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  1. Brilliant news! let off steam and do the egg dance!
  2. I get extra sponsorship from my boss for wearing my psychadelic shorts Will try to find a pic on my work PC tomorrow, you'd be impressed, they are BRIGHT
  3. Where DID that come from Kate? Is it one of the Boys' designs? Be worth a fortune on ebay in a few years time when they are all millionaires
  4. Has anyone noticed that both Dan and Mel are absent at the moment...? I feel gossip brewing!
  5. Sheila!!! you want to see the pert bottom running! !!!! Now there's a thought!
  6. Lesley! How well you know us... Is Carl going to pose for the calendar then?
  7. Just got sent this link in the Innocent Smoothie newsletter; fainting goats in the US, whatever next!
  8. OOOO, a new bunny owner! Great to hear from you. I have two mini-lop girls. I would suggest leaving the Rablu doo ropen at night, they will go in if they want to. Bunnies are quiet active at night and will want to go outside, they may also want to poo outside as bunnies are naturally clean. You only need to clean out the rablu once a week or so - they like to poo in one place, in fact mine have a litter tray that they go in and they are easy to train to do this. They should be checked out by a vet and vaccinated against Myximatosis and VHD, then only need to go once a year for a checkup. Girl bunnies need spaying when they are 6 months old to stop them getting uterine cancer, boy bunnnies would benefit from being done to stop them spraying and humping everything! Feel free to PM me if you need more info regards Clare
  9. Ahhh, a picture of my little Cupcake! I found the address in the properties box, this one had jpg at the end, whereas the others hadn't Here's sadie's pretty botty to show you how grateful I am!
  10. OK, eher we go - I won't forget how to do this in a hurry now!
  11. I would suggest that you do just that and leave to door open, then they can go in the rablu if they feel threatened. I would make sure, though, that they have mesh under the run to stop them digging out - the Omlet lads were in the process of designing one - might be an idea to ring them and see if it is available. Otherwise I would make one out of welded mesh rather than just chicken wire - it is stronger. Clare
  12. How'd you do that then smartie-pants? None of them seem to have .jpg at the end!
  13. Oh, I copied everything that was in the address box - dunno then
  14. Nope didn't work - anyone got any ideas - I did follow Kate's instructions....
  15. Let's try to get an image in this post....
  16. Very cheap eh? Aren't you the lucky one. Mine is multifuel, and I get free wood from a friend who is a chippy, so we keep lovely and toasty in the winter, it gets so hot that the heating clocks off, and we save gas.
  17. What a dilemma Binky, I've got both - not that I'm smug - and I wouldn't like to have to choose between the two! Enjoy your stove this winter, they really are tops for keeping the house warm!
  18. I'd say that they are on the roomy side.
  19. Yup! How did we get from 'check your clocks' to being stung on the bits? These threads never cease to amaze me!
  20. Hmmmm, could take a while to decide, then we'd have to see them all again just to check our decision. And then women are notorious for changing their minds..... Clenched... Not clenched.. Clenched... Not clenched... Hmmmm Can't decide, can we see that one again?
  21. That reminds me, when I did the Race for Life again this year, I was dying for a wee before the start and the loos were queued up, so I went in a bush and got stung on my bits! MY eyes were smarting all round the run!
  22. I wish I could have been there to see him clenching and to decide which looked better! Strangely, we haven't heard from Louise since I sent her the picture of Simon's botty - do you think she's shut herself in a dark cupboard with the pic? Doesn't bear thinking about really...... Lousie, are you there?... LOUISE.....LOUISE Gone

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