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  1. Have to say that I am with the others who get someone in. Worth every penny - honestly. The Ovenmate is the next best thing. I did get the soaking trays from Lakeland but, since getting a chap in to clean the oven, I have used those for soaking the nesting bars of the eglu!
  2. First of all - hello again - not been on here for a long while! Sorry Mothers Day was a walk with OH and Paddy in the morning. Nice cup of coffee whilst the children got out of bed and then to the pub where DS works for a pub meal with OH, DD and my mum. My son paid for the wine that we drank with the meal - he knows me too well!
  3. I have not been on here for months but just logged on and seen this. So sorry to hear about Rosie's injuries. Along with everyone else, sending positive thoughts and hugs across the Internet. Hope she feels better soon. Look after yourself as well DM! xxxx
  4. So sorry to hear your news. Cancer is just such an awful disease. A friend of mine recently lost his fight. Nothing can be said to make it better for you or for your friend's family but thinking of you all. xx
  5. My son did one earlier this year. He is really interested in maths and wants to study it at uni. He has one more year to go at college. He had a great time at Royal Holloway College and met some good people. He thought that they would all be geeks but they weren't! How useful it will be when it comes to applying to university remains to be seen but he would certainly recommend it.
  6. It sounds as though it went well. Hope the result is a good one!
  7. jlo

    RIP Poet...

    I don't come on here as often as I should and just saw the news on Facebook. What a dreadful shock. Thinking of her family. xx
  8. I do agree with you and am aware that zoos do a lot of great conservation work. However, for me, the original clip typifies the negative side of zoos.
  9. I have to say that I found this quite disturbing. I am not mad keen on zoos anyway and just felt really sorry for the lioness!
  10. Love the caption - so true! Hope you don't mind if I steal the pic??
  11. I only watched a couple of episodes. I go to a quiz on a Monday night and the quizmaster there was on it until last week. His name was John James Newman. He has a really good voice but I kind of know why he didn't go through. I just don't have the inclination to sit through it all - although I agree that it seems to be better than the X-Factor!
  12. If it is any consolation - in my 23 years of working in a magistrates' court, I have never seen a prosecution for feeding waste s"Ooops, word censored!"s to hens!
  13. Just to say that Esme was taken after we got our dog and we have frequently seen foxes since then!
  14. Valkyrie - remind me to avoid cows if we go on another walk!
  15. I have never let them out whilst I am out. I used to let them in the garden if I was at home. Then we lost Esme to a fox so now they only get let out if I am in the garden and our dog is on a walk with another member of the family. They have a largish (6m x 6m) secure area where I am certain they are safe as I have seen foxes quite regularly in the garden but they haven't managed to invade the run.
  16. jlo


    Enjoyed the new one last night and really looking forward to next week's episode. Thought this was quite good.http://www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk/ but it does have a few spoilers!
  17. I won't be running this year. I had a go on a treadmill on Saturday afternoon and my back was agony for most of New Year's Eve as a result. Good Luck to all of you though. One of my son's FB friends posted on her status yesterday: "Dear Running People. Go back home, have a bacon butty and some paracetemol like normal people." which I quite liked!
  18. Lovely playing. Einaudi is a talented composer and very mellow music. Other mellow music comes from my friend Helen Sorry for the shameless plug but she deserves a lot of recognition!
  19. Absolutely Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I needed that. Thank you Dogmother Aaahhh Paola - I have missed you!!!!
  20. Love it!! I do feel for the chap in the original but -as others have said - no way would Paddy be off a lead in a place like that!
  21. What a horrible thing to happen. I am so sorry.
  22. She is looking good. I know what Lewis means. I meet up with a group of mates every so often and - of all of us - the one that looks youngest is the one who is (dare I say it) the chubbiest! The wrinkles are really showing on the rest of us!
  23. jlo

    Jobs for Teens

    Time for a trip to Reading methinks... Well done to Cleo. I am sure that she will really enjoy it. I haven't encouraged Jamie to look for a job since college started. He is doing 5 subjects and is working really hard on those. I have offered some incentives if he tutors YD in maths! He did some work experience at an accountants during the half term break and really enjoyed that so all is not lost!
  24. Well I should have been running the Half Marathon today but was very happy that I decided not to. Firstly, my back has been really sore lately and secondly - it was so blooming hot that I would have melted. I have complete admiration for everyone who did go for it. It was a really really hilly course and onlookers organised hoses to cool people off. OH and DS ran it together. You had to be 17 to take part and it was DS's 17th birthday today so I am guessing that he was the youngest runner taking part! They came in at just over 2 hours so, considering the fact that they had done hardly any training, they did well!
  25. Don't go to hassle on my behalf! Thanks for the info

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