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  1. Ahh, I see. I only ever sell things that I think are worth bothering with - have made a few killings.
  2. Agreed, perhaps steer away from that supplier in future.
  3. MUCH cooler here today - just 8deg when we got up. Thunder and torrential hail here now!
  4. 😂 it may even be out of date . There are more up to date ones here
  5. I don't seem to have to pay for listings A - they are free, just on the sale.
  6. OK, so take it apart as much as possible and scrub it all down with soapy water. Dry it off and then spray with Nettex Total Mite kill (pink) spray, this is a disinfectant as well as a mite killer. Powder with their Buz Busters powder and put it back together. Vigilance is key, so look carefully at it when yo take the housing apart. Keep the housing dry and well ventilated, and use a drying bedding such as Aubiose.
  7. I have terms in the footer of my listings (see below) which are binding when they bid on an item, and handy too as i can then refer to them if needed. This shows up in your comms with the buyer (which eBay reads if they need to). I'm afraid that I have little patience for those who bid, win an item then promptly go offline for days - similar happens on Freecycle too - I just message them as a reminder, giving them a date/time (as per my T&Cs) by which to pay. If they don't then I open a non-payment case and relist the item.
  8. It's been cool and drizzle-ous here all day.
  9. Great @HRJ keep us posted, when does the Westgate kit arrive? I will be interested to hear what they say when they analyse the poo samples.
  10. We have had light rain since about 4am, not enough to wet under the trees though. Can't complain, light, persistent stuff is what the ground needs right now.
  11. I would also advise against using ACV when it's hot weather as the reaction can inhibit their assimilation of calcium, causing soft-shelled eggs.
  12. The last of the chard has come out now and I am thoroughly sick of it, so I have planted some baby leaf spinach instead. The Winter Purslane, red-veined sorrel and rocket are all still going strong. Taters are looking very good and the first flowers on one plant Dwarf French Beans sturdy and looking fine Cucumbers failed to show up Tomatoes doing very well and have their first flowers Runner beans/peas doing very well and I have just tied them up further up the canes.
  13. I'd give the Avipro a miss - it's fine when they need an energy boost, but the dextrose isn't good for their gut.
  14. Sounds like the rain and coolness that we are due from Wednesday. If it is cooling down, I will get my spinach babies out.
  15. The one thing I have against AviPro Avian is that it contains dextrose, which isn't helpful as it encourages yeast infections, especially sour crop. I have been trialling Gastro-Brit from www.thelittlefeedcompany and found it to be very good - it contains some really beneficial pro-biotics as well as charcoal for absorbing gut nasties and settling the gut environment.
  16. Agreed - works to break that habit, here's how to fit one
  17. You are doing all you can at this stage - I would let them settle and drop Westgate an email with those photos before you send off the sample, and apprise them of what the problem is. They are very helpful.
  18. Have a feel of her abdomen - does it feel hard and full of water? They sit a lot when they have peritonitis.
  19. Yes I would - I usually do a faecal worm egg test first - I get mine from Westgate Labs - as there's no point in worming if there's nor problem. I get the Flubenvet pre-medicated pellets from www.farmandpetplace.co.uk I find them to be competitively priced, and prompt on delivery. You would need to feed those pellets for 7 days and nothing else. Keep them in the run as much as possible too. Guide to worming here. Westgate are also brilliant with advice on poop issues, gut problems and possible endo-parasite stuff.
  20. Ok, so just to elaborate on Beantree's excellent post... the crop should feel empty and slack in the morning. At the end of the day it should feel full, firm and 'granular' form the pellets in it. A crop which feels like a squishy balloon full of liquid may be sour crop. I also doubt that they have already been wormed.
  21. Agree with the above - investigate their feeding habits first, feel their crops and then send a poop sample off for analysis; I use Westgate Labs. What are you feeding them on?
  22. Not really about Lockdown, but just as exasperating
  23. Depends on which cube you have... Mark 1 is definitely designed to insulate, so keeps warmer in te winter and cooler in the summer. It is made of a totally different material from the newer version. Frozen water bottles are good, but my only worry about putting them in the coop is the possibility of condensation, but I think that the atmosphere where you are is probably dry enough to counteract that. A chicken's body temperature is normally around 105deg, so pretty hot already, they can't sweat, so mainly lose heat via panting, air flow through their feathers and drinking cold water (excretory heat transfer). So pop frozen water bottles or freeze bag packs in their drinkers, provide more drinkers and mist the grass or littler in the shade where they tend to sit.

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