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  1. Odd time to moult, and we haven't had dark days recently either - has she been broody? I would put some Vit Boost in the water to help her grow new feathers.
  2. If it has wire mesh in the base, then it's a mark 1. Mark 1, note the shorter poo tray and individual wooden roosting bars Mark 2
  3. I just saw the typos in that last post - that'll teach me to reply as I am rushing out of the door! it should have read: I just add it to the water very couple of days. But don't use it in hot weather as a reaction with the heat prevents them from absorbing calcium so well and you may get soft-shelled eggs.
  4. Dunno about that H - best to email them on aagoodlifeco@gmail.com If I had any spares, I would send some out to you, but I checked earlier and can't see any.
  5. Is it light enough at 7.30am to let them out of the run? It certainly isn't here! At the moment, I let them out at 08:30 when I leave for work, but ONLY if I am coming back at lunchtime to ut them back in. If I am not leaving work until 17:00, then they stay in the run all day. That last egg, doesn't look like a pekin egg to me.
  6. Try angling the bottom edge of the tarps out a bit so that the water runs away form the run. I fasten the bungee hooks of mine to the outer edge of the cube run.
  7. Do you need a tarp, or similar - down to the ground on one side to prevent the rain coming in, or does the roof need extending a bit along there?
  8. Turns out there has been a bit of a problem hereabouts with Canine Gastroenteritis - probably due to all the mud and flooding
  9. Ok, so take photos on your phone and email them to yourself - pick up the email on your laptop/home computer and save the pics onto your desktop. Start a post as normal and drag the photos you want to use into the bottom area of the posting window, where it says to drag them.
  10. I just add it to the water very couple of days. But don't use it in hot weather as a reaction in the heat prevents them form absorbing calcium to well and you may get soft-shelled eggs.
  11. I would stick with it and modify what you have, which sounds almost ideal. To help us understand the problem and help with a solution, may we have some photos of your set-up and the problem?
  12. Breezy, sunny and mild here just off out with the hounds.
  13. I NEVER shut the doors on mine, well only if it is really cold, so less than -3 at night. The runs are on slabs with Aubiose inside and I am prepared to take the call that they are safe in there. They come out when they like and start to eat a soon as there is enough light. The feed is in troughs with anti-climb bars.
  14. Posture looks a bit boyish, but as PW says, they are very hard to sex. Measure up your run and see if you can get a clear tarp to sling over it.
  15. Haha... BUSTED!!!! I give mine a handful of mixed seeds between them when I let them out of the run, there's no corn (fat and sugar) in it and no oily seeds like sunflower. Our local feed merchant sells it as 'Poultry Tonic Seed Mix'. It looks like this one
  16. That's my Dad's birthday
  17. Agreed- bare fences will amplify any noise. Mine are up early in the summer, and straight out in the run. They do make some noise, but nothing that worries me and the neighbours have never complained. I think you might be worrying to much.
  18. A couple of things to bear in mind: Ducks make more mess than you would ever believe; they love water, so what comes out t'other end is (surprise!) very sloppy They need to be kept well away from chickens; water fowl are the main vectors (carriers) of AI, and infections in domestic flocks are always mixed flocks of ducks and chickens. Also....... Drakes have very voracious *ahem* appetites and have been known to kill or seriously injure hens by 'over-mounting' them. Ok, so that's 3 things, but advice to think very carefully and plan first.
  19. I think you just need to relax and enjoy your chooks. Tell the neighbours that you have some 'quiet little hens', and offer them eggs when they settle into laying, and ask them to let you know if they find the odd 'egg announcement' annoying. You will find that they are all soon asking to meet the birds and bringing their children round too. Really, honestly, they are heard by the neighbours less than you imagine... I sleep with the window open and I can almost never hear mine, not even the pekin madam who lets out a seagull shriek when she lays. A new neighbour 2 doors up has been there 6 months and has only just realised that I have 15 bantams! They brought the ankle biters round last weekend to sit quietly and hug a chook.
  20. It has been lovely here too for most of the day, but very cold when the sun went down. None of the predicted snow, but it's been rather windy.
  21. One word.... DON'T! Use slabs or a concrete base with Aubiose on top. Cover the run with a clear tarp and you're sorted. Artificial grass soon gets very mucky and is impossible to clean.
  22. I wouldn't worry - I think we're all more concerned about possible noise than our neighbours. I sometimes think that my lot are shouting a bit, but the neighbours say that they've honestly not ever heard it. Considering that we have crows and magpies around here, they make relatively little kerfuffle.
  23. If you're not sure exactly what is going on with her: 1. treat the symptoms, so what you can see; bathe the eye with cold black tea, which is antiseptic and soothing 2. get her to a chicken-savvy vet, who is able to give a satisfactory answer to what is going on. It sounds to me like the eye will need antibiotic drops or ointment.
  24. I wonder if it is something in her environment.... bedding, dustbath.... which she is allergic to. Might be worth getting a 2nd opinion too.
  25. I would just get a coop cup to put the grit in; they will feed on it if they need to. Nettex vit boost is good, the B vits in it help to keep them calm in the stressful time right after you buy them and they are all together..

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