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  1. I would shift her or she will try to gather all the other eggs under her, not just the fertile ones. The other birds will disturb her, or she will defend her position and stop them form laying in the nest box. As Mullethunter has said, stick her in alternative housing, with the bars removed and shut her on the nest - a bit of dark and quiet will soon shut her up and concentrate her on brooding. Once she's settled, be sure to pop her off the next a couple of times/day to feed and poo.
  2. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    We will have to do a mini-meet, especially as Louise doesn't get any time on the forum now. Hopefully she won't be working and able to join us I am back up there 27/06-04/07 to help them all move in to their new flat Vicki..... I still imagine her being about 10 too!! It never ceases to amaze me that she's an adult woman K, yes, they both got hugs Jude, lovely photo. I like the juxtaposition of the face reflected in the wingie. Colleague is a biker, so I get regular pillion rides.
  3. Bernadette's shells

    A good poultry tonic does help. Some birds, though, just aren't good at laying, or their shell glands get a bit knackered over time. I wouldn't worry too much; it sounds as if your routine is good.
  4. The Weather Thread #9

    It's been really lovely and hot here the last couple of days, so dog walks at the cool ends of the day. Was just going to report that we had missed the forecast storms and a peal of thunder rang out!!!!
  5. Hybred Bantams

    I would guess that they might be creating a smaller version of the Blue Angel, which is an araucana/leghorn cross, and is pretty likely to lay turquoise eggs. You'd probably get the same by crossing bantams of both breeds.
  6. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I have been up in Ednburgh for a few days - visiting my girl; after the last couple of years of illness etc, she is much better now and doing so well; I couldn't be prouder. We've had a lovely time,and I have cleaned their kitchen - as you do! I also met up with ANH and Louise from the forum. Great to have mostly good weather too.
  7. Sour crop

    If someone comes with a bird with sour crop, then I recommend to empty it (carefully) then to syringe feed 2-3ml of neat apple cider vinegar (ACV) into her beak for a couple of days and keep her on just water and pellets. Going forward keep the diet free from treats, especially fruit, and add ACV to the water a couple of times a week. Buy live ACV from a horse feed supplier
  8. Hmmm, can't see that I would need them - I have cubes with long runs and they are easily moved with 2 people.
  9. The Weather Thread #9

    It has been lovely up here in Edinburgh, really quite mild. It is always windy here, but it's been warm enoug to go without a coat. My dad says that it was too hot to sit in the sun dahn sarf.
  10. Hens not eating Layers feed

    If they are left in the run with nothing else to eat, then they will relent and even eat pellets they aren't fond of. What brand are they? Some makes such as Dodson & Horrell aren't much favoured; mine are happy with Smallholder layers pellets, which I occasionally mix with some Doctor Green co***** layers mash. They get virtually no treats.
  11. Hybred Bantams

    Do you mean 'hybrids'? These are usual large fowl, which are a mix of various breeds to produce a hybrid that's a placid layer. Bantams are pure breeds and technically a breed for which there is no larger counterpart, although the term is used generically to describe the small version of large pure breeds. Pekins are lovely and fun birds, true bantams, but inclined to go broody at the drop of a hat!
  12. We've decided to get chickens!!

    Pekins are great little starter hens, but are inclined to go broody, so please read the FAQ section on broody hens first. Please don't allow your dogs to mix with the hens, nor to bark at them or in up to their run - it will end in tears as chickens are easily shocked and inclined to die if treated like this. I have 2 working lurchers and would never put them in a situation where they would be tempted for their natural instincts to take over, when faced with a domesticated prey animal. They know not to run up to the birds' run, nor bark at them, and they never go out when the birds are free ranging.
  13. Introducing one chicken to existing two

    As the others have said, this sin't something we'd advise, and I am concerned that the supplier allowed it to happen. The only remedy would be to set up alternative housing, which is what should have been the starting pint anyhow (see the FAQ thread on introductions) and to take out the new bird, plus a more compliant one from the existing flock. Keep them separated as you would normally with an introduction... Not least for isolation and quarantine, let them get used to each other for a couple or 3 weeks, then gradually to the existing flock as per the introductions thread.
  14. Plenty of experience of cubes on this forum! The housing is less of an issue - they all tend to roost together anyhow, despite having plenty of room. You need to allow an ABSOLUTE minimum of 1m sq per bird in the run, not forgetting that with the cube, the first meter is under the housing. If you have a 2 metre run, then I wouldn't put any more than 3 birds in it; I think that it isn't wise to get a cube unless you have at least 2 extensions on the run, so 3 metres of run length. Mine have long runs like a train, and they are easily covered with clear tarpaulins too.
  15. Hatching questions

    I use Ivomec Eprinex, not licensed for use on poultry in the UK, under the instruction of my poultry vet. It's marketed as a cattle pour-on. There's an old post of mine in the FAQ section, detailing the dosage. All my birds are dosed quarterly with it and it keeps them lice and mite free.