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  1. I do a bootcamp twice a week and really enjoy it. Got it originally through a groupon voucher but now am up to 'full price' and it works out about £6.50 for an hour. Not quite one-to-one with a personal trainer but the group size varies from 5-20 depending on weather, school holidays etc. (It is always outside). I find belonging to a group quite motivational, while the exercises given to us to do by our PT are broken down into small manageable sets. I did 100 sit ups last tuesday!!!! by doing sets of 10 through various routines. I enjoy it much more than the gym and find I push myself much more - I actually sweat - in this group than I would at the gym. It's part of mission to shift the weight before my wedding next year. So far since Jan I've lost two stone, but noticed the weight coming off easier from when I started the bootcamp in July. (It's not a military bootcamp or anything btw).
  2. Thought I'd give you a little update: I fumed the chicken house and treated my girls with Ivomec Eprinex* and kept an eye on snowys baldy back. No signs of of any crawlies on the girls or in the house for a whole month. Snowys feathers are starting to come back and my broody Margot is also refeathering nicely too. So I got some live mealworms from wigglys as they were on offer, to give the girls some extra protein. I have been hand feeding them to gain Margots trust again (she's still stand offish) and poured a few extra mealworms into a little metal try to give to the wild birds. Next day I look into the dish and see the mites again. These mites are definetely from the live mealworms and look exactly like the ones I buzzed a month ago. I've google searched them and it's quite common for mealworms (and crickets etc) to carry these mites. No way of killing the mites and keeping the mealworms alive though apparently (From a mealworm breeding point of view) as the eggs survive at 0 degrees and can last for months. I've no more live mealworms left as my girls have eaten them now but I'd just thought I'd share this find with you all that some live mealworms carry mites and you should be careful to keep them contained so they do not spread. xx *not licensed for use on poultry in the UK
  3. That's such a shock for me as I didn't know she was ill. I've been on and off here lately, mostly off, due to wedding planning. Thought I'd pop in the nesting box only to see this thread. How sad. You'll be missed Poet. xx
  4. Where can i get Ivomec Eprinex* from DM? Would a vet prescribe it without seeing my chooks? Seems a waste of eggs to use the ivermectin* if Ivermectin* won't have an effect on NF Mite. (that's if it is NF Mite). Maybe, if I spot any of them (Hopefully their dead little bodies after the fogger) I'll take a pic for your perusal if you don't mind? *not licensed for use on poultry in the UK
  5. Hmm. I wondered if it was NF Mites but they spend their whole life on the chook don't they? These blighters were on my bench in the shed. I used the fogger last night but had no time this morning to check for their corpses but will this afternoon once home from work. I checked armpits, fluff and bums - pretty much everywhere on my chooks. Two are perfectly fine looking to me. Lovely clear skin. Snowy has red raw patches and stubby quils - on her botty and the top of the base of her tail, but then I have seen the other two girls plucking her. A thorough check but no sign of mites, no crusty gatherings around the feathers or anything. All three have had this *not licenced for poultry*, calculated for their weight once a week for two weeks... I have just bought this stuff *not licenced for poultry* from Flyte so fancy though... So may carry on with this as it is ivermectin, do you think, if Ive missed signs of NFM, this would do the trick? I've got some dog flea shampoo, so may give Snowy a wash in that first (Will be a nice treat in this weather I should imagine)
  6. Sorry for the long post. Need some mite advice. The girls have always slept outside on a perch in the WIR but their nesting area is a section of the shed accessed by a pop hole. I first spotted two mites on my hand two weeks ago. It was just after I had handled snowy but also after I'd just put a small handful of treat mixed corn in a D cup. I checked over my girls and Margot and nugget seemed fine. Snowy is being plucked though so I'm wondering if she has Luce or mites. So I got a pigeon spot on *not licenced for poultry* and treated all my girls twice now, one dose each, one week apart. Poor snowy is still bald in patches on top of her back at base of tail and on her botty but I know it'll take a while to refeather. Anyway, last week while moving a few items on the shed bench I noticed the same mites. The adults were a grey brown colour and the tiny babies were almost white in colour. I squashed a few but no red mark was left. They were also really fast, the speed of an ant if that makes sense? I searched thoroughly in every crevice I could see, but did not see a concentration of them. I've not had red mite before, to my knowledge, but have seen it loads on pics on here. I'm just not sure they're red mite. They were out in the light shining through the shed window. Aren't red mite 'phobic' of the light? I've done a little google and discovered blighters called grain mites. Could I have these? Some people on a forum that kept reptiles and spiders in vivariums and noticed mites transferred to their pets housing by the mealworms they give them. I have on occasion got my girls live mealworms, kept them in my shed on the counter by the treat tub. Do you think it's possible I have these? It was really hard to check my treat tub for them (kept in a recycle container) but it would explain why they were on my hand after giving the girls their corn. As my girls sleep outside I'm going to use a fogger in the shed tonight so by morning the air will be safe. I will also chuck out the treat corn. Has anyone else had experience of this? Am I kidding myself, do I have redmite? Thanks for reading. x
  7. Ooh, I've just read this thread (must've missed it) My OH saw an advert for stagbars in the metro paper and was going to get one but if you think these ones are better then I'd like to try one on my pooch. There's nothing like a personal recommendation. What size would you advise for our lurcher/staffie cross as she's a very strong chewer?
  8. We've just come back (today) from a lovely holiday in Yorkshire. We stayed in a little one bed cottage near Harwood Dale (just inland from Scarborough). We can thoroughly recommend the beaches at Filey, Scarborough and Robin Hoods Bay. Stunning. We had the pooch so all our visits were outside but I can also advise a trip to Castle Howard. We also drove across to Bolton Abbey which was well worth it as the scenery and ruins are amazing. I've never holidayed in Yorkshire before but will definitely be going back. Lovely.
  9. Oh, so the Net-tex one is like the tar based stuff like Ukadex? Hmm, Snowy already has a purple botty which i know won't go until she moults now. I'd rather not put more gunk on her. Is the Barrier one clear like the johnsons one is?
  10. Yep, I reckon you are Sage! It makes your whole garden honk!! LOL Coolio. A recommendation for the Net Tex one it is then. Thanks Redwing.
  11. Hi guys Before I resort to the dreaded Ukadex I need to buy some anti peck spray (The type that makes feathers taste bitter rather than the stinky deterrent) as my snowy has been plucked at the base of her tail on her back, and around her vent by Margot. Not sure if it's because she's bottom chook or because she's white but she's the only one who's affected. Anyway, I used to have the Johnsons type on standby and for some reason I've been keeping an empty bottle on the shelf since I last needed it. No idea why i didn't chuck it. So I popped onto Flyte so Fancy's website for some more stuff to notice there is now a large range of anti-peck bitter tasting sprays. Does anybody have any advice on which is best? I've noticed bottles made by the Poultry Shield people, Johnsons obviously, Net-Tex and Barrier. Are they all pretty much the same? Thanks
  12. Barry M in superdrug do really strong colours and reasonably priced. Im still sporting a lovely cadbury-like purple that I applied between xmas and new year and it only started to chip yesterday. Pretty good I'd say.
  13. Well it's only taken gale force wind and downpours but two of my three girls have finally conceeded that their house might just be warmer and cosier than the perch in their WIR. Nugget was clearly having none of it and was determined to camp out so I scooped her up to snuggle with her sisters. I've shut them in all nice and snug. Bit of a relief considering the weather. Anyone else's girls persistently camping outside?
  14. Thank you Santa, got a lovely hand knitted hat and matching socks. Beautiful colours and look so warm they will be perfect for frosty dog walks to keep my toes toasty and my head hot. Will sort a pic soon. Wish I could knit. Thanks elf Plum for organising. Hope everyone had a fab christmas. Stacey
  15. My friend's Lasa Apso, Honey, has all the allergies you mention CW, including soya. Honey sleeps in a t-shirt sometimes to stop her scratching in the night. Bless. My friend thoroughly recommends fish4dogs as well as ostrich meat for treats as it is hypoallergenic.
  16. I've just dropped mine round my parents so my dad can pop to the post office for me. Hopefully it should arrive in time for Chrimbo. Hope my omletter likes what I've done. I got two lovely squidgy presents in a parcel a couple of days ago from my secret Santa. It's so exciting!
  17. I finished this last week as a pressie for a lady in my art club who's cat mad. This is her lovely cat Rosie
  18. My OH says that four deer had to be destroyed from their injuries after that chase.
  19. My girls have an old butler sink my Nan used to have in her garden (Not the really deep type though) You'd think it was an alien when i first put it in! Took three days before they accepted it.
  20. Crikey! As above, but maybe also try a NylaBone for her to chew on. They're made of tough plastic (Nylon) but only the finest pieces ever come off at a time so if swallowed will do no harm (Smaller than a grain of rice). Our Gina loves hers, it's bacon flavoured.
  21. Ah, thanks everyone. We think we'll have a local church 'do' and reception here in the Colchester area but then a blessing and a little gathering in Ireland as most of his family are from Galway and we know not all of them will make it. Means I'd get to wear my dress twice! Seriously thinking of Cornwall for the honeymoon though.
  22. I'm now engaged to be married to my lovely boyfriend!!! We had a fab holiday in Cornwall and a lovely day at Hayle beach with the dog (All to ourselves!) He proposed while were taking in the view on a large sand dune. Perfect. I blubbed of course. LOL Wedding won't be for a couple of years though as we have to save up, plus he's working the olympics and Paraolympics next year so we thought after all that would be perfect. When I told my mum her first words were 'about blimmin' time!' - well we didn't want to rush into anything! Just had to tell the world as I'm so excited!
  23. A whiffie! - yeah that's true sometimes for every dog owner! Why is it that they save them for the confines of the car though! lol. She is usually full of beans but once a walk is over she can sleep for hours so we do get some peace.

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