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  1. The Dogmother

    Maisie off her legs

    Are they still laying? Sometimes, a forming egg can press on a nerve in their pelvis and send them off their legs; this usually passes when they lay. On the other hand, it could be the slow burn version of Mareks... impossible to tell without seeing her. I would dose her up on nettex NutriDrops and see hew she goes. Either way, I would get her to a poultry vet for a more accurate diagnosis.
  2. The Dogmother

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    As mentioned in other threads, the Omlet bumpa bits seem to be prone to snapping, the only thing I can think of is that they have the smaller size (for bantams or short-beaked birds) which are inclined to snap if the pliers are opened a bit too wide or quickly. Bumpa bits can be left on for any length of time, as needed; the Cotswold Chickens yard had a very evil RIR, who wore a bit for her whole life... for everyone's safety... she was just plain evil! Chickens have relatively simple neural pathways and learn new habits relatively easily, and can also unlearn them if prevented from performing that action. I would leave the bit on for 3 weeks, then try taking it off and see what happens. Your other girls will be less stressed when they realise that they can't be mauled. If you need some better/longer bits, then ring up Cotswold Chickens and ask them to send some, plus the pliers, out to you.
  3. The Dogmother

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    FIT BUMPA BITS!!!!! :) It is really important to prevent this escalating into carnage. Without seeing your set-up and watching the birds together it's impossible for any of us to offer much more advice. Please don't take in the Omlet advice on run size - we've all been pointing out to them for years (decades even!) that their information is inaccurate.
  4. The Dogmother

    Where in the world

    It's funny really - I spent much of my youth travelling and dreaming about living abroad, which I did for a couple of spells. While I could pretty much live anywhere, in recent years I have lost those itchy feet and come to love England (well, mostly) and would prefer to stay here and use it as a base to travel from. Andy, have you been to Edinburgh? A lovely city, and one place that I would love to live in - Rosie lives there and loves the tolerance and inclusivity there.
  5. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    That is amazing J :) Been a nice day here, and I have been out all day as Rosie is back for a long weekend. Beautifully sunny and crisp morning, so we got the dogs out for a good run up by the windpump on Bodicote Hill. We've spent the afternoon driving about after a lovely wholefood lunch at The Straw Kitchen in Whichford. Madam has just started 3rd year of 4 and has decided to switch her emphasis from molecular genetics, which ended up being rather tedious.... "so done with that mum". She's now really enjoying zoology and marine biology, so a complete return to where she started from! She'll probably end up doing something similar to MH
  6. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    After a lovely cold, bright morning, we ended up with torrential rain and thunder, and I mean rain of epic proportions. During which I was out walking the dogs with a friend - we were both 'waterproofed up' but still got wet. The 2 hounds weren't massively impressed, but the new youngster (rehomed 1 year old black cockapoo) loved it, and was racing around in puddles and jumping in mud. The annual Michaelmas Fair is in town and usually heralds either the start of a cold snap or heavy rain; this year it is the latter and it's the last night. Previously when this happened, they closed up and left early.
  7. The Dogmother

    Of Drafts and Drifts and WIntery Weather

    No, look online for the clear ones with the webbing through them - like these I get mine from the local Tool Station; 3m x 4m fits perfectly over the runs and down the sides.
  8. The Dogmother

    Of Drafts and Drifts and WIntery Weather

    Ditto; I wouldn't worry too much, as P has said, ventilation is paramount and it is also essential to avoid damp, so shelter against sideways rain or snow penetrating the run. Mine also have clear tarps (daylight is important for their health) along the cube (mark 1) runs and down the sides. I sprinkle Ground Sanitising Powder on the run litter - I use Aubiose hemp bedding - weekly and muck out when it starts to look a bit mingy.
  9. The Dogmother

    Rain cover

    You're best off phoning them up Grazi; most of their accessories are made to fit the Omlet housing and run mesh.
  10. The Dogmother

    Salmonella can pass on by milk, cheese, EGGS etc

    I have to say that this whole subject irks me; I think it's all about using a modicum of common sense. I was brought up eating home laid eggs - and I liked them soft-cooked - and drinking raw milk.... I have a very strong immune system and am rarely sick. I think we all need to just apply our own risk assessment to any situation.
  11. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Yes, it eventually cleared here too, so I wheeled out the pressure washer to give the chooks a very good mucking out while I could. Folks... please make sure that your runs are covered so that your birds aren't squishing around in wet litter or mud; this will encourage the spread of bacteria and fungal foot issues, not to mention intestinal worm eggs. Now that they are spending longer in the run, treat the litter weekly with ground sanitising powder and rake it through, this will eliminate bacteria and help to keep it dry too.
  12. The Dogmother

    Salmonella can pass on by milk, cheese, EGGS etc

    Edwina had a lot to answer for
  13. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Poor you, are the sheeps in their stable out of the rain? Just got wet AGAIN when I popped out to looks at a lady's chooks - they have bald tummies for no reason. Might have identified the problem, and a tarp or clear waterproof cover over the run was recommended too. I hate to speak too soon, but it looks like it might be easing off... ideally, I would like to get the dogs out for a longer walk today.
  14. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Can't believe the amount of rain we've had - it has been raining all night and there's a heck of a lot of surface water this morning. Looks like there will be a window mid-afternoon, when the chooks will get a speed-clean! Dogs are less than impressed!
  15. I wouldn't worry about them; they will be fine. 2 points to consider: Check your coop for red mites; that can sometimes be a reason for birds not wanting to roost in there. This probably isn't the case as it sounds as if your other birds are using it. (as Patricia has said) You will need to make sure that the run has a clear waterproof cover for the winter, covering the sides as well. I use glass clear tarps and bungee hooks to great effect. they will need protection from the elements, and birds shouldn't be paddling around in mud and wet litter