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    Solo travel

    I don't think you're being selfish - you are just thinking out loud among friends. I would be miffed too, and it is making you re-evaluate your relationship as far as the future goes (not more than an hour flight away!). Let it settle with you, and then think about it again in a couple of days time when you have had time to get used to the idea. You will both need to adjust, and some honest talking is to be had, especially if you are to travel alone (I just love doing the latter). His condition has obviously made him nervous about being far from home, an you both have concerns to be aired about the future. PM me if you need t chat, but here's a virtual (((HUG)))
  2. The Dogmother

    Bullied hen

    It may be that there's something ailing this victim bird, which they can sense - this sometimes happens. I would Bumpa Bit the ring leader before it draws blood from any other birds. Have you tried spraying them all with vinegar and water? Sounds strange, but it always works - makes them all smell the same!
  3. The Dogmother

    Why are they roosting outside in the rain?

    There are various reasons why they might not go in to roost: How old are they? Have they previously gone in the coop? Have you checked for red mites? You may need to get in the run and pop them into the eglu and shut the door - they way, they will soon learn that its the place to be at night. It sounds as if you might not have a waterproof cover on your run - it would be best to get a clear tarp to cover it and keep them dry.
  4. The Dogmother

    DD got hurt on holiday.

    I'm sorry to hear that, and i understand how you feel - I also have an adventurer daughter. It's hard to remember this when they are so far away and need their mum, but you have done a good job if you have reared an independent and confident child. She will come through this, and add it to her collection of memories and experiences learned.
  5. The Dogmother

    Empty crops at bedtime

    Yep, it's moulting season - the nights have suddenly closed in and the temperature has dropped. They will pick up again, but I'd add some Biotin to their pellets to help with feather regrowth and lace their water with a good poultry tonic such as Vit Boost.
  6. The air holes are needed to provide ventilation and carry away ammonia fumes from their droppings, so best leave them uncovered. I have never shut the door on any of my Omlet housing (Ok, just a couple of times when it fell to -8 at night) and don't have any problems with noise, except for the odd egg announcement. The neighbours assure me that I worry needlessly as they don't hear them.
  7. The Dogmother

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    The Go models have MUCH smaller runs than the original Omlet housing.. another reason why I don't like them (sorry folks) I would be tempted to get a walk in run and then put the housing inside it - take the run off the Go (stash it for the future). Something like this run, but without the wooden housing:
  8. The Dogmother

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Can the neighbours angle their PIR spotlight so that it shine downwards rather then up into Soapy's house.
  9. The Dogmother

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    I've just scrolled through the posts and can't see which Omlet housing you have - can you enlighten me? A run extension or 2 might be the answer. Omlet is notorious for over-recommending on the number of birds able to fit in any of their runs. I got quite grumpy about it with them once when we had loads of newbies on here with over-stocked runs. I'm afraid that black hybrids are inclined to be grumpier and more pecky than others - no idea why, but this has always been my experience. I would bumpa bit all of them, in the absence of an obvious pecker - that way all of them will be safe. Extend the run if possible Add an extra each of food and water stations, pop some Vit Boost poultry tonic in their water - it contains B vits which are good for calming birds down and treating stress. I am sure that the small boy with the glorious hair would enjoy watching the girls and shooting a water pistol/super soaker and any which pecks. Do it immediately and they soon catch on - the chicken that is, not the boy. The cats won't be a problem - all the felines in our neighbourhood keep well clear of my bantams, including my hunting cat.
  10. The Dogmother

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Can they angle the light downwards a tad?
  11. The Dogmother

    Finally I get duckies!

    They are GORGEOUS K. Love the names.
  12. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    I am off to the Moreton agricultural show tomorrow, so hope the weather is good.
  13. The Dogmother

    Eye Mask for Sleeping

    Blackout blinds and eye masks :) Seriously, the sun rises straight into my bedroom, and next door's PIR light does the same in the back bedroom; I have fitted blackout blinds to both rooms and wear an eye mask if I am still having problems. The blinds tend to not fully exclude light.
  14. The Dogmother

    Your perfume

    probably because I reported the spam post.
  15. The Dogmother

    At my wits end with bullies :-(

    I agree with the other comments above. Increase the space available and make sure that you have enough feeders and drinkers Raise feeders and drinkers a bit so that they need to reach up to them, thereby avoiding exposing bottoms to pecking. Fit bumpa bits to the lot to prevent this escalating to cannibalism Videos here on bullying and fitting bumpa bits If you live anywhere near north Oxfordshire, south Northants and south Warks, I am happy to fit bumpa bits for you
  16. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    It has been blustery here today and noticeably cooler. Wet at first today, but lovely this afternoon, when I walked the dogs.
  17. The Dogmother

    Your perfume

  18. The Dogmother

    Plant ID

    Well, this one has me flummoxed; there is loads of it in a wildflower meadow that I walk past... any ideas what it is?
  19. The Dogmother

    Plant ID

    That would figure as the field that it's planted in is deliberately used to feed the bees from the hives that they have on their headlands
  20. The Dogmother

    Plant ID

    Ahhh, that's it... thanks. I hadn't seen it before. It doesn't look like normal Tansy!
  21. The Dogmother

    Still getting softies, any advice please.

    That tonic looks OK, and you're fine to use it when you are worming. I usually use Herbal Gut Conditioner when worming and for a week afterwards to support their gut flora.
  22. The Dogmother

    Silkies/Pekins with roosting bars?

    That's interesting - I have been keeping Pekins (amongst others) forever and never had this problem with any of the Omlet housing.
  23. I agree with MH - perhaps the 2 you lost were form the same breeder and there was a rogue strain in their breeding; I would get new hens. You need to come on one of my courses!
  24. The Dogmother

    Still getting softies, any advice please.

    There are quite a few possible causes: Age: could be a knackered shell gland Nutrients: if they are fed too much 'other stuff' i.e. not their layers feed, then they won't be getting enough calcium to form shells. Worm burden: if they haven't been wormed recently, then it could be that. Reading your post, it could well be an elderly hen with a worn out shell gland; treat what you can see - so cut back on treats, add some Nettex Mineral Boost powder to their feed (this contains calcium carbonate) and see how they get on.
  25. The Dogmother

    **Thread of little facts & things**....3

    That's interesting - I had missed them above the house recently, but we walked the fields yesterday evening to watch the harvesting, and there were masses there. All catching the insects coming off the crops.