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  1. Sorry that I missed this - I don't come on here very often these days I think that I answered this question on the FB group....
  2. From memory (I might be wrong as I'm not looking at any diagrams) those brackets would be pretty easy to make or get made. I would ask for a partial refund to cover the cost of this.
  3. @Luvachicken if she's not eating, try her on some Harrison's Recovery Formula; it's a nutritionally dense feed for recovery post-illness or after an operation,. It's also brilliant for getting some good stuff into an ailing bird - you can make it up into a 'paste' if they will free-feed, or a looser syringe-able version if needed. I recently showed a friend how to use it on her girl who had crop surgery.
  4. Mine have Gastric Grit too, sometimes some seaweed too.
  5. I'd suggest Fauna Flora (www.claretaylor.com/shop) as a non-dairy pre and probiotic
  6. Purple spray doesn't stop pecking, it just acts as an antiseptic and disguises the colour of blood to prevent the other birds being drawn to it. There are lots of anti-pecking sprays on the market, all with similar ingredients. I've found that the best solution is to isolate the bully, and pop a bumpa bit on her before introducing her again.
  7. More photos to follow once I have cleaned it up, but here's the 'advanced preview' of my Eglu Classic . Very good used condition, only slightly faded. Run panels all intact and bolts, washers, roosting bars and run clips all included. This has been stored under a tarp for the last few months, so is just a bit spidery, but otherwise clean and in rather good condition. Item is located in Banbury, but I travel to Princes Risborough regularly, so happy to meet someone there. I will be listing it on eBay in a couple of weeks, with a starting price of £200.
  8. Nothing really to add to this - it could just be a cold or allergy, but without experience, I'd suggest that you get her to an avian vet. If it is an infection, she will need antibiotics pronto.
  9. Has anyone else had an invitation to book both their jabs, only to find that the nearest vaccination centre on the offered list is 40 minutes away?! There's one just over a mile away - what's wrong with that? I wouldn't mind, but I have just been listening to the news and the boasting about all towns sporting vaccinations centres in local surgeries, health centres and pharmacies... errr
  10. I feel your pain with them A; I have glasses for close work, which I wear on top of my head when not using them. A friend suggested that I try varifocals and counselled patience in getting used to them. I went to Vision Express rather than my usual independent optician, only because they were cheaper. Had a terrible time with the varifocals, to the point of staggering around and falling over. I went back and asked them to check and change the sweet spots... still vile, so I got my money back and went back to my reading glasses/hair accessories.
  11. They are all trade names - it is more commonly known as Onduline, which has been adopted as a generic term. You may find that clear roofing will give them more tight, but Onduline is good on the coop roof.
  12. Gorgeous. We always have at least one Frizzle 0- they are just so amusing.
  13. I had one in orange - not sure if I still have it....
  14. So, as expected, we are to be further locked down. What I can't understand is why - as they fail to police the restrictions that we have - the Government thinks that additional ones will make any difference. In my street, there are 2 neighbours who still have visiting OHs paying regular visits from other parts of the country. This, whilst the rest of us are sitting tight and not even seeing our family members.
  15. The grape method isn't recommended by the manufacturers of Flubenvet and those entries on the forum where corrected in later posts to reflect that - those corrections wouldn't have shown up in your diligent search though Flubenvet should be administered in their feed to ensure a steady dose through the day, and each bird will adjust the dose per their body weight by the amount they eat.
  16. Yes, count on the AI lockdown lasting until at least March, just think of them keeping safe (much as we're doing right now). You'd be surprised that they get less bored than you'd think I just rotate a couple of 'amusements' and they soon settle into the new routine. Foxes are cold and hungry (and usually pregnant!) at this tie of year, so (even outside lockdown) mine are usually confined to barracks during the winter.
  17. That's all good then - I'd wait for the spring and better fertility and egg quality before setting any - but I expect that you have got that covered.
  18. They both look to be pullets, about 18 weeks or so at a guess. I don't think they are pure lines, and the colouring on the lighter one isn't true to type. This is one of my favourite breeds and colourways.
  19. Yep, that's fertilised... note the distinction.. all eggs are fertile, or more correctly the term should refer to the bird which is producing them. This one however has been fertilised Please have a good think if you are contemplating hatching though - you need a separate broody coop, and it's too early in the year to be setting eggs under a broody.... then there's the resulting males to deal with; a friend hatched this earlier year, et 7 eggs; 6 hatched and 4 were cocks. Thankfully, she lives rurally and could bring them on for the pot.
  20. Tape worms don't always shed eggs, and the wormer prescribed for treating them has to come from the vet - it's called Praziquantel (Biltricide)
  21. mullethunter has it right - regular use of a preventative spot-on containing Ivermectin (off-licence) will prevent or get rid of scaly leg mites. There are specific sprays such as the Nettex one, which will deter mites and suffocate them. I would also advocate the use of Sudocrem to soothe the legs while they are healing. It's worth mentioning that the scales will still look lifted after the mites have gone, but the crusting will drop away. the scales will improve when the bird next moults, please don't be tempted to pick any scales off as this can cause injury.
  22. Yeah, same predicted for us.... I wanted to get work done outside this weekend too

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