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  1. I had one in orange - not sure if I still have it....
  2. So, as expected, we are to be further locked down. What I can't understand is why - as they fail to police the restrictions that we have - the Government thinks that additional ones will make any difference. In my street, there are 2 neighbours who still have visiting OHs paying regular visits from other parts of the country. This, whilst the rest of us are sitting tight and not even seeing our family members.
  3. The grape method isn't recommended by the manufacturers of Flubenvet and those entries on the forum where corrected in later posts to reflect that - those corrections wouldn't have shown up in your diligent search though Flubenvet should be administered in their feed to ensure a steady dose through the day, and each bird will adjust the dose per their body weight by the amount they eat.
  4. Yes, count on the AI lockdown lasting until at least March, just think of them keeping safe (much as we're doing right now). You'd be surprised that they get less bored than you'd think I just rotate a couple of 'amusements' and they soon settle into the new routine. Foxes are cold and hungry (and usually pregnant!) at this tie of year, so (even outside lockdown) mine are usually confined to barracks during the winter.
  5. That's all good then - I'd wait for the spring and better fertility and egg quality before setting any - but I expect that you have got that covered.
  6. They both look to be pullets, about 18 weeks or so at a guess. I don't think they are pure lines, and the colouring on the lighter one isn't true to type. This is one of my favourite breeds and colourways.
  7. Yep, that's fertilised... note the distinction.. all eggs are fertile, or more correctly the term should refer to the bird which is producing them. This one however has been fertilised Please have a good think if you are contemplating hatching though - you need a separate broody coop, and it's too early in the year to be setting eggs under a broody.... then there's the resulting males to deal with; a friend hatched this earlier year, et 7 eggs; 6 hatched and 4 were cocks. Thankfully, she lives rurally and could bring them on for the pot.
  8. Tape worms don't always shed eggs, and the wormer prescribed for treating them has to come from the vet - it's called Praziquantel (Biltricide)
  9. mullethunter has it right - regular use of a preventative spot-on containing Ivermectin (off-licence) will prevent or get rid of scaly leg mites. There are specific sprays such as the Nettex one, which will deter mites and suffocate them. I would also advocate the use of Sudocrem to soothe the legs while they are healing. It's worth mentioning that the scales will still look lifted after the mites have gone, but the crusting will drop away. the scales will improve when the bird next moults, please don't be tempted to pick any scales off as this can cause injury.
  10. Yeah, same predicted for us.... I wanted to get work done outside this weekend too
  11. Similar here J - I walked into town for a meeting on Monday, in shirt sleeves. This morning it was 4deg and blumming cold, in fact when I got up in the night to comfort the old dog, I put on socks and my dressing gown to warm up when I got back into bed!
  12. Being vigilant is half the battle Shashakan, have a look at the Parasites, mites etc articles here they'll give you an idea of what you are looking for and how to prevent it.
  13. Yes, sunny on and off here too. Splash has finally integrated back into the flock
  14. 2 days of rain and hail, now it's just 7deg and blowing a hooley! Autumn's here.
  15. I also use Smallholder pellets and the pellet size is ideal for my bantams.
  16. It's been the loveliest day here - balmy and sunny. Walked the dogs with a friend at 5pm, and it was still 25deg, this is my ideal climate!
  17. I did that last year and will repeat this Autumn too. I used to work for a company which gave us all free flu jabs - I organised for a pharmacist to come into the building and spend 2 days vaccinating everyone. I miss that.
  18. Yep, just pellets are fine. So long as her crop doesn't feel like a balloon full of liquid, she'll be OK. Chopped up boiled egg is good too. There's a lady posting on my FB group with much the same problem; she managed to get the bird to pass a coil of grass, and it seems to be improving.
  19. Edinburgh was lovely last week
  20. A chicken-savvy vet would suggest that you use the products together (being careful how I word that )
  21. Apologies... been massively busy! Looks like Andy has posted the dosage instructions, but it depends on which concentration of Ivermectin you are using, so best do a search for the correct %. Spot on the skin at the back of the neck (so they can't reach to preen it) this should be repeated quarterly, and all birds must be treated. As you have an infestation, a chicken vet would recommend that you spray each bird which has lice with a spray containing Permethrin (not licenced for use on poultry in the UK) on the skin around the vent where you see the lice. This should be repeated at 3 day intervals until the lice have all hatched and gone. You will also need to treat the housing to prevent a re-infestation from that source, instructions are in an article I wrote here . Once you have a preventative regime set up with the spot-on quarterly and then using the Total Mite Kill Products and Buz Busters Powder weekly, you shouldn't have a problem, but it always pays to be vigilant.
  22. If you are using ACV, then you shouldn't need the Daktarin @sadieatthebridge I would give a max of 24 hours without food, and then re-introduce it carefully. Alpha-Conditioning Feed is formulated to nourish ex-batts and poorly hens; it can be fed neat to build up an ailing bird, or mixed in with their regular feed 2-3 times a week as a conditioner. Sour crop usually rights itself fairly quickly with the regime I recommended above, but just occasionally recurrent sour crop can be indicative of more serious digestive issue.

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