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  1. You've probably already done this, but I often find with companies that a negative post on their facebook page does wonders for getting things done. I am well aware that all companies, big and small are having supply problems, but what they can do is get in touch with everyone and let them know what's going on - it's called Managing Expectations๐Ÿ™„
  2. Agreed I wouldn't suggest introducing a lone hen to an existing flock, let alone a bantam to larger birds. Separate her again, and let the other see her. Once her comb has healed, pop a smaller/gentler hen from your main flock in with her and watch to check that they get on OK. Leave them together for a couple of weeks before trying to introduce that pair - do this when they are free ranging, not confined to the run and certainly not when they are going in to roost. When/if they look happy enough together, try putting the 'new' two in to roost with the others about an hour after they've all settled, Listen out for half an hour for any shenanigans, and be prepared to get up early the next day to let them all out before any trouble starts. At all stages, be prepared to take a step back and delay introductions if necessary.
  3. Love that look when they are dustbathing together.
  4. Most bantams will cope just fine with a ladder - mine can negotiate a cube mark 1 ladder. The only type to have any problems would be Silkies because they can't fly, and possibly Frizzles for the same reason, although our Frizzle manages just fine. Perhaps try a step under the bottom rung... a photo would help us to make suggestions
  5. I wouldn't worry, it's just a dominance thing and they're doing no harm.
  6. Brilliant, you couldn't make that up! I bet the officer took great delight in telling them..."and you, son, are NICKED" ๐Ÿ˜
  7. I harvested my taters early - there weren't nearly as many as you've grown Beantree, but because my plot is small, they were taking up so much room that I pulled them. Got quite a few (only about half of them are in this trug) they taste delicious. No idea what sort they are as they were just chitting in the bottom of my veg rack, so I planted them. I don't eat many anyhow, so not bothered about the amount. The other veg is still harvesting every day - Chantenay carrots, Red Orach, Red Veined Sorrel, wild rocket and baby leaf spinach.
  8. I think I have now heard it all!!!! Posted on a US chicken keeping page I had to read it twice to check that I'd seen it right.
  9. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I know what you mean though. I avoided social stuff like the plague until the beginning of this year when I wanted to grow my business and DD, who is my expert set up a page and group for me. I don't use it for anything social, and it is doing very well. Back to the ambassador thing - I used to be an Omlet Host, who would show prospective owners their set-up. I don't recall getting anything in return for it though. I stopped doing it because I didn't like folks coming to the house.
  10. My dad told me that it's going to be hot again next week, so watch out!
  11. So true; we are seeing pockets where society, and mankind's natural need to belong to a clan are breaking down. While this will always happen - we are individuals after all and mavericks will always be there and their opinions and beliefs need to be welcomed and listened to. The tough call, or calls, are what right does any of us have to decide which is the best path to take.... is it a moral judgement, sensible one or just taken on an over all view? It is hard not to judge too, when one can see other folks not toeing the line, or acting sensibly and putting others at risk. A prudent person or 'body' will listen at all times, re-evaluate the business plan and re-plot if that is necessary. An example: my neighbour is 90 and very frail, his son lives with him and they have carers in several times a day. This son's lady friend has been to-ing and fro-ing from Lincolnshire where she lives, to north Oxon all through lockdown.... for 'a break and to see my man'. This blatant pig-headedness and 'doesn't apply to me' attitude makes me mad - she is putting this man's life at risk, and all for her own selfish gain. It seems that someone in the street - no, it wasn't me, but we have a tight and helpful community - must have reported her, and I got a certain amount of joy from seeing the police speaking to her. There's been an element all through this situation of 'how can we get round this and not be detected', and while I laud their inventiveness, there's a reason for these restrictions and they are not on a whim, but to save lives and keep us all safe. We are not being locked down for punishment, but to save our lives, those of others, and to help the NHS to save lives. Nuff said
  12. That's not a bullseye on the yolk, just a normal looking Blastodisc, see diagram below, so not fertilised This photo probably shows it better, although they are both slightly confused with their terms - the label bottom left which reads 'not fertile' should read 'not fertilised'. It does annoy me - sorry '!:

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