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  1. You may just need to restrict or stop their free ranging now that you know there's a predator around. How are you getting on with photographic evidence?
  2. A friend crosses a commercial table breed (Cobb or County Gold, I think) with Indian Game, which gives a slower growing bird with richer flavoured meat.
  3. Yes, it pays to remember that Silkies can;t fly, so ladders pose an issue, also that they need to be kept dry, so you will require a clear waterproof cover for the run.
  4. As has been posted above - that run which you link to is a standard run for the mark 2 cube, it is neither and extension nor a walk-in run. Walk-in runs add extra height and a little extra in footage, but it is important to remember that these little ones will grow up to be full-sized birds, and that you need to allow for them to be in the run 24/7 at times - this will happen more often than you expect. There will be days when it is raining all day, days when you are out all day and not back before dusk. There's also the omnipresent threat of Avian Influenza in the winter, so you need to allow for more than enough room in a run, and a clear waterproof cover over it too.
  5. I am assuming that they are pullets and newish to laying. It takes time for their cycles to get into sync and it's not unusual to get 2 eggs in one day from a pullet at the start, the 2nd egg may have a softer shell as it hasn't spent the required amount of time in the shell gland to give its proper coating. Try not to worry too much and they will settle down
  6. You might be better off ordering a purpose-built walk-in run. Plenty of companies do them - have a look at the FB page for Cotswold Chickens
  7. Ivermectin spot-on treatment isn't licensed for use on poultry in the UK, but is precribed off-licence by chicken-savy vets. Some chicken owners buy it online, purchasing a product marketed for pigeons. Details are here.
  8. @Noddydog have you tried asking on here (probably best in the Nesting box) to see if anyone lives near you and could help out. That way you'd have someone chicken-savvy to look after them.
  9. According to a friend who fixes domestic appliances, "Smeg are all design over function" and he has to repair more of them than anything else. He swears by Zanussi and Samsung.
  10. Only if you position it near one of the arch supports. The walk-in run has a bigger surface area and the ones I have seen therefore have a much 'wamblier' roof. You could always pop the drinker up on some bricks.
  11. I can understand if he is medically exempt from wearing one, but surely being in an enclosed vehicle without any face covering considered high risk.
  12. Does anyone know what the law/guidance is requiring cab drivers to wear masks? I have just seen a neighbour obliged to turn away a taxi cab because the driver wasn't wearing, and refused to wear a mask. A short while later, I saw the same driver being asked to wear a mask in the kiosk at a petrol station - he refused again.
  13. .......... and there are still some who think that wearing a mask is an imposition and not implying to them. 🙄
  14. I buy a lot of my pet stuff from VioVet, but shop around anyway just to be sure. I get Ivomec Eprinex (cattle pour-on) from my vet and the smallest size is 200ml, so it last for ages, and I haven't noticed a reduction in performance over the time it's been since opening the bottle. From memory it costs around £50 and lasts me at least a couple of years. I treat when they have gone into roost, only because it is easier and they are more biddable.
  15. Nothing really to add except that I can't believe that you are old enough to buy a house! Aren't most fridge doors reversible?
  16. No help at all, I'm afraid.... unless you subscribe to a US poultry forum!
  17. Very unusual for a bird of that age to have worms, and you'd have to consult a vet regarding worming them as I don't know which wormers are safe for birds that young. It is important to get the full facts and speak to a vet soonest as birds this young can be badly affected by gut worms. I would suggest that you send off a composite faecal test to Westgate Labs and see what comes back - I would recommend that you call or email them prior to sending it off so that they are aware of the age of the birds and circumstances when they are looking at the samples.
  18. It is much cooler here again today, and some clouds too. Yesterday's forecast of rain didn't really happen - few spots.
  19. I would remove Alice and ignore her ranting - tit won't last. You are lucky to have 2 mums to look after them, so she won't be missed. The bullied chick will get stressed and this will affect its immune system.
  20. Thank you for these - can never have too many spares!
  21. I would love these if they're still available please. Could you PM me with your details? Many thanks
  22. It was hot enough here yesterday and due to be even more so today. Plenty of shade in the garden, which I misted for the chooks to use. Remember to keep an eye out for heat stress and act to keep them cool. You can expect less eggs and splattier poos when they are hot.
  23. If you have parasite issues, it's best to send off a faecal sample for testing so that you can be sure to treat with the right drug. I use Westgate Labs testing kits quarterly so that I can keep on top of any potential issues and either act preventatively or treat appropriately.

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