NutriDrops (B vits in that are excellent for stress) and see how she is in the morning. I had one which did this once - from an excellent breeder, but she suddenly started to sneeze and wheeze as if she was about to drop. She soon recovered as if it was an asthma attack, but does it once in a while if she's stressed.
  12. I need some help please - very wobbly chicken!

    I wouldn't worry about the heating - just being indoors will be warm enough. They can overheat quite easily. A shed or utility room is fine.
  13. Can I put poultry tonic in a metal drinker ?

    There's no need to keep any poultry tonics in the fridge. Mine are all just lined up by the outside tap.
  14. I need some help please - very wobbly chicken!

    Chickens are very good at hiding ailments' it's often hard even for a chicken-savvy vet to work out what's wrong. Check all the usual vital sings and listen to her chest. It could be that a heavy moult is putting her immune system under stress. I would dose with either NutriDrops, or a strongish dilution of Vit Boost if you don;t have any NutriDrops at hand. Please don't give Marmite as it's very salty and they can't excrete salt efficiently. Keeping her warm will help to conserve her energy, and just treat what you can see. As Lewis has said, it is best to check with the vet to make sure that you are using the correct antibiotic before dosing her yourself. If you are using antibs, then it is best to follow through with a probiotic like Gut Conditioner to get her gut flora back up.
  15. A Star Is Born

    I was surprised by the quality of acting and singing - from both of them. Gaga, has never been a favourite of mine - I don't much care for her overt self-promotion, but she surprised with the quality of her acting and vocal range. A couple of slow bits mid-story, and it would have benefited from being about half an hour shorter, but sensitively shot and very emotional. I loved it... and that's from someone who will happily get up and walk out if a film isn't 'working'.