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  1. Great choice! Get some slabs down to put it on
  2. Just to add to this - one of my hounds was drinking more than normal last night - came down to a 'kitchen of vomit' this morning she seems OKish, but still drinking a little more than normal - saluki-based long dogs are 'dry-mouthed', which means that they drink little and don't slobber at all - she's not eaten this morning, but is warm enough, mucous membranes are pink and I have given her tree barks powder. Stools are normal. We were walking across very muddy fields yesterday, so perhaps she picked summat up there. Hounds are very resilient, so she'll probably be fine, just keeping her warm.
  3. It was very cool and blustery here last night, to the point where i got up and shut the bedroom window, which almost never happens. Much milder here today and a sparkly start, but the clouds are gathering. I want it to hold as I need to muck out this morning and am meeting Minnie&Moose for a walk later. We have so much standing water here that the water table is overflowing and all the fields are swamps. The local farmers have been bringing their ewes in to lamb instead of leaving them in he fields with stock shelters.
  4. Blustery and DRY here, and milder too after a chilly night. Well done on the cycling
  5. Agreed, having said that,there wasn't the same advice when I was pregnant 22 years ago, and I was happily eating Brie and soft eggs!
  6. Nooo, I thought we were past the riskiest stage of the migration
  7. This prevention zone has just been lifted, and no more outbreaks😀
  8. Can I ask why he needs to be confident around people? Is he fulfilling his husbandly duties with his wives? If you are set on being able to handle him more, then I suggest that you get him out of the coop a night, about an hour after they've gone into roost and handle him when you are both calm.
  9. It was my thread about the latter option; if you join the Dog's Trust, you get free 3rd party insurance. I then pay into a cash ISA monthly and have just one credit card, which is reserved for that purpose - it will be used to pay any vet bills and then paid off from the ISA.
  10. I'm so sorry to hear that, but good that you acted so quickly an she's on the mend now. I too have 2 rescued working dogs: Lurchers, one from Ireland where he was a 'traveller dump', and t'other I rescued as a puppy. I used to work both of them until a couple of years back and have also had near misses with them.... Lurchers are natural scavengers and thieves, so will eat pretty anything. Also had one cat which died of poisoning. It's horrid, isn't it?
  11. There are some lovely wholefood places up this way too: Worton Organic Garden The Straw Kitchen.
  12. Yes, but do it slowly, letting them see each other from separate pens first.
  13. Woooo, you're all really on a roll; keep at it and I will let you know what I decide to use.
  14. I am happy to give a step-by-step guide, but appreciate that it's probably not something which everyone will want to read. I use 2 methods - a hatchet for bantams and the broomstick method for full-sized birds. PM me if you'd like a description of how to do it.
  15. I have some old, heavy, enamelled baths/basins in the runs for dustbaths, but they still use the Belfast sink planters in the garden!
  16. WOW!!!! What a response, and some good names too 😀 It's no secret, but still half-formed, so I am reluctant to say too much for now, BUT.... here's part of the plan: I have been asked by some localish outlets to supply chicken keeping courses on their premises; I currently only do restricted freelance work (courses) in the immediate area, but they are getting very subscribed (especially the Advanced course) and that's without any promotion by the current venue. Also on the increase has been the work for poultry product companies - so product development, writing copy for websites, social media and publications. Also product reviews and talks at events. I had been keeping it limited as I have a proper full-time job, plus animals to be getting on with, but Rosie is at uni now and I am looking to devote more time to something which I really enjoy, but it has to pay! Sooo, I am having a website set up by a friend, and I want to link in 2 social media platforms (I know... ME on social media!!! ). I have a blog (for 'honest John' type product reviews) and a facebook page (for advice, posting and diary type entries, plus a group chat) both currently in draft format, and they need names. The email that I use for the chicken work has Chicken Whisperer in the name (was set up by Rosie ) but I can't use that on the site titles as that is used by a relatively large website in the US. 2 similar or related names would be good, one for the blog and one for the facebook site. The blog currently has the (draft) name 'All Things Poultry, by The Chicken Whisperer'.... never ask your children to help name dogs or things!
  17. Let's get our brains into gear after the festive fog.... I am looking for a short snappy name for something to do with chickens; I can't give too much away at this stage, but it will become clear in due course. I am obviously not in a creative place at the moment and nothing is coming to mind, but this will need a clear title, sort of similar to The Nesting Box on here, but obviously not that. Answers on a postcard please folks.
  18. When you're putting stuff in, think of the purpose - apart from the social aspect, they need a dry powdery substance which will remove the stale preen oil from their feathers.
  19. Dry potting compost or wood ash - the latter is very popular with my flock. I would use something heavier than the tub trug as it will just topple over when they perch on the edge.
  20. .... and it's not usually biodegradable 🤬
  21. Bear in mind when you are choosing the position that they will prefer partial sunlight, so a fully shaded area might not be ideal. Mine are in the dappled shade of some trees. Aubiose is great for drying out poos and and keeping the run fresh, so long as it is kept dry. I am of the low maintenance school of thought, but if there are any damp patches or there's a mess under the feeders, then I do tend to scoop it out and replace the litter. Once a week, I sprinkle it with Ground Sanitising Powder and rake that through (that's if the little cluckers don't get there first!). In the summer, a light misting with some water mixed with drops of citronella and eucalyptus oils helps to keep the flies at bay. You will fidn that the run needs a full muck-out less often than you'd have thought.

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