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  1. Just been catching up on the news; looks like Mallorca and mainland Spain is getting a battering from Storm Gloria. Been mild here today - I am missing the sun, but not the slippery paths.
  2. Good luck - Classics are very good and easy to clean. I wouldn't bother with cleaning it out every day - unless you have the time.
  3. Mine moulted early, so were laying again just before c'mas. Things have gone a bit slow since then - they are on their 3rd year, one is barren and one is broody!
  4. Get a 2nd hand mark 1 Cube ;) Wyandottes are lovely bantams.
  5. The Omlet glugs are fine for drinkers, the grubs are rubbish, I use either gravity feeders or troughs with anti-climb bars.
  6. Stockholm Tar is good for sheep, and we used to use it on poultry, but there are better things now. It smells good though. I have (bear in mind that I am often called out to look at and treat peoples' birds, and also treat my own dogs): Purple antiseptic spray (the nettex one with the small directional nozzle) Vet wound powder for staunching bleeds Vet wrap Syringes NutriDrops (resurrects anything which isn't actually 6 ft under) Poultry tonic Leucillin antiseptic spray (I was sent some to test and actually thing it's good) Anti-mite spray (off-licence) Ivernectin spot-on (also off-licence) Latex gloves
  7. 4.5 hours!!!!!!???? Mine only last 2 hours, 2.5 for the advanced one.... I couldn't talk for that long! I have the original designs, so a classic and mark 1 cubes - they are all a doddle to clean; I wouldn't have them if they weren't.
  8. Ditto; I can't decide whether these posts are honest, inflammatory or disingenuous.
  9. *shrugs* it's up to you, but if you want to kill your birds, then carry on
  10. Buz Busters comes in a shaker, which is refillable from a bit plastic tub.
  11. The direction of facing isn't as important as how much light they get - dappled light is good and you can always create more shade if necessary.
  12. I agree - please don't give them human food Peter - they can't metabolise oil, fat, salt or many spices. While they may seem to like it, it won't do them much good. Pleas stick to their diet being 98% pellets.
  13. Ruby is doing well thanks - doesn't like the tins of 'GI' food which the vet sent her back with, but then they've never eaten tinned food. She is eating more or less normally now, just in smaller amounts and more frequently. She's still on antibiotics and I am building her up with puppy colostrum. Still under weight, but getting there slowly... I was really worried at one stage, especially as they are almost never ill.
  14. Well, Ruby came home on Friday night; she is starting to gain weight again and is on small meals several times a day. She's back to her normal self personality-wise, but I need to keep an eye on her eating and poo-ing. The puppy colostrum and puppy NutriDrops arrived today, so she's on those too.
  15. Yes, my favourite, and the most effective is the nettex total mite kill (comes in an RTU spray and a concentrate which you can dilute to refill the spray) and their buz busters powder. If you have an infestation, use this combo every 3 days until it si knocked back, then revert to using once a week as part of your cleaning regime.
  16. Keep the classic for introductions and 'hospital' cases; I have a 15 year old classic (still in excellent condition) which I keep for that.
  17. I have several runs, attached to mark 1 housing, and they are all at least 10 years old and have only minimal rust; I am struggling to understand what has happened to yours to leave it in that conditon. Still, it is what it is; be sure to clean it very thoroughly and mite-treat it with total mite kill spray and buz busters powder. Do this twice before putting birds in.
  18. Sorry to hear about your kitten Daphne - they are a danger unto theirselves! I visited Ruby in the vet's tonight - she is doing really well and had 80g of boiled chicken earlier, she has drips in for IV fluids and antibiotics and the most lovely pen full of blankets. The vet still isn't happy that she is ready to go home... the 'dire-rear' persists, and they would like to see that firming up and the appetite restored. I hope to be able to collect her tomorrow after work. My lovely vet is a young Slovenian woman, who is very thorough, analytical and caring too. Rubes is in excellent hands. Apologies for hijacking the original thread!
  19. GOs are relatively new, so I am surprised that it has bleached so soon. The original models, which were built of much sturdier stuff - would eventually lighten int he sun, but really only after 8-10 years. I would get as much rust off as possible with a fine wire brush, then paint it with Hammerite. I wonder what has happened to the run to make it rust like that - did they keep rabbits in it?
  20. An update... madam is in the vets overnight for IV fluids and a barrage of blood tests, we will see how she is in the morning and if she's not taking food then, they will sedate and intubate her for feeding. Poor Rubes - this dog is built of boulders and NEVER poorly! Here are a couple of pics of them - she's the white one. The tractor photo is a few years ago - my hair is almost white now!
  21. I don't really know much out that way, but I think there's a garden centre just off the M40, can't remember the name though. I avoid Bicester - that Bicester Village place really gets my goat!
  22. We used to do smaller local meets and then a big,more central one in the summer. I am roughly in the middle of the country (about as far form the sea as you can get!) so would be happy to source a venue and arrange one hereabouts.
  23. That's good for 'cleansing' - have taken it myself after an indulgent and heavy meal! She's a bit better in herself, but not really interested in food, so she's been to my vet friend for a steroid jab to see if that will pique her appetite. It really isn't like her to not want to eat - not even her favourite raw poultry hearts! If she isn't making an effort to eat by this time tomorrow, she'll have to be admitted to be tube fed, which I'd hope to avoid. I have some puppy 'NutriDrops' and colostrum from Nettex on the way for her... packed with nutrients; will have to see if that interests her. Incidentally, it was the puppy, and the lamb 'nutridrops' which I used to base the poultry version on when I was working with that company's chemists to develop their poultry range. I'd had experience of both the dog and ovine ones and thought them excellent.
  24. OK, so the vomiting relented after one day, but she was still listless and tired. It started to come out of the other end, which is good news, so just kept her hydrated and warm. Gave her Omeprazole to protect and soothe her tummy, Critical Care Formula, and she will be trying solids today.

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