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  1. Tape worms don't always shed eggs, and the wormer prescribed for treating them has to come from the vet - it's called Praziquantel (Biltricide)
  2. mullethunter has it right - regular use of a preventative spot-on containing Ivermectin (off-licence) will prevent or get rid of scaly leg mites. There are specific sprays such as the Nettex one, which will deter mites and suffocate them. I would also advocate the use of Sudocrem to soothe the legs while they are healing. It's worth mentioning that the scales will still look lifted after the mites have gone, but the crusting will drop away. the scales will improve when the bird next moults, please don't be tempted to pick any scales off as this can cause injury.
  3. Yeah, same predicted for us.... I wanted to get work done outside this weekend too
  4. Similar here J - I walked into town for a meeting on Monday, in shirt sleeves. This morning it was 4deg and blumming cold, in fact when I got up in the night to comfort the old dog, I put on socks and my dressing gown to warm up when I got back into bed!
  5. Being vigilant is half the battle Shashakan, have a look at the Parasites, mites etc articles here they'll give you an idea of what you are looking for and how to prevent it.
  6. Yes, sunny on and off here too. Splash has finally integrated back into the flock
  7. 2 days of rain and hail, now it's just 7deg and blowing a hooley! Autumn's here.
  8. I also use Smallholder pellets and the pellet size is ideal for my bantams.
  9. It's been the loveliest day here - balmy and sunny. Walked the dogs with a friend at 5pm, and it was still 25deg, this is my ideal climate!
  10. I did that last year and will repeat this Autumn too. I used to work for a company which gave us all free flu jabs - I organised for a pharmacist to come into the building and spend 2 days vaccinating everyone. I miss that.
  11. Yep, just pellets are fine. So long as her crop doesn't feel like a balloon full of liquid, she'll be OK. Chopped up boiled egg is good too. There's a lady posting on my FB group with much the same problem; she managed to get the bird to pass a coil of grass, and it seems to be improving.
  12. Edinburgh was lovely last week
  13. A chicken-savvy vet would suggest that you use the products together (being careful how I word that )

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