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  1. This has turned into a two person job, the rabbits are having so much fun they won't go to bed. One person needs to man the eglu door as the other tries to shoo them in, the dog trick doesn't work any more either as they just sit and ignore him now, happy days.
  2. Brilliant....! looks like we might have success, check out the chicken gallery.
  3. I've got an orange one, the rabbits are a white netherland dwarf and a chocolate dutch both about 10 weeks old, I've got a couple of pix but don't know how to up load them? So far I'm really impressed with the eglu and the rabbits love the freedom to nibble the grass, the ease of cleaning makes the outlay worth it especially now the rotten weather is approaching.
  4. Wow! I didn't realise I could be one of the first with "rablu?" I'll go and take sone pix and try and let you all see.
  5. Hi I got one two days ago and so far everything looks great, I'll keep things posted as time goes on.

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