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  1. The Dogmother

    Sort of wheezy and lacking appetite after broody spell

    Great news - just make sure that she gets plenty of probiotics to support her gut function
  2. The Dogmother

    Chickens in the heat

    Erm, not a good idea to feed them dairy - they might like it, but they can't digest it. Best stick to cold water
  3. The Dogmother

    Countryfile Live

    I can see the problem with Blenheim - there is a good surrounding network of roads, but once you get close to the estate, the roads are narrow, and the town itself is easily clogged by traffic.
  4. Bigger Better build Larger run More robust I use either hanging gravity feeders or troughs with anti-climb protectors, see below:
  5. The Dogmother

    Opening and Unpaid Case with E Bay

    I know - it comes in waves, doesn't t? I'd kick that last one into touch if I were you, and relist the item.
  6. Welcome to the forum A couple of tips Dan..... Get a Cube mark 1 - plenty on Ebay and they are FAR better than the mark 2. You will need a run attached to your housing for times when you are out all day, darker days, or when there's an Avian Influenza shutdown, and they need to be in a covered run 24/7. They will be up and about much earlier than you expect, and needing to spend time in the run, eating; so, unless you are prepared to be up and letting them out at 4am in the summer - a run is essential.. One last point.... you'll need a run to confine them to for the first couple of weeks while they build up a homing instinct (much as when you move house with a cat) otherwise, you'll let them out of the coop and won't see them for dust. I use this time to train all of mine to return to the run when I whistle and there's no bother getting them in when needed.
  7. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Brrr, nippy here this morning at just 9deg, but clear skies, so hoping for a sunny day to get the washing out as I am working at home. The mornings and nights are suddenly darker now......
  8. The Dogmother

    Sort of wheezy and lacking appetite after broody spell

    I know, we are always more close to the ones we have to nurse.
  9. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    After a cool and blustery start, we've had a fairly nice day, marred by the odd very heavy shower. I was in the office today and popped out to the post office at lunchtime, as I drove back, I codul see the rain advancing along the road towards me! i ended up sitting in my car, waiting for a break to dash into the office, did this and got my brolly up, but still got wet from the knees down when it started again.
  10. The Dogmother

    Sort of wheezy and lacking appetite after broody spell

    Good idea to get her started on that, can you get some NutriDrops into her too? A really good poultry vet might be able to work out what's ailing her, but I think that your initial description leads me to think that she's a 'failure to thrive' case. I would just treat what you can see, as it presents and keep her comfortable. You are keeping an eye on her, so you'll see if she doesn't eat. I think it's just a case of keeping her relatively comfy until the inevitable happens....... I'm sorry.
  11. The Dogmother

    Countryfile Live

    Now you mention it... wasn't there some issue about that proms-type even that they run?
  12. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    I hate to tell you that yesterday was lovely - warm and breezy. Just right. This morning is sunny with clouds and showers.I have a course today, and although they are indoors, it would be nice if I wasn't lugging stuff around in the pouring rain.
  13. The Dogmother

    Top of eglu ripped off overnight

    Is it possible to rig up some leccy fencing around that area? It's horrid when this happens, and even worse when you just don't know what went on, so are unable to prevent it again.
  14. The Dogmother

    Countryfile Live

    I am guessing that they would all like it at Stoneleigh - which is where the Royal Show used to be; that has excellent facilities, as does Moreton-in-Marsh.
  15. The Dogmother

    Messy eaters!

    I use the galvanised troughs with the ant-climb guard on it to stop the little cluckers climbing in or pooing on the food