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  1. ................. which is why they make such delicious cakes
  2. You'll need to get busy picking up windfalls then :) Depending on the breed, the eggs are roughly 2/3rds the size of a hybrid
  3. Same as for full-sized hens, and yes they do need a pot of mixed grit to feed from. Bantams are just smaller sized chickens, although my builder remains adamant that they are a different type of bird entirely!
  4. They have a shallow lip, so the food gets raked out. Bear in mind that all chooks like to rake food out with their beaks and then scratch through it with their feet. A gravity feeder with a 'hat' to stop them perching on top, or a trough like this are best IMHO. they come in different sizes. Believe me, i have tried all sorts of things over the years.
  5. We had some Dutchies once - very sweet, but quite delicate and hardly ever laid. Araucana bantams will give you blue eggs once they settle down to laying, they are hardy birds and lay the longest each season.
  6. *Ahem* I think that my friend Prudence is needed back here on the forum We need a little clarification here.... the DEFRA regulations, and here (and sheer common sense) are that you may not feed your birds kitchen scraps, which includes any animal by-products; this is primarily to avoid any cross-species spread of disease, but also for the health and welfare of your birds. They originate from forests, so are used to feeding on grains, seeds, leaves, small bugs, worms and small mammals. There is no place in their diet for processed human foods containing fats, sugar and salt - they just cannot process this stuff and salt and sugar can build up to alarming levels in their bodies, as was illustrated by a bloke who came on one of my advanced courtesy because he couldn't; work out why his birds were all dying... he was feeding them mashed potato, pasta and marmite on toast, "because they like it"!!!!! Layers feed may seem boring to us, but it contains all the nutrients that they need to stay healthy, and just a few dark green leaves at the end of the day, when it's winter and they are scarce in the garden suits them just fine and keeps your flock healthy. And there endeth the sermon.
  7. The amount of free ranging time is irrelevant, I'm afraid. I get asked this a lot on my courses... you have to factor in that your birds will spend a good deal of time int he run when it's winter and the daylight hours are short. Then there are days when you are out all day and they need to stay in the run....... PLUuuuuus the winter shutdown if we get an AI prevention zone set up.
  8. Bear in mind that if you have a Go Up and no extension on the run, you can only fit 2 full-sized birds - the run is MUCH smaller than the Classic.
  9. Just been catching up on the news; looks like Mallorca and mainland Spain is getting a battering from Storm Gloria. Been mild here today - I am missing the sun, but not the slippery paths.
  10. Good luck - Classics are very good and easy to clean. I wouldn't bother with cleaning it out every day - unless you have the time.
  11. Mine moulted early, so were laying again just before c'mas. Things have gone a bit slow since then - they are on their 3rd year, one is barren and one is broody!
  12. Get a 2nd hand mark 1 Cube ;) Wyandottes are lovely bantams.

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