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  1. I saw the 2nd program, it was very interesting, for what they did with her especially. But I was alittle disappointed. I expected more from the programme itself. Perhaps concentrate less on the lead up and more on what happens afterwoods so that people can see the almost limitless ways this can help people in the future.
  2. Totally normal. I find that you are more likely to get a double yolk also when they begin laying....
  3. that is funny... I still feel feel uncomfortable watching some stuff after 30yrs myself. I was good to see them being very respectful and interesting how they were completely depersonalised.
  4. Funny you should say that as my niece has had surgery on both of her feet and donated bone was used for that.... it is irradiated apparently... after she got over the shock of it she was fine about it.... On a personal note I would much rather use a human donated part than an animal part, but that is just my choice....
  5. Last program is next week. It following 2 people. They use you for 3 years for various things. Even new surgical procedures. Very interesting..... It seems they organise everything. Someone just needs to give them a call!
  6. Anyone else watching this? Quite interesting.... We discuss funerals on the forum every now and then, this is just a different aspect of death. My friend and I were discussing it recently as we are both very anti funerals and are not having one.... He was talking about donation, we are both nurses so not too freaked out by it all....
  7. Thanks for that. Will watch their eating habits, they are not eating as much now. Good idea about the bathing tho so will do that. They have both put on weight, Tiberious is over a kilo now! Think they will have to go into a box, as the doggies are fasinated by them, might put them under the stairs, some say in earth for the moisture, others in hay or in a fridge
  8. Anybody know much about this? I see it's supposed to be very good for you, happened across it whilst looking for iced tea..... Very expensive so thought I'd see if anyone has experience before I decided. Thanks K
  9. We are hoping to tame them! They are very good at sitting on your hand and eating from an hand or a pot!
  10. So going to hibernate my 2 this year for the first time as they are too big for the inside table. I have got a big plastic box with lid that I will drill many air holes in, fill with hay and plan to put them in the loft. Is this an OK plan for those with hibernation experience??? Will they just put themselves to bed on their own and I'll just scoop them up and put them away? any ideas when that is likely to happen? They are still up and munching away at the moment.... Thanks K
  11. They are very cute! How old? I love my speckled sussex, her snow is snow... she can be a madam!
  12. I didn't find out the cost as they are breeding this year, not selling, they have 3 lovely boys. They have some chicks that are 3 weeks old, very cute...
  13. Well they were pretty sure. But have said they will swap if necessary.. we did see boys there and they were more developed...
  14. Lucy the Lemon Pyle Brahma Jessie the jersey giant Betty the Gold Brahma
  15. They came from Sudbury Bulmer Poultry...... they had quite a few there......
  16. I asked this!!! They said that you just see them mature if they are girls and crow if they are boys!
  17. Hmmmm hadn't looked at that, but they look like they are enjoying it...
  18. Yes they do have black meat and organs They are quite small and genteel looking
  19. Saw this lovely breed today... They are completely Black!!! Tongues and everything..... I'd never heard of them before, but they were mesmerising to see.... Thinking I might go back for some next year... Anyone seen them before?
  20. have also used Biodry...... have you looked at that?
  21. My name is Kay and I am an introvert Totally agree, I find life stressful enough without the extra pressures to join in.... I like to sit on the sidelines and observe, some people say that I don't know how to have fun, maybe they are right in their own perspective, but they should allow folks to live their lives in a way that they are comfortable...
  22. I am lucky as a friend did it so was only £25. Mine smelled of vanilla choc!

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