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    The Weather Thread #9

    After some cool starts, we had a really lovely day yesterday. Rain on and off last night, with really heavy showers, thunder and lightening this morning - exactly what was forecast. Off now to tog-up and walk the dogs!
  2. I agree - a bully with nowt better to do with his time - perhaps he codul take up litter picking... along the motorway! I think that we often think that our chooks sound louder to neighbours than they actually do. In the summer, I tend to let ours out as soon as I safely can, but then even early egg announcements make less noise than the shouty Jack Russell behind us! The police will have reported what lovely neighbours you are, and the chickens too - the council can be directed to this if he complains again. I don't think he will now that you have called the police on him.
  3. Yep, mark 2 :) The mark one was a slightly different blue as well
  4. That looks like a mark 2 to me, but a photo of the front will confirm that.
  5. I agree about them possibly not being intestinal worms. We grew up around livestock and the humans were always wormed routinely too.
  6. The Dogmother

    stopping broody bantams?

    Good idea. When you're back, set her up in a broody cage (details in the FAQ section, although this humid weather is making them relentlessly broody!
  7. Yes, that is how worms are transmitted, and the oocysts (worm eggs) can be transferred on our footwear, and by wild bird droppings getting into the run, as well as by free ranging. If your birds don't free range, then it would be best to test their droppings a couple of times a year for worms (Westgate Labs do a kit) to see if you need to worm them.
  8. The Dogmother


    I would be looking at the following: She could be plucking to cool down She could be plucking if she is broody (you have ruled this one out) She could have lice/mites; have you checked her and do you have a preventative programme in place? Lastly, her skin will be red if it is exposed; they have very fine skin and it needs protecting. slap some Sudocrem on it.
  9. The Dogmother

    Hip surgery for Labrador

    I sympathise Shazzie - I have an old lurcher, who is a bit arthritic now, and doesn't tolerate GAs well; it is a toss-up and I do try to take a long view of the situation, as you are doing. I will know when his time comes.... when he stops enjoying his runs/walks and squeaks too much. You have to ask whether you are prolonging a life or prolonging a death. I'm afraid that some vets aren't always impartial, and will prolong things to bring in more fees (this happened to a friend) Good luck, and don't be afraid to be the best friend to him and give him a dignified end before it gets too bad.
  10. The Dogmother

    Wasp sting

    All of the above and some NutriDrops too. I'm not sure whether something like liquid Piriton can be given to avians, even in titchy doses, so best avoided. If she looks worse, then be prepared to her her to a vet.
  11. The Dogmother

    Holiday season, tourists and so on

    I hate lots of people and packed places, luckily my daughter is grown up now and I no longer have to stick to busy times. We tend not to go to touristy places anyhow, and the crowds used to drive me mad when I lived in London, and then later in Oxford.
  12. Post a photo and I'll tell you :)
  13. The Dogmother

    Tumeric and a Broody Hen

    Just pop some part-filled plastic bottles of water in the freezer and then put them in the drinkers when it's really hot - it's all they need. I don't feed fruit either, and am careful to pick up windfalls before letting them out to free range. Mine get pellets and the odd handful of seeds to get them in and that's it.
  14. Does anyone on her have experience of this? I made a purchase a month ago, and the item is still showing as not shipped and I haven't received it. I can't get an answer from the seller, and have given her one last chance to respond by Wednesday night before I start a complaint process. Does thsi work the same as the similar procedure on ebay?
  15. The Dogmother

    Cooling towels!

    Probably, especially if it was held against her abdomen
  16. The Dogmother

    Cooling towels!

    I got something similar for the dogs - bandannas though; they aren't normally affected by the heat, but last week was extreme. they seem to work very well.
  17. The blue was made in the mark 1, an then briefly in the mark 2, before being discontinued; do you knwo which one you have? The bars are different, and there were no plastic bars for the mark 1.
  18. Just to help you sell this; is is a mark 1 or 2, and do you have photos?
  19. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    It was much cooler here yesterday, still walked the dogs in a t shirt though. Had rain over night, only light stuff, but it's damp this morning, and COOLER
  20. The Dogmother

    New Silkie Mama

    How odd, not heard of that before. Bets to make sure that their run has a clear waterproof cover; Silkies aren't waterproof!
  21. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    There were some pretty hefty storms working their way through France yesterday evening - they ended up on the east coast of England.
  22. The Dogmother

    Wanted: walk in run (high)

    With the cube mark 2, you might be better off putting it inside a walk-in run so that it's more secure; I've heard that the linking between the mark 2 run and a WiR is less robust than it was with the mark 1 cube.
  23. The Dogmother

    Does Invermectin treat worms

    I usually do as my vet tells me that Ivermectin isn't as broad spectrum as Flubenvet
  24. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    It's a cool 18deg this morning, slept quite well and looking forward to rain this morning. Not a drop last night though.
  25. The Dogmother

    The Weather Thread #9

    Beautiful clouds Kezza Nowt here yet, but the breeze is cooler. The neighbour jsut got bac and says that she drove from Cambridge through a lovely storm.