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  1. How very considerate of that chicken to have her primary feathers a different colour from the rest! Great set of pics - very helpful, thank you.
  2. At our previous house we found an Anderson Shelter. Believe me, the last thing you want to find when digging a hole is a deeper hole beneath you! No knickers here yet either...
  3. Cool design, but chicken leather fashion accessories?! Not for me I'm afraid. Sarah
  4. That is really helpful to have it all broken down like that, thank you. Having totted up the costs I think the new owners may have to make do with my elbow grease - I can't afford to be that nice to them! Thanks to all who have replied. Sarah
  5. Thanks CM and Olly. That's really helpful. Sarah
  6. Hi Oh knowledgeable Omleteers How much does it cost to have an oven professionally cleaned? We are moving in 2 weeks time and the oven is staying here. I hate cleaning it but feel it would be a nice gesture to have it done really well (at least once in its life!) but I'm wary of spending a fortune when there are so many other more pressing costs associated with moving house. Many thanks Sarah
  7. Yup, me too for the hayfever. Have been taking the tabs all week. I'm sure I don't remember it being so early before. Ha ha to the water butt comment, the pipe to one of mine slipped and it actually overflowed recently - what a waste! I'll probably be eating my words come mid-July (I can dream...) Sarah
  8. My Grannie used to make Hasty Pudding too - we were in Birmingham Recipe here: http://www.allbritishfood.com/hasty%20pudding.php Sounds about right, might have to have a go at this tomorrow!
  9. Hi Claire Sorry to hear that you haven't been well. I hope you are starting to make a swift and full recovery. Just popped on to the forum for old times sake and couldn't leave without replying. You bought my WIR about 2 years ago! Best wishes Sarah
  10. I'm an adopted chick - also called Sarah (but considerably older than yours!)- I hope you have as wonderful a life together as I have with my parents Best of luck with the WIR, your girls will be delighted, I'm sure!
  11. I'd never even noticed the similarity . Just as well I don't use the whole photo . Oh that would have really done it! Gorgeus pic btw! Thanks for all your comments, it does look to have calmed down now and the roads thawed too. I have spoken to the caretaker of the cottage who has told me that the snow they had has gone from the roads, still there on the grass, so at least the very steep up then down to the house is manageable. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone, I think it is not being able to see very far ahead of me that I find most frustrating. I'm glad you aren't a 'slow mover'! How about we race you there?! Well, the bags are packed & the cats know 'something is up', best have an early night so I am nice to the family tomorrow. See you when I get back Sarah
  12. My pleasure, but it wasn't me . Hope you have a lovely time when you get there . Thanks Chelsea Stupid me, your avatars aren't even that similar! Must be galloping old age. Sorry.
  13. Ha! Thanks! Hope you have a great time!! Mind you, the first time we went to Mull, my parents went to Corsica during the same week. We had glorious weather, they had snow! ANH - we take the Inverary route to Oban, there seem to be fewer caravans & other slow movers on that one. Thanks for the info about the A82. Patricia - we will do, don't worry. My son doesn't seem to be able to get off the drive without asking for a ham sandwich. He will never live down the time he asked for one on the way to Birmingham!! 25 miles away for those who don't know!
  14. I'm sitting here watching the online weather reports with increasing trepidation... We are due to set off from Worcester for The Isle of Mull on Friday morning. We are stopping overnight in Dumbarton and then catching the ferry from Oban on Saturday morning. Are we going to make it??!! If anyone along the M6 and beyond route can let me know how it is looking I'd be very grateful. I spoke to the lovely cottage caretaker this morning who told me it was snowing at the time, but only seemed to be passing over on the island - this is normal, I think - I'm more worried about making it to Oban... This will be our thrid visit to Mull and whilst I woudn't want to endanger life for a holiday, I really want to go this time too! Thanks in advance Sarah

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