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  1. Here's a bit of an update on the rat situation. We bought some old fashioned snap traps and to date we have caught nothing. We have rigged a camera up in the chicken run to see what goes on under the cover of night. Oh yes we have rats alright, maximum seen at one time 8, we have now put the camera outside the run to see whereabouts they are coming from. They are under the shed, I have sat and watched the monitor tonight, they are running backwards and forwards all the time, disgusting things. I stamped down all the tunnels this morning and covered outside holes with big flower pots etc. Hubby has an air rifle now but I'm not sure sitting up all night is really an option. I think I'm going to get some eradibait, although some sites seem to say it's not available at the moment, better order some quickly.
  2. Thanks for all your repies, some interesting reading.. OH has ordered some old fashioned snap traps. The bait also looks good.
  3. Thanks for that advice, I don't think I am thinking straight at the moment !! Council sounds like a good option.
  4. Thanks for replies so far. Thought we could try these and then incinerate bodies, don't like the idea of poisoned bodies around! What do you think? http://www.pestcontrolsupplies.co.uk/difenacoum-mouse-and-rat-poison-bait-blocks-pack-of-36-x-20g-blocks http://www.amazon.co.uk/The-Big-Cheese-Poison-Catch/dp/B000QVSCH6/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1355760557&sr=8-4
  5. I wasn't aware they would go back to the nest to die. I had visions of them just dying out in the open.
  6. I haven't posted here for a long time but I am in need of help! I noticed about a week ago a hole appear inside out WIR. The base is not completely concreted, it has a skirt which is about 15 inches wide and a foot or so deep. We have had chickens for 5 years and have not had any problems, the odd mouse but nothing more than that. Hubby rigged up a camera yesterday and at 9 o'clock last night we got our evidence, 6 - 7 rats, I am mortified. We have been shutting the chickens in the cube at night and removing their food into a secure dustbin type container, unfortunately there will be a bit of food on the floor I'm sure but this is damage limitation until we work out what to do next. I am rather unwell at the moment (cancer and chemo) and it's another stress we could do without. What would you recommend as the best way to deal with them and keep our chooks safe. We appreciate that we need to concrete in the central part of the base but that is not going to be possible for a little while. suggestions on traps etc and your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Hubby have booked the Rentokil assessor to visit Wednesday but they want £250, also the they said the rats are not contained after they are poisoned and they just go off and die which to me seems rather dangerous especially to something like a raptor that would eat carrion and we have quite a lot here and I don't want to be responsible for the death of anything else like a Buzzard. Many thanks Nicola
  7. I rescued a beautiful baby Robin a couple of years back we were on the way to school and it was sitting in the middle of the road and we saw several cars pass straight over the top of it. We held the traffic up and popped it into the nearest safe looking front garden behind a small wall and wished it luck!! My neighbours all call me the bird lady, they all knock on my door when there is a bird that needs 'saving'. At our previous house I rescued a Kingfisher from my neighbours cat and it was fine after a few hours resting and some whitebait I had in the freezer! I couldn't leave that one to fate but most of the time it is better just to leave the bird alone and let nature takes it's course however cruel it may seem.
  8. It breaks my heart, I have a son that age, makes you think. Deepest sympathy to you all especially his family.
  9. I've bought most of my seed from this place on e-bay http://stores.ebay.co.uk/premierseedsdirect The packets contain almost too many seeds and I have been very pleased with what I have planted so far.
  10. I know I'm rather late writing this but here goes. William and Harry looked amazing in their uniforms, Catherine's dress was simple(ish) and stunning and typically her. Carole Middleton, Camilla and Zara looked classy and perfect for the occasion. Sam Cameron was underdressed and looked like a lost child. The Queen and Charles looked very proud as did Mr. Middleton. Beatrice and Eugenie looked cheap and tasteless but then that's Fergie's influence, can't stand the woman. I loved their car drive upto Clarence House and the flypast, which I saw from my back garden 6 minutes later. All together a wonderful, enjoyable day and I still have my flags and bunting up! 3 cheers for what Britain does best, hip hip hooray. God bless William and Catherine
  11. We had -2.9 last night. Covered courgettes and spuds and sweetcorn on the allotment but they look floppy all the same. Runner beans looking very sad and I completely forgot my fig tree which was coming along nicely it looks like someone has deep fried its leaves Will the runner beans recover or should I plant some more? Lets hope that's the last frost although they are quite possible right up to the beginning of June.
  12. Thanks for your comments and ideas. Seriously I'm not too worried about her because she certainly isn't suffering in any other way.
  13. She's about 3 years old. I'm sure it stems from the cold she had.
  14. Yes she did she was very vocal, a couple of weeks back she only had a tiny raspy voice but now it has gone altogether but in every other way she is healthy, she's laying, eating, drinking and as bossy as ever!
  15. Should I be worried one of my chickens hasn't got a 'voice' . She had a nasty cold in the spring and then she was sneezy and sounded croakey but now she has no voice at all, any suggestions as to what might be wrong and any remedies gratefully received. Many thanks Nicola

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