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  1. Cleaned out the chooks in the rain and did a spot clean at the front of one run where the rain had got in; all that strapping down and bricks on the runs last night paid off - less flapping of tarps and all sound and dry today. Chooks were ranting to get out earlier, so they had a play while I cleaned them out, then scurried back under cover when the rain started again.

    Walked the dogs in the rain, and we quite enjoyed it until the homeward stretch was into the wind and rain.

  2. It has rained constantly here for the last 24 hours - the River Cherwell and the canal, which runs alongside it are both very high, so I hope that the flood alleviation works hold up. I am so glad to live up a hill!

    It is starting to blow up a bit now, but nowhere as bad as last weekend.

  3. It sounds as if there may be something more amiss than just a moult, but we can't be sure just going on descriptions. Quills coming through the skin, especially in bald areas and round the vent will indicate that she is growing new feathers; you can see some on the photo below, and here.


    Syringe feeding is easy - video here - but you must take it slowly as they don't have a gag reflex, so could aspirate the liquid. 

    Are you in the UK, if so roughly where are you located? It may be that an experienced Omleteer is near you and can take a look. I would suggest that you find a poultry-savvy vet in your area and take her in to be checked out.

  4. Could be - you'd be surprised how many are near town centres now that the weather is colder. There was a young red deer careening around Banbury town centre once, no idea where it came from; some folks and I herded it into an empty shop unit where they were doing work, closed the door and turned off the lights while one of the guys got his van - we loaded it into that and he dropped it up to Crouch Hill.

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  5. Yes, all very sketchy but there has been an escalation in cases on mainland Europe, so it'd be best to be watchful. The peak time for infection is during actual migration, but we still need to be on alert.

  6. 3 hours ago, Minnie&Moose said:

    Breezy and bright this morning. Perfect day to be working at home.


    Been bright and breezy here, but very cold. Had some flurries of snow too. I noticed this morning that a house round the corner has had its chimney stack come down...... it has smashed holes in the slate roof front and back, the phone wire is hanging on the ground and there's brick stuff on the pavement outside 😨

  7. 8 hours ago, Chickabee said:

    Mine are on both. You can’t even tell. I deep litter with straw. They free range all day. At the moment, due to the wonderful weather, there is mud everywhere. Chooks don’t seem to mind. Bed time is clean. I’m waiting for a dry spell to get rid of some of the mud!

    Are your runs covered? They ought to have dry runs to escape the weather during the day and somewhere to put their feed. Clear tarps or similar and Aubiose on the floor and they will be clean, fresh and snug for ages between cleanings out.

  8. 1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

    That’s one adventurous dog! Would a electric fence be an option to protect the chickens? Personally I think that a determined dog doesn’t need his teeth to kill a chicken, so not sure what a muzzle will do.

    True, and they could easily die of shock without any injuries. A good zap or 2 form the fence might help, but I think your birds need to be in a secure compound, which is annoying as none of this is your fault. In the UK, if it repeatedly escapes and causes damage, then the owners are liable for any costs and will be admonished by the dog warden (or police, depending on the damage injury).

  9. A new neighbour has one of those greenhouses which is like a plastic-covered gazebo - we've been taking bets as to how long it would last..... a couple of times, the cover has ended up over their fence, but this morning there was no sign of the structure at all!

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