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  1. We tried putting footballs in the nest, but she still managed to sit on one lol! Day one of going in the dog crate today. Fingers crossed a few days will sort her out. We tried closing the coop door once the others had laid, but she just found somewhere comply to sit in the run and not move from.
  2. One of my girls started this at the weekend. Sits in the nest and puffs herself out and growls when you open the door to the nest. Once we know the other two have laid we close the coop so she is outside for a good few hours. Debating the Dog cage trick, but haven't done this before. Do they stay in it 24 hours a day? So they are outside at night to? Any advice would be fab. Thank you.
  3. We are having the same problem, so any advice would be fab. She only seems to have started since one of the others went broody at the weekend. She started making noise at 4.30 thus morning. As soon as you go out there she is quiet. The other two are in the nest. Not sure if she is protesting at being in her own. Going to try to lock her in the cube tonight.
  4. Our 5 1/2 pepperot was still laying most days, but is moulting at the moment so has stopped. Hopefully she will still lay when she has finished.
  5. Wow that's amazing. Our pepperot is the boss to lol!!
  6. Just for a bit of fun, thought I would ask who has the oldest Omlet girl. Our original pepper pot is 5 1/2. Thought this was a good age, but someone else I know has a girl that is 7 - not an omlet girl though!
  7. Thank you for your replies. Bathed the last two nights, and tried to give her some yoghurt with apple in last night and this morning, but she isn't that interested. Sure was in the coop when I went to work, and is still there when I came in. So she may have been there all day. May bring her inside from the others to try and get some food/water into her.
  8. One of our girls has some feather loss around her vent, is smelly, and had creamy colour discharge from vent. Could thus be vent gleet? Haven't come across this before. Definitely not mites/lice. Have bathed her. And was going to get some probiotic yoghurt, acv and have read you can use anti fungal cream such as canesten and athletes feet cream. Any other ideas/suggestions. Many thanks.
  9. We have been therev a couple of times recently, but havent seen him. Karl has always been very helpful though.
  10. Nothing else seems to be coming up, but still feels like there is something in there. Feels a bit lumpy etc. How are you doing?
  11. Ah sorry. I wonder what it was, as sounds so much like mine. I guess we will never know.
  12. Just been out to massage the crop, and she burped! Was a bit smelly, so maybe its sour crop. Will give her some yoghurt soon, and try the tipping upside down thing tonight when hubby gets in.
  13. Sounds similar to a girl we lost last week. She was fine one day, and the next she was sleepy, and a bit lame. That night her breathing got worse, and she went to chicken heaven the next day. Hopefully yours will make a recovery. Its horrible when they are ill isnt it.
  14. Without food for 16 hours, and still no change. Been massaging, and it does seem to break it up a bit. Been out and got some maggots this morning. She ate a few then didnt seem that interested. Want to try the olive oil as well, bit read somewhere you have to be careful when doing it as to not choke them, so am a bit wary of that. Read on the net also that another way of doing it is to soak tiny peices of bread in oil, then let them eat it. Has anyone tried that? Also brought some probiotic yoghurt. Thought that wouldnt do any harm wither.
  15. Been to see my local chicken breeder today. They suggested taking the food away from lunch time, and acv in the water, with massages a few times a day. They said they hadnt heard of the maggots before. Will try today without the food, and see what happens in the morning. Then may go and get the maggots tomorrow, as I guess the shops will be closed friday, sunday and monday for easter.

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