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  1. Hey there, I am in Rayleigh if thats any help. If needed I take mine to Earls hall vetinary hospital in westcliff most of the vets there can see a chook. MR England is always great. It depends on what is needed. Antibiotics and stuff I go there, if it's a poorly chook that needs to go to sleep I go to my normal vet which is the vets4pets in rayleigh, they are great as 24/7 so if it's an emergency I can go anytime.... Hope that helps
  2. I chickened out! Woukd be very interested in what you think tho. Which brand did you go for?
  3. No info on breeds as yet... I am concerned it will get bullied by my lot..... I would rather not have the duck TBH, but is hard if they are used to being together....
  4. Someone has asked me to look after her 3 and a . Apparently they live together. Not sure if it'll be temporary or perminant. I can take the chooks, but no nothing about ducks. Could they all be together in our WIR? Do ducks need water to paddle in? Are they more noisey than chooks? I am worried that I'll be either stuck with a duck that I can't look after well or the poor thing will could be badly bullied. I don't really want to set up a separate run for them, as I know that our WIR in both doggy and foxy proof.... Any ideas??? Thanks K
  5. How lovely! You will make lovely memories for your family, and give some precious pics with your dad... Have a lovely, lovely day, will be sending positive thoughts!
  6. lol lol. Busted baby! Well thank you for the info! I tend to use an oral b tooth paste, personal choice, I am not sure if any are better than others on the whole.... If I can stop my teeth breaking and falling apart i'll be a happy lady
  7. Thankfully my gums are good, but low on calcium and vit D...... Gavclojak you have given very comprehensive answers are you in the trade????
  8. thanks for the info everyone, will look about and make my choice! Who would think that there are so many out there to look at..... I am trying to be nice to my teeth and gums as my family history isn't good, i'd like to keep my teeth for as long a possible
  9. Hi guys I've decided it's time for a new toothbrush, i'm used to electric so am happy to stick with those, but such choice!!! Is there really a difference in the job done by a £30 to that of a £100 brush? Is tooth brushing just tooth brushing regardless? Anyone got any experience?? Thanks K
  10. Pets here too! All have names. The old girls live out a very happy retirement and they do go to the vets! Mostly for end of life care
  11. Thanks guys, All of this has been so very helpful. It will give my DH some sort of order to aim for. From what i've read from you all it does sound quite straight forward as there is no else else involved and both he and his brother are in agreement on everything...... I will show him this later, then he will be able to start his research!
  12. thanks for that Olly, this appears to be stressing him more than anything. I am pleased to hear that they will make things as plain and simple as possible, funny how your ears don't work as well in times of stress! Fortunately there is a will and it will need to go through probate but as both children are executors I hope that this will be more a paper exercise.
  13. Hi guys.... Sadly my FIL died last week, my husband has been busying about with his brother trying to get paperwork sorted into piles ready for the solicitors on wednesday. I am just wondering what role the solicitor has.... does he take all the relevant info regarding banking, investment etc with him or does he have notify the companies himself with a copy of the death certificate and ask them to send any balences to them? Is there anything else that he needs to take? Any clues on what he could expect? We are all feeling alittle over whelmed.... Thanks in advance... K
  14. You can do it all online! Even transfer in the funds
  15. Martin Lewis as recommended was great!
  16. It's coming up to that time of year again, the change of phone contract! But which way to go????? I am an age old android fan, but for some reason am considering iphone 6(+) along side the galaxy edge (+) Know nothing about iphones but as the galaxy no longer offers the SD card option, I thought it was time to look about. So my quandries are... how much memory 32 or 64g My present S4 is full (16g + 8g card) userbility any querks to consider with each??? thanks in advance. K x0x0x
  17. Welllllll I found a new isa in the end, with Coventry at 2.4% so I went with that!
  18. Hi guys, I've had an ISA mature, and now I am wondering what to do as the interest rates are pants at the moment Someone suggested Premium bonds as there is no risk of losing money, and obviously there is the hope of a small payout every now and then... Any one got any thoughts on what I should be thinking about? Thanks K
  19. Since they can't go to sleep yet, they are checking out the downstairs...... Fin was shocked to find them in his bed. when they got cold they battened down their hatches and slept in there, so I put them back under their lights...
  20. do you stop feeding him or does he do that himself???
  21. We had a bit of a dilemma this week. Got my fridge up and running, then decided to weigh them and Tilly is too small Going be the jackson graph she is only 0.16 Tiberius is 0.19. So they are now back inside in an extended table with the lights on. The chap where they came from says to feed them up, then start a wind down/cooling at the end of November then hibenate them for only 4-6 weeks as they are still very young..... Can I ask those of you that have their torts roaming about indoors, how do you cope with the poop situation? Or do you have them only on non carpeted floors??? Also does anyone else use a fridge??? Thanks

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