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  1. Very happy owners of a super new cube. As we have a large secure fenced area the hens are free range all day from dawn till dusk and don't need a run. Problem is where do we hang the water and food glugs?? Ideas please!
  2. Oh yes well worth the watching!! I think Murray stands a good chance. He has beaten Federer 2 times out of 3 and on the form we saw last night he is diynamite. The only thing is Federer has 24 hours more rest (A lifetime in my opinion!!). But we shall see. I may be bleary eyed tomorrow!!!
  3. Wow what a fantastic match. Murray played Nadal off the court!! Returning everything witha vengence. It was wonderful to watch.
  4. I know several 20 yr olds who knit so I think it must be trendy!! I love knitting, did loads of stuff when my two were little. Also pullovers for my father and myself. I still do stuff for my fashionable daughters!! I also do counted cross stitch and jewellery making. I just like doing things especially in the winter it's sort of cosy.
  5. I can't believe where the years have gone!! My baby bear, just 18 is off to Sheffield Hallam Uni in 15 days (we live in the New Forest!!). I'm already sleeping badly. I'm so proud of her but I know I'm going to miss her dreadfully
  6. Congratulations and all good wishes. There's nothing like marriage - ups and downs, highs and lows but all great when you've got the right partner.
  7. I love our Tom Tom. It is so relaxing to know that you can just concentrate on the road without worrying. I always have a map as well just in case but its a great device. Our eldest daughter has one now she drives distances and we will get one for our youngest soon as it gives them more confidence. We have had a few laughs - its the icy tone in the voice when you go another way from the recommended one "Turn around when possible!!"
  8. I could kick myself. I gave my number to some company which has now sent me some very expensive text messages which have cost me nearly £20 to receive. I have just discovered this and have emailed O2 accordingly to ask them to block. Its frightening how the charges are for messages received not sent!! Oh well I guess its a lesson well learnt but I thought it worth warning others. I thought as long as I didn't email it wouldn't cost!!
  9. Thank you both for your help. Fingers crossed!! We are probably going for green again as one set of neighbours don't like hens and the more discreet the better!!! Honestly we live in the New Forest, you would think they'd be more amenable. The others are all lovely and look forward to our new arrivals.
  10. Hi, I'm thinking of upgrading to a cube and just wondering as I only need a cube( large secure area) what do I do about drinking water and food ie grub and glub?? Also is the cube easy to put together. I noticed that if you buy it without a run you need to put it together yopurself??
  11. Absolutely right Ginette. Agreed Maestro is brilliant and far more professional. I'm amazed at Russell Watson, but there we are. I won't rush to watch again!
  12. Well done Amy. I was really proud of my daughter Claire who is off to Sheffield Hallam in September. She worked so hard giving up weekend work and social life to concentrate all her energies on revision etc. She was rewarded by getting 30 points more than she needed!! She is going to read Leisure and events management at Sheffield Hallam and although its miles away from us it will be great for her. Also if anyone thinks A levels are easy they should look at the work involved!!!
  13. I'm spitting blood after tonight's last choir standing. Revelation did not sing as a choir, rather a lead singer with a backing group. Surely the title should be last singing group standing. The panel should know better!!! As a musician I was not amused it seemed most unfair. The Bath choir sang as a choir.
  14. Hi, so sorry to hear about your hol problems. Its awful especially with children they get so disappointed. We always look on the internet and if you find somewhere that looks good go into tripadvisor just to make sure. Its always good to have other people's experiences!! Last minute .com can be excellent. Also use the newspapers. we have picked great hols out in the past. Good luck

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