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  1. Thats right, sulphate and salt free...... even if it lasts a couple of month for me its a massive bonus!
  2. keratin kits do one http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brazilian-Keratin-Treatment-Straightening-COMPLETE/dp/B003YUEF7C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1438546501&sr=8-1&keywords=keratin+kits I am using their shampoo and conditions. My hair is very shiny and soft, but not lanky still has body in it...
  3. :lol I think it works as it coats your hair in protein using keratin. You can get kits to do it at home but wasn't brave enough. If treated properly it should last up to 12 weeks!!! Be brave look it up!
  4. You can get them most places, Boots, Tescos... They are support socks/stockings. They help to prevent DVT (deep vein thrombosis) the risk is increased with flying, more so long haul as you tend to be more static which is why being mobile and ankle exercises are always advised during the flight along with hydration and no alchol....
  5. Has anyone tried this? I done it done last week, as my hair can be on the frizzy side, it's very fine but there is loads of it. I also have a muscle condition which makes drying my hair tricky at times, it can take 45mins with rests taken for my arms...... I was sceptical but soooooo pleased with the results. I washed it for the 1st time today, rough dried it and turned the ends under in 10 minutes flat It's stayed perfect all day including sweating in the garden, not a curl in sight!!! Yay me!
  6. please wear flight socks...... protect yourself as much a possible...
  7. Oh Dee Dee..... It is very stressful adding new girls in. there is no way around it tho. They will settle but it'll usually take 2 or 3 days. I usually put extra food stations in so that the older ones cant guard them all. Throw loads of treats in, veggies and stuff to keep them occupied and try a water pistol. You will have to spend time up and down to them for the first day or so, but it will get better. Is it one girl in particular that is doing the pecking? You could always take her out for a while and let the others settle, then add her back in later....
  8. They are sort of one size fits all....... If you catch her at it, you could try to dominate her by holding down, or shoot her with a water pistol!
  9. No. It is horrid. Have you got a bumper bit handy just incase she doesn't let up?
  10. I'd put her back in once they have all gone to bed. Just pop her in with the others after dark and see how she goes tomorrow. Spray her with some purple spray if you have any.....
  11. Also big shops like dun Elm and the range do wool. How about trawling some charity shops. They are great for single balls to practice with. I'd look out for some double knit....
  12. My DH built one from odd bits of wood. It's been there over 5 years and still going strong!
  13. Alas no recipe required! Boiled eggs, I used bantam eggies. Defrosed Linda McCartney sausages! I used 3 per 2 eggs..... then in the oven for 25mins, hey presto
  14. They were really yummy! Will definately will do them again.... very filling! Even my carnivore hubby liked them
  15. Tiberius has found his way into the eglu. First night in there tonight. We put Tilly in as she was confused!!! think will close the door tonight and let them out in the morning. (can anyone resize the pics? )
  16. Maisie the Maran who is an old lady, bald, partially sited with a bit of dementia for good luck, has decided to sleep on the floor in the run. We are picking her up and putting her in a house nightly. The girls are in a secure WIR most sleep on perches, is it OK for her to sleep on the floor or should I continue to put her to bed??? Any one got experience of this? Thanks K
  17. Try hydro therapy, it will really help with the pain and help his muscle strength to protect his hips... Poor little love...
  18. Same here, big blue blank spaces are at the top have to scroll a long way down to find anything!

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