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  1. Anymore ideas for stopping the glug from freezing during the day? I leave it defrosted in the morning and when I get back in the evening it's completely frozen....bit worried the girls aren't getting enough fluid in the day.... So far we've had: Ping Pong Ball Glycerine/Citricidal Hot Water in Bottles in Glug
  2. ooh so many things you could do with beads..... key, bag or mobile charms, wine glass charms, beaded egg cups , wine bottle charms (a nice touch for a wine or soft drink bottle), decorate a candle or votive, cushions with beads, beaded napkin holders, beaded bows for packaging.... just a few ideas
  3. Is that in every instance, or just when it's in use? If the latter, could it not be more to do with the fact that lawn mowers and strimmers are noisy and big and kick up a lot of dust? The mower is switched off and we've even tried lifting it off the ground to walk past the run so that the noise it less! Still the same effect though. Interestingly, there is an orange cube, red eglu and yellow eglu (not in production) - I wonder if the chooks can see these colours and whether they have the same effect?
  4. Chickens in the house is not something that I encourage, and the two black rocks haven't 'noticed' the house, however Ginger has, as during a rain free period I had the conservatory door open and discovered her inside. She hadn't been there very long, but now she 'knows' about the house, if the door is open she will come in - so we have to ensure it's closed over, as it's not something that I want to encourage. But now she knows about it.....just hope she doesn't tell the others
  5. Very interesting post this one! I've noticed orange seems to be a trigger colour - the girls go mad if we walk past them with the orange lawn mower or strimmer, resulting in lots of flapping and sqawking. I had thought that chickens can't see all colours, but I'm no expert.....
  6. It got to about half full, and then it was the weekend when most of the egg backlog gets eaten or given away! So now it's a new week and won't be long until it fills up again - I can see that I would want it to be fairly full all the time cos it looks so much better with eggs in! When it is I shall take a picture and post it on my blog, but it won't be as pretty as ANH cos my eggs are the same colour.
  7. Could it be the food? - it smells worse than the poo! If it gets wet (mash or layers), it reeks and has a more sweet manure note to it than poo This is one reason why I'm looking to try to keep the run dry, the second is that it does nothing but rain in Wales!
  8. Arrived on Thursday morning!!! How thrilled am I!
  9. Three egg days are soooo much better than two
  10. Sold!! I've just got to have one too! Much better than the old green egg carton I've been using which has bits of aubiose in it from being stuck to the eggs...can't wait for it to arrive!
  11. Quite simple to use and I've put a few items on to see how it goes.....if you are interested you can find me under bohobeads boutique
  12. strange...sounds like chicken hypnotism.....
  13. Mine do this a little too, I can hear them from inside the house...I know this sounds crazy, but I go out and talk to them. Not to tell them off, but to say that I hear them and I know they want to get out, but it's not happening anytime soon and later this afternoon they can. It seems to work as they quieten down then. I have no idea of course if this continues when I'm not in. Sometimes filling the food bowls up works as well, or scattering corn in the run to give them something to forage for. A lot of it is about taking their mind off it! So toys, dustbaths, food etc should help?
  14. It's more often a restriction in new build houses, along with things like no washing lines in the front garden, or tv aerials on the roof (yep I had a house with all three of those restrictions once!) and is part of the convenant.

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