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  1. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    And another thing.... on the old forum, I had always been pretty good about deleting old PMs, so my inbox only ever had 1 or 2 messages in it. It seems that when our accounts were migrated over, it also exported all PMs ever received I had to delete masses last night before I was able to send a new PM.
  2. various chicken food and fermenting

    C O A R S E Honestly!
  3. **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    I learned a bit of Japanese, just by ear, when I worked for a Japanese company. I take my hat off to you Jude - it is very hard! I struggle with learning languages academically, but pick them up quite quickly culturally. I am half Italian and grew up speaking it, but when my grandfolks died, my mother didn't bother any more. I can still understand a conversation and make myself understood. I also know a smattering of French and Spanish and a few key Arabic phrases from when I lived in north Africa for a few months.
  4. Scardy hens

    Ummm, this is the best that I can find, I am sure there are some in my videos if you look on YouTube though
  5. Goshawk

    I have that book too, saw the programme on watch again, and (like you) haven't had time to read the book yet! he's gorgeous Lewis
  6. various chicken food and fermenting

    If you like Garvo, then try them on Dr Green co***** mash from www.farmandpetplace.co.uk - more or less the same and far cheaper. I sometimes cut it in with their regular pellets.
  7. The Weather Thread #9

    Yet more blumming snow here this morning, and I have had to cancel my advanced course as the road to the yard is very dodgy People come form all over the country for this one, so I don't cancel it lightly. Have been up since 4am watching the weather! Getting really fed up with this now, and want spring to arrive.
  8. Egg advise please

    That's a sign of a thinner and more porous shell, what you see is the liquid inside the egg permeating out. You'll often get this in older hens as their shell gland becomes less efficient, although younger hens can sometimes produce poor quality shells. You might want to add a little extra calcium to their diet - grind up baked eggs shells into a powder and add a little, plus some cod liver oil to their pellets. Also make sure that you worm them regularly with Flubenvet, as a heavy worm load would leach the nutrients that are needed to make good quality eggs. Follow this regime and you are giving them the best chance of producing good eggs
  9. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    I am still not getting notification emails and with so much going on here, I have not been prompted to log on... will they be coming back Matt?
  10. *Warning - icky* Strange collection of objects laid

    Sounds like your hunches are right - this sometimes happens towards the end of their laying career, when they tend to get blips in their production line. I wouldn't worry too much, just keep an eye on her - as you are doing - and make sure there's nowt hanging form her bum as this would pique the interest of the others and cause some pecking.
  11. Scardy hens

    Mine aren't handled masses, just when necessary. I tend to do any fettling after dark when they have gone to roost, so they get less stressed. If you need to catch any in daylight, then either just whistle them into the run, or use a short-handled catching net (mine is from Cotswold Chickens) and there's no need to chase them around (which I don't recommend anyway) just scoop them up. Regarding handling, I have the palm of my hand under the bird with the middle three fingers under the breast bone and thumb and little finger holding the thighs. This is what I teach on my courses and is the best way to stop them scrabbling and still have one hand free to inspect them.
  12. Omlet retail outlet

    Lewis is right, that outlet wasn't open for long and has been closed fro some time If you want to visit their offices, then it is best to call first as when I last went there, it was set up as a warehouse and ops centre, but not as a shop.
  13. The Weather Thread #9

    Been lovely here today - long dog walk this morning with a friend, and we were very warm.
  14. Poultry auctions

    Hmmm, if you want to buy hens, I would buy from the sale pens at the shows rather than at an auction - you often get poor quality stock at the latter, and it's best to be very wary and examine the birds carefully. Personally, while I go to auctions to window shop, I don't buy there.
  15. Welcome to the New Omlet Forum!

    Just to update; I only get them for PMs, not posts to any of the threads I am watching.