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  1. Thank you all for your replies..I think I shall keep an eagle eye on Ebay for a short while..(probs a very short while.. ) and see what happens..there's a red one about 7 miles from us that Im hoping to go see..but red really wasn't on my list of acceptable colours, but hey ho..we shall see..certainly wont disappear in the snow, will it?? lol And as for selling it on..really ladies! I have a seriously hard-to-keep-under-control case of morehens..and as for a cube..ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo here I go again.....!!
  2. Well, after much debating, I have decided that a Classic Eglu is the way to go, but being such a girl, I can't decide whether to blow the budget and get a new one, bearing in mind the free postage offer finishes on Saturday, or wait a while and get a preloved one from ebay..waiting for one to come up near enough may take a while though, but may save a hundred quid or so....ohhhhh the indecisions.... What would you omleteers do???? ..
  3. Actually the fox got in under the roof netting..( sorry to tell you that...but I think the netting (plastic) had got brittle over time and he must've just been able to break into it. My eldest was upstairs and heard a commotion going on and went outside armed with a large spirit level and frightened it in to retreat! The chook that died, funnily enough ,there wasn't a mark on her! Must've been fright? One was bald as had lost all her tail feathers and the old one was fine, so now we are looking into options..will def be a metal mesh run now!! We have a border collie and 6 cats..the back door is open pretty much all day every day and they all wander in and out at will..the day the fox came was the first day the door was shut! Pesky thing must've known!! grrrr Just goes to show that even with a free range dog, its no guarantee to ward them off!
  4. Thanks for the replies, folks...have not shown hubby the aviaries for u site and now we're thinking walk-in run and a classic on one of their little tables.....and I can get that for about the price of a cube..! I like my girls to have lots of room to run about (don't we all?) They had a big run before, but mr fox got in after 3 years..so not bad going really, I suppose...I know know it wasn't anywhere near secure enough and am lucky we only lost one hen..(
  5. Evening ladies and gents....once again I find myself in a dreadful state of indecision..I was here a few years ago, and went for a wooden coop rather than an eglu. Well, we now have the dreaded mites, and rather than buy another wood one and have the same problem, as I understand that getting rid of them is pretty much impossible in a wooden house, I have decided to bite the bullet and get an omlet one. The only problem now is there are the 2 to choose from! The Go has been invented! I have 2 hens atm, but want more, probs only another 2,(we had 4 then one died and the skyline got 'foxed') Am wondering what the downsides/advantages to either of these are? And then....do I get a walk in run with a classic or a go???? I think cleaning one out with a run and extension on could be a bit tricky...but how DO you get on with it?? Do you physically pick up the end of the run and swivel it round to clean up? We habve a mostly paved garden, so not like it would be on grass etc Pleeeeese help me make my decision! thank you
  6. Make sure its not the same one as they do in Pets at Home! Theyve got 2 styles in ours and they are truly pants!! The wood is like matchstick stuff..very bad. We have a Country Cottage onne and thats not bad at all(not as good as an Eglu ,of course!
  7. After waiting a year to get on this course I finally had the induction week ! Boy was I pleaed! We are doing ,as well as anatomy and physiology,massage,reflexology and aromatherapy some other stuff, like crystal healing ,indian head massage, pilates and a trip to olympia beauty show, and possibly overnight to Centre Parcs spa to have a tour and use the facilities(purely for research donchaknow! ) Am now really excited! We did facials using an aromatherapy based range,which was good, cos Ive never had one before. Only bad thing is the candles set my sinuses off Methinks will have to see the doc and get them hosed out before we get stuck in to that cos I cant bear the thought that it might trigger a migraine off! Now all Ive got to do is raise the rest of the fees....
  8. Dont you think its a bit strange that theyre all popping up at once??? My friend reckons it because the banking system is close to collapse so the only thing left worth anything is going to be gold,just like the (very) olden days..unless theyre all speculating that the price will rocket soon..Ive only got my wedding ring so no ppoint in me asking for an envelope!
  9. tiggerlady


    Would that be a FoF then??Freezer of Fate?
  10. Looks like Im the only taxi driver then apart from the mums taxi(which I still have to do ) but in a former life I have worked in a bank,Sainsburys and the local hospital as..a health care assistant! I am just going back to college(enrolment day today..2 hours!!) to do holistic therapy..oking forward to it..
  11. Oh dear! Poor you! if its any consolation,we thought our youngest must be eating the toilet roll 'cos we got through so much!! Divine retribution was only round the corner though...he left home recently..When he popped back on a flying visit he said he was horrified at the price of toilet roll and it was costing him a fortune!!!! I nearly fell off the sofa laughing!!
  12. Whooo!! just popped in to see what was occuring in the woirld of Omlet and saw the beehaus on the first page!! It looks really swish(not that I know anything about beekeeping ) Will be interesting to hear comments from the beekeepers amongst us..
  13. Egluntine, we call it 'black cat syndrome' in our house! I have a black cat and so do you, but MY black cat is blacker than yours,purrs louder than yours..etc etc etc.... On the other note..I was told that when you are in the presence of an 'energy magnet' to protect yourself by encasing yourself in a pillar of golden light, green pyramid over you,golden cloak or one of mirrors to deflect the negative vibes back, but sent with love...(hard sometimes, I know..)
  14. Hi Cookie! This sounds like a repeat from when my youngest was small(he's 20 now!) We found out when he was 7/8 that he had congenitally missing teeth,one either side at the back on the top and 2side by side(6 in total ) matching either side at the bottom.We were told he would need ortho treatment when he was in his early teens to re-align it all. This we duly started,with fixed wirework,and it went on for about 2 years or so before the orthodontist got fed up with him breaking the wires..he wouldnt stop eating pizza! In the meantime we had to take him to great ormond street to be assessed for the bone density and jaw depth for the proposed implants, and then got told they wouldnt be nhs funded and would cost around £1000 each! Anyways, when he had the wires taken off at the premature end of his treatment, he WAS left with spaces at the bottom although they had successsfully moved the front teeth back to fill the gap at the top In the end he wasnt fussed about the remaining gaps and tbh it doesnt notice at all.He doesnt have any trouble eating so I dont think theres much wrong ! I do think that orthodontists are very precise in their expectations..ie only perfect will do,possibly to the detriment of the child,who probs wont notice or care of their back teeth are slightly skwonky..although I do know that an unbalanced bite can cause problems.Sorry if this sounds a bit as if Im contradicting myself, but hope this helps..

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