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  1. Oh, feeding it. That is a very good idea. I hadn't thought of that. I can't catch them at it as I think they do it mostly at night. Right, I'm off to pick it up (ugh), cut the grass and spread food around! They won't want to move in as they hate my dog! She's 8 months old and wants to play with them!
  2. Oh it's so disgusting! And what gets me us that if my dog went and pooed on their lawn they'd be livid! Good luck with your move and yes, borrow that dog!
  3. I really need some good, practical advise. My neighbour's cat(s) use my front lawn as their toilet. They poo right in the middle, they don't try to hide it. It is definitely cat poo as I have seen them do it. My lawn isn't fenced, all our front gardens are open, as it were. I have no plant borders as I am no gardener (much to my mother's dismay!) and I have 3 children who like to play out there with all their friends. I keep the grass as short as I can - not easy in the winter. I have been using Cat-a-pult spray and have those metal cat cutouts with marble eyes which I move around. They have stopped working now. I have a dog now so at least they've stopped pooing in the back garden. HELP ME BEFORE I GO INSANE!
  4. Thanks everyone. I went out and bought a small cafe for him yesterday. He's always been the quieter one but I'm not convinced he's going to last a long time. I checked him over yesterday and he looked fine. Pretty sure the wounds were superficial. He's not really eating at the moment but that could be nerves. He was put in a toy box he couldn't see out of for 24 hours and now he's in a new cage. I'll keep a close eye on him and keep my fingers crossed.
  5. Thank you, I think I will contact a breeder today.
  6. Hi, we've had 3 male gerbils for 2 years now. They have all got on very well during this time. In February we noticed that one of the. Kept mounting another one. It was quite persistent for a long time, bordering on bullying. This grew less and less and so we put it down to spring in the air. We cleaned them out yesterday and as usual, enjoyed watching them rush around checking out their cage. They have a large gerbilarium. Then, all of a sudden this afternoon, the one that usually mounts turned on a different one. He seemed to clamp onto his behind and not let go. There was a lot of fighting and then blood. I googled and it said to separate the bully not the victim. This I did but the other one turned on him. I then separated the quiet victim into a makeshift cage and don't know what to do now. Will this be it now? Will they be able to be back together? Anyone know what to do now?
  7. Thanks everyone. I picked up a sack of pellets mixed with flubenvèt today as apparently the manufacturers are awaiting an ingredient from abroad and until they get it, production has ceased. Had a lovely chat with the nice lady at Newland Grange Farm near Malvern today as well as the ex-batt rehomers and as they are vaccinated u to the hilt there's no need to quarantine and as the hens don't know each other it's better to get them together ASAP. I'll just have to see how we go. Still no egg from Poppy. Hope she perks up and starts laying soon.
  8. Thanks for the info about the pellets. I'll call them shortly. I don't live far from there so I could pop and collect some. As for the quarentine. The lady I spoke to when I booked them didn't seem too concerned about it, I did explain my losses. She was more concerned that I introduce them quickly otherwise they batts could bond and pick on my remaining one here. It may not be worms anyway. I have a friend who got her hens at the same time as me, same batch and she's never wormed hers and they are really perky but I will warn her that it may be an issue. Maybe it's worse than to have forgotten rather than to have never done it? I'll see if I can track down a pumpkin and done of these pellets. Thanks again
  9. I really need some advice on worming alternatives and am hoping you can help me. I have lost 2 of my hens in the last week as they were both egg bound. The vet confirmed this. I have one left who has only laid one in the last 2 weeks and she ate it. I was told it could be my fault that they died as I forgot to worm them. No excuses. I just didn't do it. I feel horrendous. Anyway, I can't get Flubenvet for love nor money - apparently there is a national shortage, and what I have left is out of date. I hear rumours that pumpkins can be used to worm. Have you any experience of this? Are there any other methods? What happens while pumpkins aren't in season? I have booked to collect three ex-battery hens in a week's time. Apart from a deep clean of the eglu, what else can I do to keep the ex-batts well?
  10. Def not under a bush as they are kept in a large run most of the time. Def not in the nest either. So if it is a deficiency tonic should sort, is that right? I'll order some more today. Had this lot for years. probably no good now. Thanks for your help.
  11. Hi My hen, Doris, seems to have plucked out her breast feathers. But, there is no sign of them anywhere. Is she eating them? I am presuming that it's a tricky spot for the other 2 to be plucking from and she is fully clothed elsewhere - as it were - So, she has looked like this before. Any ideas? She is eating well and still laying. Her egg shells are thinner than the others but she is older. She has access to crushed shell.... Hope someone can shed some light!
  12. I hope it is a temp blip. They dont freerange. They have 6'x9' run which is plenty for 3. They were wormed when I got them and I only did Doris about 6 weeks ago so we're not due yet. It's odd that they have both stopped. My friend got some at the same time and hers are fine. Ho hum. Guess I'll just have to wait! I had to buy eggs last week. Imagine that!!
  13. Any ideas? I got 2 Isa Browns a month ago. They both started laying within a week or 10 days. They now haven't laid for 10 days. They look fine, they are eating, they are happy. My is laying everyday. I've had her for a year. Thanks in advance!
  14. She looked absolutely appalling this morning. I was sorry she didn't slip away during the night really. We had her quickly "despatched" this morning. Poor old girl. Doris, who is normally very brave and bolshy is very jumpy but she has lost 2 chums in 2 weeks. I am going to get some more tomorrow to keep her company. We have just built a lovely new walk-in run and it needs more residents! Thanks for the help. I still feel awful that I didn't spot it sooner but she was 3, had stopped laying after 2 1/2 years of laying 90g+ almost with no breaks and had had a fantastic time being queen of our garden! (That read dreadfully! I meant 90g+ eggs with almost no rest - not breaks in her shell!!)
  15. I feel awful. i've been having a joke with the children about our "fat old lady" but she is quite clearly unwell. She looks awful this afternoon. Her back end looks more swollen than ever. Awkward being a weekend. I think I'll have to see how she gets on over night, if she makes it and if so, I'll take her the the emergency place in the morning. Oh, feel so guilty.

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