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  1. Well she was a different kitten yesterday afternoon! Improving very quickly now - I think she had a horrible fright actually. I think a chicken really upset her as, when she rushed out yesterday pm, she ran off very fast when one went near her, and was fairly jumpy if the children moved quickly near her too. She is getting confident again, though, and her eye's improving, and she's eating and drinking and using her litter tray like normal. Thanks for the help.
  2. Well I couldn't take her this morning because of children's dance lessons, but since I got back (my mum babysat her), she's been improving slowly, but surely - playing when the children bounce a toy near her, rushing to get out the door when it opens (although we're keeping her in today). Will give her lots of TLC and, as soon as we notice any deterioration, get her to the vets. As it is, she's eating and drinking normally, walking normally, not mewing in pain if we touch her anywhere - she's just 'not herself' - slightly subdued. I reckon she's had a nasty shock. I think she's got out of the garden (which has a brick wall around the back) and tried to get back in by jumping up and scrabbling, hurting her paw in the process, and falling awkwardly when she's not succeeded; then had a go at trying to get round to the front of the house and managed it. Fingers crosssed!
  3. Our kitten is 4.5m old now, and completely vaccinated. We've been letting her out since her last jabs, and she's been loving it. Spending most of the day outside wearing herself out and coming in just to eat and sleep. Yesterday one of the children noticed that one of her paws has a raw area just before the big pad. She's not limping or anything, but she is worrying at it a bit. DH has bathed it in salt water last night and this morning to try to keep it clean, but I'm wondering what to do next - should we bandage it or something to stop her licking it and making it worse? Secondly, I've noticed her be very sleepy when she's in the house since she's been going out, but I'd assumed that was because she was burning up so much energy exploring and climbing trees etc. She's started leaving the back garden, but is finding her way home brilliantly - we have no catflap, but she scratched at the front door yesterday, having been let out of the back door! However, last night I noticed that she looked a bit dopey. One of her eyes looked like it would prefer to be closed, although it was able to open fully, and it seems a bit better this morning. It's more that when she is sleepy, the right eye closes first, IYSWIM. Doesn't seem red or anything. But the main thing is the dopiness. Although she is playing if one of the children grabs one of her toys and bounces it around, but not as boistrously as usual. We've not let her out this morning. I'm wondering if she's fallen out of a tree and knocked her head or something, grazing her paw in the process. I'll take her to the vet on Monday if she's not better by then...and sooner if she deteriorates. But, in the meantime, any thoughts? It's our first house pet, so I'm a bit of a novice!
  4. Well, they're still alive! Wendy's very fed up that she's banished from the run in the day time, but we're buttering her up with mealworms We've bought some growers' pellets now, so the newbies are on those. Wish I knew how old they are exactly - FIL just says they were born in June, but end of June or beginning, we do not know!
  5. Black rock with something, we don't know what! FIL didn't ask!
  6. I seriously have no way at all to quarantine them Anyway, our plan of action is (after reading on here; speaking to my dad who had chickens for years when we were younger; and my farmer friend): - keep them separate in the daytime for a few days; newbies in run; Wendy free-ranging - as soon as newbies roost, chuck Wendy in with them over night and get up at the crack of dawn to let/shut her out of the run when they wake up again Wendy's not laying right now as she's moulting, so that's helpful - she doesn't need the nesting box. They spend 20 minutes together this evening and Wendy had a go at pecking them a couple of times, but nothing major or worrying...just normal I imagine! Will keep a very close eye on them whenever they're together, and pick up some growers pellets tomorrow morning. Thanks for all the advice!
  7. No way to separate them at this short notice Cross with myself I didn't insist FIL waited until we could prepare better but he was here when Princess Aurora died and has been very keen to source us new hens! Wendy is obviously lonely! Is it such an issue to separate them if she's got a peck ring in her beak? It's worked brilliantly, so they won't get pecked (if that's the issue). Re. illnesses...I think we might have to wing it if that's the only issue. It's very awkward, but it's not a whole flock they'd infect, just one rarely-laying hen so slightly less of an issue than it would be otherwise IYSWIM. Oh, and I know they're coming from very experienced, very trust-worthy breeders, so I'm fairly confident the risk is very low anyway.
  8. We have one hen left, who has an anti-peck ring in as she was pecking nastily her sister who has now died. My FIL has suddenly said 'I've got a friend with two young pullets you can have' and is bringing them over in aobut 1/2 hour And now I'm all of a fluster as I have children's commitments to think about this afternoon (swimming lessons and badgers); a friend coming to stay - got to pick her up at 2pm (thankfully not someone I need to worry about making the house immaculate for); and I haven't thought about preparing for these two poor hens. So...our current hen free ranges - can we just let the other two out into the garden with her and then shut them up in the eglu tonight? I'm aware we might need to teach them where to go at bed time. Or ought they to stay in the run this afternoon? With or without existing hen? They're about 12 weeks old - will we need to clip their wings before we let them free-range anyway? Wish I'd been more assertive with FIL about what's what with these hens! Will they need growers pellets instead of layers ones for a bit? POL is 20 weeks isn't it? If so, will existing hen (who is currently moulting and coming to the end of her laying life anyway) have any problems having growers pellets for a few weeks? If so, how do we separate their food?
  9. So do you suggest oats and corn instead of layers pellets/mash? What do you do if you introduce new hens to a flock? We have been offered two pullets to add to our one layer, and they'll need layers stuff soon...which the one older one will end up eating again, won't she?
  10. Our egg bound hen didn't make it. After much massaging and care, we realised the egg was just enormous. We are very concerned that our sole remaining chicken risks becoming egg bound herself laying such huge eggs, but is there anything we can do about it? Or anything we should be worried about? Why do they get so large? They are/were both otherwise very healthy in all other things, and had laid daily (sometimes we got three eggs in one day from just the two of them!) good eggs for two years. Thanks for any advice.
  11. One of our chickens has changed recently from laying one largeish egg per day, to one enormous one every few days...and I mean enormous. The last one was 115g. Our other chicken we have just lost to egg binding. After treating her how we were advised to for an hour, we felt and massaged very carefully to see if we could help the egg along, and found it to be absolutely huge. We are very concerned that our sole remaining chicken risks becoming egg bound herself laying such huge eggs, but is there anything we can do about it? Or anything we should be worried about? Why do they get so large? They are/were both otherwise very healthy in all other things, and had laid daily (sometimes we got three eggs in one day from just the two of them!) good eggs for two years. Thanks for any advice.
  12. Also, she keeps falling asleep in the bath - should we be trying to keep her awake so she can actually work at pushing it out (which she does try to do each time she is awake)?
  13. No we haven't, Egluntine I don't think we're going to rescue her The egg seems to be moving, very slowly, but I just think we worked it out too late It's so frustrating - they're well looked after, free range, plenty of grit and good quality layers pellets. Our other hen is laying absolutely massive eggs every few days - is there anything we can do about that before she becomes egg-bound too? Also, it doesn't say on your faq thing about feeding her oil but I read somewhere else that that can help - have you heard that?

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