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  1. Absolutely! They have a duty to make sure that their dog is under control or supervision or in a secure garden/compound. What happens if it escapes and comes across a small child?! My two lurchers are hunters by nature and I have no doubt that they'd have the chickens given a chance, but they are never allowed out unless the birds are in their runs. The dogs are trained to not bark or race at the runs as well. My garden is ultra-secure in terms of the dogs and I would accept any responsibility if they got out. I hasten to add that they are not dangerous at all to people... unless that person is tryign to break onto their patch.
  2. It has been horrific here today, far worse down in Oxhill, at the base of Sunrising Hill than in Banbury, at one stage is sounded as if someone was firing buckets of mails at the windows! A brief sunny spell when I got back mi-afternoon, and the chooks had an hour's skipping around outside time while I walked the dogs. It's now back to blowing badly, but not as severe as last night and this morning.
  3. It was so blowy here last night that I had to shut the bedroom window and employ earplugs! Just about to take the dogs out prior to getting ready and out to teach some lovely folks about chickens! There are lots of trees and a steep hill on my way, so will be interesting.
  4. Madam reports really bad stormy weather up in Edinburgh.
  5. It has been gorgeous here all day, but was gradually clouding over and getting windier as I walked the dogs just after 3pm. I can't hear anything out there at the moment, so all bodes well. I have an advanced course tomorrow and one of the participants emailed, concerned about the weather affecting the course - I have only cancelled twice in 15 years due to bad weather............ we are indoors and the worst of the weather isn't due to hit here until much later in the day.
  6. No idea, but it looks like raised bed edging, so an internet search will throw up some results. I just put bricks or sleepers round the edge to stop them kicking the litter out. I can see folks falling over that raised bed thingy, but there you go.......................
  7. Yes, I have been watching this too - on my list of things to do today is to check that everything is tied down and secured. It is still, mild and damp here this morning.
  8. Dunno - I saw her, very briefly, at the end of last year and got the impression that she was more into pony stuff now.
  9. I get to see plenty of animals, so not really bothered about that aspect. Somewhere peaceful (until we arrive) would be nice.
  10. Too small and too light - they will try to perch on the edge and it will tip over. I use old ceramic sinks or galvanised tubs as they don't tip. Wood ash is brilliant
  11. I usually go along too, but I am not ready to get new stock yet this year, so will resist the temptation. Great show though, but get there early if you are buying from the sales pens!
  12. Me too, wanna car share M&M? Easter's late!
  13. I agree, they look a bit of a mixed bag to me, which is fine if that's what you want. I wouldn't expect to be paying pure breed prices for them, that's all. Make sure that you do a thorough health check on each bird before buying it;you can expect them to be small and a bit on the skinny side if they are still young, but reject anything which feels to light, has no discernible muscle alongside the breastbone and check also for lice. This is one of the first things that I teach as it's important to buy good, strong stock and not inherit any problems. Their environment looks clean enough.
  14. Mine are on slabs from freecycle, which cover the footprint of the run and extend beyond the edges of the run - so easy to muck out and nothing can dig in underneath. I just sprinkle Ground Sanitising Powder over the slabs before laying clean Aubiose, and sprinkle it over the litter weekly in between clear-outs.
  15. so long as I don't have a course on, so best set the date quickly!
  16. Personally I would wait a month before buying any young-stock; the early hatches in the year don't necessarily produce the strongest birds.
  17. I wouldn't bank on it! It's best to start with a good preventative regime than to have to tackle the inevitable infestation. Diatom doesn't really kill mites!
  18. See the other threads about what to use in the run - it's up to you, but I wouldn't use membranes or gravel.
  19. Sorry, only if you make them yourself - Omlet never made plastic bars to fit that model. In act it wasn't around fro that long before the mark 2 came out.
  20. I have some salad and spinach growing under cloches, need to think about getting seeds in soonish.
  21. A heavy moult will make them feel really poorly, so make sure that she is eating and perhaps supplement the Vit Boost with the odd dose of NutriDrops as well. She will need all the help she can get to feather back up.
  22. Golly, I had forgotten that! In fact, my old orange classic had wooden bars at first.
  23. Not really - it's more down to individuals Soapy.

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