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    doggie DNA

    Yes, looks very similar, I suspect that they are all the same so go with what you are happy with. If you'd like to see the report from Finley PM me your email and i'd send it though..
  2. quickcluck

    doggie DNA

    They send you some swabs and you swab the inside of their mouth. Then send it off. Takes about 2 weeks!
  3. I know I looked recently too. Such a loss. I ended up buying a garden sail in the color I wanted and adapting it!
  4. quickcluck

    doggie DNA

    It was onky for a bit of fun
  5. quickcluck

    doggie DNA

    i like the Bictie! It's quite interesting to see what they are made of..... He wasn't purchased as designer, he's a definate bitsa!
  6. quickcluck

    doggie DNA

    Well, I had Finley DNA test, just for a bit of fun. We have always been told he is Scottie/poodle (not designer, more mistake). the folks at the hydrotherapy centre we go to always love having a guess as to what he really could be, as he is a fairly strange shape My groomer says scottie legs, very short and turny out feet and poodle claws. Poodley fur as he doesn't moult. He has a very broad chest, long back and a huge jaw! I was expecting 4 or 5 breeds to come back, but he came back with only 2!! SCOTTIE AND BICHON! We were alittle shocked. Apparently Bichons are made from water spaniels and standard poodles! Ha!
  7. Hi guys. The time has come for new glasses. I've been quoted just under £500 for varifocals from boots. I can get the exact same frames and lenses online for £330..... Has anyone done this successfully? Thanks K
  8. Hi guys.... Been thinking about quilting of late, as I fancy having a go. My problem is I can't sew! There is a basic sewing machine in the house, it belongs to my DH I am keen to go to a class, but not if I haven't go the basis skills needed to start with..... What are your thoughts? TIA K
  9. such terriblle news....... you are clearly a very strong and giving person. the children are so lucky too have you to support them. When you have a moment and have the strength, take time for yourselves with some counselling to an outlet for yourself. Or maybe some family counselling to help you all deal with the heart breaking turn of events.... big hugs x0x0x
  10. just remember that when trying to be healthy, not to eat lots of fruit as it's sugar heavy. They say 1 or 2 pieces a day, apple and banana that sort of thing, soft summer fruits are tricky. But a basic low fat diet is all that is needed. and as said b4 dont get pulled into the diabetic products. I think that a diet change and increase in exercise can really help. Chances are there will be some sort of medication, but none of this will greatly interfere with your lives, once he is in the swing of it, it'll be second nature!
  11. i use a delia from her christmas book, it's a great cake, much lighter, and I do it chunky tropical fruits!
  12. bramble i am a beginner also. Ive had my 2 spur thighs 2 yrs which is why its my first time hibernating. Extremely stressful! However if all goes well i have a tortoise table here looking for a new home
  13. Oh no! How tragic...... We don't have any brick outbuilding, as as you have said shed/greenhouse is no good. There is nowhere in the house and we are about to put the boiler in the loft so that would help! So the fridge is our only option.
  14. yes Kathy, and also wes bentley...... buuuuut am loving denis o'hare and always love sarah paulson...
  15. ...... how are you doing it? I am do it for the first time this year, and thinking of using a fridge. Starting the wind down month this week. feeling nervous
  16. i love it, but am struggling with this series.... the accent is doing my head in!
  17. we dug our mesh about a foot into the floor and then laid slabs on either side of it at ground level, as foxy is unlikely to be able to dig down and then about 3 foot across... fingers crossed it's worked - been 7 yrs! Hope things have improved for you. I do have a spare eglu if you need a temporary fix...
  18. That's wonderful. I did know of this charity as I used to work on a neonatal unit, and sadly used their services. Well done to you!
  19. Goodness you must have been beside yourself! I can't believe he dug down that far! Pleased he is up and about tho, hope you are feeding him all his favorite things My 2 are outside, i've just built them a coldframe in their run (no heat) to see if this helps as they are not enjoying being chilly. Don't even know if they will get up today as it's cold and wet.... Does everyone elses get up during cold monsoons or stay in bed?
  20. Barling have day old chicks if you time it right.... just give them a call they are lovely..... Can you keep the boys?
  21. that is strange! Does she smell? You can usually smell sour crop. If its squishy and you tip her upside down does anything fall out? Sounds like you are doing all the right things. Live yoghurt is great and you are already doing that. If she is happy and eating, drinking and pooping and doing chickeny things I would just continue to keep an eye on her... How old is she?

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