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  1. 1 hour ago, Beantree said:

    We tried that Peter but found that the mess in the coop wasn't worth the trouble for the extra eggs. Water spilled and full of shavings, feed knocked over and all the bedding scratched and messed. Problem is a coop is too small an area for chickens to be active in it. We were also told that the hens must have a 'laying break' of at least two weeks anyway, otherwise their health suffers.

    Exactly. Extending 'light hours' causes them a lot of stress, much as you find in battery situations. They are designed to take advantage of the shorter hours to lay less or stop laying, moult and get a rest. Try to keep their habits as natural as possible.

  2. I hate to sound like a worn out record, but chickens should not be fed on human, processed food Peter - they have no way of processing dairy, sugar or salt. Please stick to their layers feed with the odd treat of deep green leaves or the odd iced cucumber or apple.

  3. I was once surprised by a chap I was seeing - he had booked us on a day tour to Bruges.... very sweet of him, and Bruges was lovely. BUT it was on a coach (we had to leave at the crack of dawn) and with lots of folks who all wanted to get to know everyone and have a sing-song. :roll: :shock:

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  4. TBH, it's hard to tell - those symptoms could be pretty much anything; I would just treat what you see - lay out extra feed and water stations and add a good poultry tonic to their water - Vit Boost or Life-Guard are good. Keep an eye on her and see what develops.  Chickens are very good at hiding any ailments, so it's often hard to tell what's going on.

  5. When I travelled alone (which was quite a lot) the reason was because I wanted to be ALONE, not part of a group and not compromising for another person either - very selfish of me, but i was single anyhow.

    We all need to do stuff on our own to help us grow and for that vital me time. Having said that, it teaches us a lot about ourselves and our capacity for adjustment for our loved one, if we compromise every now and then. It's important to honour the other person, without counting and keeping tall.

    My OH and I live 2 hours apart and leave very separate lives, but also love being together. There has to be an element of trust, and both of us prefer not to live together; it's not that we don't like being and living together, just that we each have full and interesting lives and enjoy both doing things we both enjoy, and other stuff which we do alone. We may go on a trip and start off the day together and then end up doing our own stuff.

  6. 1 hour ago, Luvachicken said:

    She managed to WhatsApp me before I went to school this morning to say that she had had a really good sleep.

    She also told me that they were going to the beach and she was going to paddle her feet - obviously feeling a bit more back to normal 😊

    That sounds par for the course - scaring the wits out of you one minute and then fine the next :roll:

  7. 2 hours ago, mullethunter said:

    Hi Debby. Sorry to hear you’re having this problem - there’s someone else on the forum who it’s happening to with new girls too so have a browse.

    How much space do they have?

    If entrenched it can be a very difficult habit to break, but most people find that fitted correctly bumps bits usually work.

    Absolutely agree - they have relatively simple neural pathways, so easily learn new habits, which need tackling promptly. I would spray each of them lightly with some anti-feather pecking spray (be careful to abide by the dosage as you can make them woozy with too much) as a preventative and get some bumpa bits - and circlip pliers - in so that you're ready if it continues. If you are able to identify a ring leader who they are copying, then isolate that hen in a broody cage for a couple or 3 days.

    It is important to stop this quickly as it can escalate really quickly into cannibalism, and once they taste blood there's no stopping them!

    Do I remember that you live not that far from me? I am happy to pop out and have a look at the problem if that will help.

  8. I don't think you're being selfish - you are just thinking out loud among friends. I would be miffed too, and it is making you re-evaluate your relationship as far as the future goes (not more than an hour flight away!).

    Let it settle with you, and then think about it again in a couple of days time when you have had time to get used to the idea.

    You will both need to adjust, and some honest talking is to be had, especially if you are to travel alone (I just love doing the latter). His condition has obviously made him nervous about being far from home, an you both have concerns to be aired about the future.

    PM me if you need t chat, but here's a virtual (((HUG)))

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  9. It may be that there's something ailing this victim bird, which they can sense - this sometimes happens.

    I would Bumpa Bit the ring leader before it draws blood from any other birds. Have you tried spraying them all with vinegar and water? Sounds strange, but it always works - makes them all smell the same!

  10. There are various reasons why they might not go in to roost:

    How old are they?

    Have they previously gone in the coop?

    Have you checked for red mites?

    You may need to get in the run and pop them into the eglu and shut the door - they way, they will soon learn that its the place to be at night. It sounds as if you might not have a waterproof cover on your run - it would be best to get a clear tarp to cover it and keep them dry.