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  1. Hi everyone. Am getting ready for the arrival of my eglu and 3 housemates, and am concerned about the foxie problem and i do have the occasional one in my garden. Also worried about the noise issue as they will be much nearer a neighbours window (who sleeps with it open) than mine. Would hate for them or my chooks to be stressed in the night....
  2. Hi there...... I work 7-2 three days a week...... what do others do about letting hens out into the run? Is it OK to keep them in the eglu while i'm at work or should I let them out? I am worried about early morning noise as they will be much nearer a neighbours bedroom window than mine!
  3. Hi Everyone!!! Thanks for allyour help and advice, it really has helped settle my mind... I am now booking into a 'Hen party' this month as I've found one very near me.. this I feel will answer any other questions! So wish me luck!!! By the way. Have also settled on 3 now with an extention to the run for more room as they wont be able to free range too much..... will keep you posted... please keep the info coming though, as you can never have too much help!
  4. Hi Everyone... I am a total beginner at this and am about to order my first eglu and 2 chicks, one of each.... thought about rescuing but think I need healthy ones to begin with..... I am worried about the broody thing... have been reading about many peeps having problems. Is this a normal thing? Does every hen get broody? should I get a dog cage before I start??? Any advice about anything greatly recieved

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